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CIA and FBI Tried to Get U.S. Lawyer to Betray Arab Clients

By Sherwood Ross – Blacklisted News – July 29, 2011

Federal agents from the FBI and CIA/FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force tried to get a distinguished international lawyer to inform on his Arab and Muslim clients in violation of their Constitutional rights to attorney-client privilege, this reporter has learned. When the lawyer refused, he said the FBI placed him on a “terrorist watch list.”

Law professor Francis Boyle gave a chilling account of how, in the summer of 2004, two agents showed up at his office (at the University of Illinois, Champaign,) “unannounced, misrepresented who they were and what they were about to my secretary, gained access to my office, interrogated me for about one hour, and repeatedly tried to get me to become their informant on my Arab and Muslim clients.”

“This would have violated their (clients) Constitutional rights and my ethical obligations as an Attorney,” Boyle explained. “I refused. So they put me on all of the United States government’s ‘terrorist watch’ lists.”

Boyle said his own lawyer found “there are about five or six different terrorist watch lists, and as far as he could determine, I am on all of them.” Despite a legal appeal to get his name removed, Boyle said, “I will remain on all of these terrorist watch lists for the rest of my life or until the two Agencies who put me on there remove my name, which is highly unlikely.”

“Whatever people might think about lawyers, we are the canary-birds of democracy. When the government goes after your lawyer soon they will be going after you,” Boyle warned. “Indeed,” he added, “the government goes after your lawyer in order to get to you, which is what happened to me. This is what the so-called ‘war against terrorism’ is really all about. It is a war against the United States Constitution.”

Boyle is a leading American professor and practitioner of international law. He holds doctorates in both law (cum laude) and Political Science from Harvard and has more than two decades of experience representing pacifist anti-war resisters, suspects in the so-called “War on Terror” and foreign governments such as Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is the author of numerous books, including “Protesting Power,” (Rowman & Littlefield), “Biowarfare and Terrorism,”(Clarity) and “Destroying World Order”(Clarity).

Writing of the attorney-client privilege, the American Bar Association has defined it as “the right of clients to refuse to disclose confidential communications with their lawyers, or to allow their lawyers to disclose them.” It further states the privilege “is viewed as fundamental to preserve the constitutionally based right to effective assistance of legal counsel, in that lawyers cannot function effectively on behalf of their clients without the ability communicate with them in confidence.”

The attempt by the government to destroy the Constitutional right of privileged communication between lawyer and client began in earnest after 9/11 when the Justice Department initiated a wave of such illegal actions. According to an article in Criminal Justice Magazine, Summer, 2002, “Immediately following the September 11 terrorist attacks, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft issued a controversial order that permits the government to monitor all communications between a client and an attorney when there is ‘reasonable suspicion’ to ‘believe that a particular inmate may use communications with attorneys or their agents to further or facilitate acts of violence or terrorism.” That order “raises a wide range of constitutional concerns under the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments,” authors Paul Rice and Benjamin Saul wrote.

As if to mock the very concept of attorney-client privilege, military interrogators at Guantanamo prison posed as “lawyers” to trick illegally held suspects into providing them with information, according to a report in The Catholic Worker newspaper.

And Newsday, the Long Island, N.Y., daily, reported a wholesale invasion of lawyer-client privilege, as when lawyers at Guantanamo are forced to turn over their interview notes to guards, who send them on to the Pentagon facility in Virginia that is the only place lawyers can go to write their motions and where the Pentagon attempts to edit out detainees’ claims of mistreatment from the public record. What’s more, Newsday reported, “The military has set up a system that delays legal correspondence (between lawyers and prisoners) for weeks,” adding that “Detainees have alleged that interrogators have tried to turn them against their lawyers.”

According to Newsday, guards and interrogators peruse prisoners’ private legal papers and warn them that prisoners who have lawyers will wait longer to get out! Tom Wilner, a lawyer for 12 Kuwaiti detainees, said an interrogator asked one of his clients, “Did you know your lawyers are Jews?”

The U.S. government is “not only trying to deny counsel to the prisoners, but is actively trying to remove Guantanamo from any scrutiny, legal or otherwise” as well as “marginalizing the lawyers representing the prisoners,” The Catholic Worker said.

Placing attorney Boyle on the Terrorist Watch List is a form of punishment that is being ever more widely applied. According to “USA Today” the list grew from 288,000 names in 2005 to 1-million in March, 2009, according to an article of March 10th of that year. “People put on the watch list… can be blocked from flying, stopped at borders or subjected to other scrutiny,” reporter Peter Eisler wrote.

The attorney-client privilege is the oldest such privilege enshrined in Anglo-Saxon law and was commonly respected even under the British crown during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1. That it is being flouted by the U.S. government today when a constitutional lawyer occupies the White House represents an incredible stain on what remains of the fabric of American democracy.


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  1. Say Hello to Feudalism. This is very bad for Americans and I can see this being tried here in the UK.


    Comment by Brown's Bottom | July 31, 2011

  2. Francis Boyle should be the role model for all law students and practitioners. The constitution is our shield, and defense attorneys, our sword to wield in self-defense against the totalitarianism of the Obama regime.

