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Israeli Supreme Court convenes without issuing verdict on Jerusalem politicians

Palestine Information Center – 26/07/2011

RAMALLAH — The latest hearing on the banishment of three Jerusalem politicians has ended in the Israeli Supreme Court without a ruling being made.

The court has yet to set a date for the ruling, but one is expected to be issued in a few months due to legal complications enveloping the case, sources from the defense have told the PIC.

The Israeli Public Prosecutor will follow through in defending the interior ministry’s revocation of the men’s right to residency in Jerusalem under an Israeli allegiance law, the source, Att. Fadi al-Qawasimi, said.

Qawasimi added the body defending the former PA minister and two Palestinian legislators held that the law does not allow for revoking residency over participation in Israel-sanctioned elections held in 2006.

They said it only applies to those who have left the city and resided elsewhere for more than three years.

The defense also presented international treaties undersigned by Israel that disallow any country to strip one of its nationals the right of residency. It also produced agreements that Israel signed with the PA implying the right to hold local, legislative, and presidential elections in Jerusalem, as the city was chartered as an occupied Palestinian territory.

Qawasimi added that the court asked the defense not to base its case on international and PA-Israeli agreements, but rather to focus on the case according to Israeli law.

After 2006 elections gave Hamas political dominance in Palestine, the Israeli interior minister issued orders banishing from Jerusalem Khalid Abu Arafeh, the PA’s former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, as well as Mohammed Abu Teir, Mohammed Totah, and Ahmed Attoun, all members of the Palestinian legislative council.

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