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Immigration And Wages

Moon of Alabama | July 25, 2011

Saturday June 11 – Day 41: […] I prayed for the first time in a very long time today. I explained to God that unless he wanted the Marxist-Islamic alliance and the certain Islamic takeover of Europe to completely annihilate European Christendom within the next hundred years he must ensure that the warriors fighting for the preservation of European Christendom prevail. He must ensure that I succeed with my mission and as such; contribute to inspire thousands of other revolutionary conservatives/nationalists; anti-Communists and anti-Islamists throughout the European world. – 2083 – A European Declaration Of Independence (big pdf) (page 1459)

I am pretty sure God, should that concept exist, did not understand what the terrorist Breivig “explained” to the all knowing.

That’s because the numbers are all wrong. Given the immigration rates, fertility rates of immigrants, their adherence to religion and the trends of those numbers there is no chance for Muslim immigrants to become more than a 6% minority in Europe within the next decades (they are now at 4% of which only 20% are observant). As other historic migrations have shown it is indeed quite likely that within one or two generations the offspring of the immigrants will be indistinguishable from the general population.

Besides explaining that the numbers are wrong we should also understand why there is increasing fear of immigration in large parts of “western” populations. It has, I believe, to do with the lack of wage growth (in the U.S. declining wages) in the past decades.

There is a legitimate argument to be made against immigration. Whenever a country’s economy is in an uptrend and unemployment goes down, business interests, which want to to keep wages from growing, argue for more immigration. Workers do have a legitimate interest in increasing their wages in times of economic upturns and therefore also a legitimate interest in keeping immigration down at least until long term full employment is achieved.

But hardly any political party, at least in Europe, still makes the above argument and I wonder why. Social-democrats and other parties on the left should have this issue at their core. Instead they try to catch up with the demagogues to the right which want to fight immigration because their followers perceive it as a cultural threat or use the “Muslim threat” to further Israel’s interests in keeping the support of Europe and the U.S.

The left should also be more careful in embracing “multiculturalism”. Yes I prefer to live in a multicultural neighborhood and I am all for it. But that pro-multicultural argument can also, via the business interest as explained above, be used to further immigration to suppress wages. Pro-multicultural should be an argument for integration, not to further immigration.

The economic argument against immigration must be put back into the discussion. It is logical, sensible and will keep the people, who I believe instinctively understand it, out of the cloud of the demagogues.

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  1. The Westminster stooge Governments since 1997 have had a policy of sucking immigrants into an already crowded UK to reduce wages, and increase prices while deliberately killing off UK manufacturing. Looks like an Illuminati “tinderbox” agenda. And most of these immigrants are from outside the EU, so this has not happened by chance but by deliberation. Population is reckoned to have shot up from 58 million to over 63 million. Without this influx, population would naturally be in slow decline.


    Comment by Brown's Bottom | July 26, 2011

  2. It’s true that we should welcome the top brains and higher technically educated in this country, the professional on the career ladder who are venerated by their country of origin. Instead we are allowing the poor of other countries to enter that require social programs, or are involved in criminal activities. We certainly don’t need foreigners who have limited skills, because hundreds of thousands of Americans have those abilities. Economic Illegal aliens have severely damaged this nation’s ability to look after its own impoverished, the sick and seniors. For the open border advocacy organization and pro-immigration politicians, it’s a massive money grabbing enterprise of businesses that adamantly hire foreign nationals as there is no obligation to them, other than lower wages.

    They are a chief reason companies are fighting to derail E-Verify, so they can keep on collecting all the large profits. House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith’s (R-Texas) has sponsored E-Verify bill, The Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2164) is being compromised by negative assessment, that thousands of legitimate Americans are being rejected by the electronic verification system. But what they don’t stipulate that these people have a right to verify their immigration status in any Social Security office. Even so, the application does have a 99.98 success rate, with extra innovation being added including nationwide drivers license ID recognition software.

    Illegal immigration is a spreading plague, which will be a major issue in the 2012 elections, Americans committed to honest voting rules, must be especially vigilant that Democrats and the Liberal agenda have been caught time and time again, attributing to non-citizens voting. Non-citizen voting is likely growing at the same speed as the migrant and immigration population in the America; but because of deficiency in state law and the failure of federal agencies to comply with federal law, there are almost no measures in place that permit election officials to identify, deter, and thwart non-citizens from registering and voting. Instead, officials are largely reliant on an “honor sys­tem” that expects non-citizens to follow the law. Yet in the debates over what to do about the 13 million foreign nationals estimated (Not the true figure) to be in the United States, there has been practically no committees of how to ensure that they do not register and vote in federal elections.

    This report examines the likely consequences if an amnesty for the illegal alien population found passage, similar to the one adopted in 1986. A new amnesty passed has a projection of 2.5 Trillion dollars today. This is also based on only 13 million foreign nationals squatting here. The full report is available in pdf format.

    IF-these far out deductions are supposedly true, that illegal aliens living in America benefit the United State economically? Then you should read the in depth meticulous analysis by (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration Reform. Simply stated in annual terms, the Federal government spends. Education Subtotal $2,107,800,000; Medical Subtotal $5,949,900,000; Law Enforcement Subtotal $7,838,700,000; General expenditures (Welfare) $8,184,400,000;
    FEDERAL TOTAL $28B, 645,400,000.
    GRAND TOTAL; 113B, 250. 000.000

    Both Federal and State local government revenues $13B, 235.000.000

    The American people should start calling Washington and their House and Senate at Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. The Lawmakers need to hear from you, how angry and frustrated you are regarding the illegal immigration occupation. In addition read more about this financial numbing issue that threatens to rot our country from within at NumbersUSA, Judicial Watch. This is about illegal immigration, not legal immigration. Any Amnesty, immigration reform, will raise the discretionary Spending, the debt ceiling even more, sending us into deeper insolvency. Illegal immigration is not about Blacks, White, Hispanics or any racial gender, people from Europe, Central America as every Citizen, green card recipient will severely suffer in any new volume mega amnesty is established. It will wreak havoc in mainstream jobs; allow access of new immigrants to Social Security, even though they never paid into the system. Then the ultimate insult millions more arriving here under CHAIN MIGRATION LAWS can also apply for welfare benefits, when their sponsor doesn’t honor his support petition when first arriving.


    Comment by Dave Francis | July 26, 2011

    • Dave,

      Actually, taking the educated professionals and skilled specialists from third world nations is a form of imperialism. The brain drain stymies economic development in the home countries.

      As for the unskilled segment that you describe, the exploitative relationship is not good for either society. Better to remove the impediments to economic opportunities at home such as NAFTA etc… Then the choice for migration would be less compulsory.

      Having done work in polling I can assure you that there are many more dead registered voters than illegal alien.


      Comment by aletho | July 26, 2011

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