    With over a 1,000,000 of us on a ‘terrorist watch list’ can only mean one thing; dissent is being criminalized covertly by a clique of rogue domestic enemies of the United States Constitution, masquerading under the color of law must be exposed, challenged, and rejected ‘Null & Void’ by American people as unconstitutional.

    This has happened by design, as the logical consequence to cover-up the true perpetrators of 9/11. Politicians are craven conspirators by their silence under the rationalization that it would be end their careers to challenge the preposterous official story.

    Pragmatism is complicity and tantamount to high treason, it matter little by comparison to claim to be championing other just and necessary causes and issues, while Obama as bad as George W. Bush, constitutionally speaking; ‘”the constitution is just a God-dam piece of paper'” and from my perspective he is a terrorist, public enemy, and the congress his co-conspirators!


    ‘Form of government that subordinates all aspects of its citizens’ lives to the authority of the state, with a single charismatic leader as the ultimate authority. The term was coined in the early 1920s by Benito Mussolini, but totalitarianism has existed throughout history throughout the world (e.g., Qin dynasty China). It is distinguished from dictatorship and authoritarianism by its supplanting of all political institutions and all old legal and social traditions with new ones to meet the state’s needs, which are usually highly focused. Large-scale, organized violence may be legitimized. The police operate without the constraint of laws and regulations. Where pursuit of the state’s goal is the only ideological foundation for such a government, achievement of the goal can never be acknowledged. Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism (1951) is the standard work on the subject.’:


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | July 31, 2011

    • what has happened in ten years is many of us have put forth tens of thousands of really hard hours of research and gotten to the bottom of the 9/11/2001 false flag attack by Israel and the U.S.

      they’re not much further along than just listing us on ‘no fly’ or terrorist lists. I’m one of about 19 thousand American’s who’ve had NSL’s served on our banks and e-mail accounts, more or less without being arrested, charged, or otherwise proven to have violated a single law or statute (not that under the Patriot Act garbage we needed to, by the way!)

      so, in any case folks, the persecution of those of us in the 9/11 Truth movement by the dept of JUST US has now begun.

      where does a citizen turn when wronged like this? certainly no court will hear our cases. In a recent case against the Bush bastards brought by April Gallop, a woman who crawled thru the alleged plane entry hole in the Pentagon on Sept. 11th. and didn’t see one piece of airliner wreckage in there or any bodies, or luggage or other signs of an airliner, and who was then sanctioned and fined by a cousin of Bush’s who wouldn’t recuse himself from the case in New Haven, CT., recently, it’s getting far worse than being just ‘listed’ now.

      if you want to see more of April Gallop’s testimony and see other 9/11 truth, go to YouTube
      and put in these words in the search window: “911 INTERCEPTED FULL VIDEO” and click on the green and black map looking one. Listen to this documentary.

      this is stuff they cannot refute. This is evidence of HIGH TREASON.

      by the U.S. Government, and Israel was in the driver’s seat.



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  5. April (I presume),

    You are correct, concise, and courageous in your statement post above this one. And while I brought 9/11 into discussion, as it became with your post, and now to continue, I want keen focus placed on total and complete, willful complicity of the those who should have responded immediate from air bases, included Andrews Air Force Base, located 11 miles from the Pentagon, just across the Potomac river from the White House.

    The sworn testimony of Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, before the 9/11 Commission it proof that Vice-President Dick Cheney would not allow military interdiction to even protect the Pentagon, nor NYC an hour earlier.

    High Treason was common place in Washington, D.C., the eery silence still is not accidental, it is imposed by fear and of course knowing that treachery would be rewarded, or we would have seen debates on the US House and Senate floors.

    Here is a 5 minute YouTube video of Norman Mineta stating the facts as he witnessed them unfolding minute by minute in the presence of the VP Chaney making sure 9/11 was pulled-out and that they would get the imperial wars of aggression accepted by the American people, as an act of reprisal or revenge to go after the perpetrators.:

    Mineta and the secret orders of Cheney


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | July 31, 2011

    • Thanks, Bill!

      have you watched ‘Pandora’s Black Box’ FLT-77′ yet? Mineta is in that as well. all of the
      stuff on JohnDoeXLC’s uploads is worth watching. Very enlightening.

      this tenth anniversary of the HIGHEST TREASON


      Comment by 9/11 TREASON MUST BE PUNISHED | August 1, 2011

  6. Ralph Schoenman and Myra Schone did a weekly hour program on WBAI from April 2002 until harassed by station/board/CBP political intrigues ended their enthralling thought provoking ended this January.

    Taking Aim Audio Archives is at:

    In fact, Myra and Ralph did several programs centered on the repressive imprisonment of activist trial attorney Lynn Stewart.

    The point made by Francis Boyle presented in this article.:

    ‘…… When the government goes after your lawyer soon they will be going after you,” Boyle warned. “Indeed,” he added, “the government goes after your lawyer in order to get to you, which is what happened to me. This is what the so-called ‘war against terrorism’ is really all about. It is a war against the United States Constitution.”……’

    Is exactly the analysis made by Ralph Schoenman about the unconstitutional repression and imprisonment of attorney Lynn Stewart.

    And 9/11 is not “off-topic” in any serious discussion and analysis of domestic and international affairs. It is the noose, gag, manacles, and blindfold being overtly and covertly placed on us in a daily systemic perversion of law, journalist, education, and intellectual freedom where it counts most; aimed at the arch-criminals at the apex of power in government, finance, industry, and mass media.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 1, 2011

    • unfortunately, the people in the U.S. seem just peechy keen about the surveillance, wiretapping, and all of the other police powers jammed down their throats, strictly because of the implied threat that any one of us can be whisked away on a nice pretty Boeing 737 that CIA either leases, or borrows from any one of it’s affiliates, like the Boston Red Sox owner letting them use his Gulfstream V to rendition people for torture and murder in offshore torture sites in the Balkans and other locations.

      9/11 was they lynch pin to this whole thing. It created the false foundation that allowed Bush and Cheney (mostly Addington and Pipes and Feith and Abrams) to eviscerate the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and install a permanent police state here.

      today, ten years later, we know exactly who carried out 9/11. It was ISRAEL, with help from the P.N.A.C. gang in Washington, and they had help from guys like John Wheeler III, who ended up throwing himself away in a New Jersey landfill not too long ago after apparently beating the shit out of himself.

      We know that Wheeler was about to really open up a can of worms because his family members knew he was growing ever more restless about his role in the mass murdering done by NORAD on 9/11, at the behest of Richard B. Cheney., with Israeli help, so Wheeler had to beat himself up and throw himself away in Jersey. And of course, the police won’t investigate this crime done by mossad on U.S. soil because they realize a significant portion of this government takes it’s orders directly from Tel Aviv, and not from anyone here.

      Ten years we are past the launching of the all powerful, all corrupt, all totally out of control police state. And what will American’s do about it now they know who did this to them and why?

      I’ll tell you. They’ll do nothing. They’ll sit on their hands, hem and haw, rock back and forth, while pools of urine form at the bases of their feet on the floor.

      the POLICE STATE is here to stay. American’s apparently like living in a NIGHTMARE, and have absolutely no objection to having police taster, beat, or shoot them, or have other thugs feel them up at airports and irradiate them with ionizing radiation, either.

      When the facade on the DICTATORSHIP fully falls away, I doubt anyone will do much more than change the channel back to Murdoch’s garbage, crack open another can of beer, and
      piss and moan about the fact that their favorite show; “SURVIVOR” got pre-empted for another stupid moronic speech by the CIA PUPPET named Barry Soetoro, aka Barack O’Bumbler.

      it’s pretty over with, in other words. this place is just fine with DICTATORSHIP and POLICE STATE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST NIGHTMARES shit. and that is very very very sadly the truth. What quite possibly might have been salvageable here is no longer. the damage has been done. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are now officially, per George W. Bush’s assertion in front of 7 Senators one day; “..just a goddamned piece of paper..”

      so get used to it. AMERIKA is now a TORTURE GULAG NIGHTMARE HELLHOLE and apparently nobody is going to do anything about it.


      Comment by Nightmare Torture Gulag | August 1, 2011

  7. With the mass media coverup and general apathy of millions of people who must “smell a rat” in the whole preposterous high-jacking and freedom of the skies for hours while the US Armed Forces betrayed the American people to allow a false flag psyop to instigate eternal wars of aggression in the battle-cry of 9/11 forevermore.

    Well, I believe if the mass media, including C-SPAN and Pacifica Radio carried live broadcast featuring the most outspoken analysis on 9/11 and US covert actions and media complicity; 90% of those watching for a few hours, would come to the conclusion that there had been a cover-up, and for whom and why; would become obvious.

    The motive can be discerned properly by who benefited and who suffered ultimately. Who had the ability of neutralize the US air power during the greatest hours of attacks on the United States since the War of 1812.

    Yes it was the US power elite themselves in conspiracy with Israelis for sure. Who controls news content and who gets on the air then and now?

    Those who can see through the deception and propaganda, have a moral and legal obligation and requirement to share that knowledge to all who will listen, as well as, those who refuse to listen.

    GALLUP (Poll)

    September 10, 2010

    PRINCETON, NJ — Nine years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, 1% of Americans mention terrorism as the most important problem facing the country, down from 46% just after the attacks.

    Where was Obama on 9/11 BTW? Maybe in NYC positioned to watch the grand finale of the WTCs as the invited guest of the the perps in a pent house apartment with his capitalist-imperialist sponsors who would later put him in the office of the presidency.

    People will take so much, but they have to know their suspicions are correct, that it is the popular will, and constitutionally legal as well.

    Therefore disparaging the public is not the solution, empowering them to radicalize their friends, family, neighbors, and casual associates is vital.

    In fact, it is hard to understand how the public is as progressively enlightened as polls consistently prove. And they also prove that we do not a ‘representative’ government, unless referring to the super-rich, and Israel, for that is who they do represent above all others from generation to generation, century to century, until we change it, not them changing it.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 1, 2011

  8. the American public is about as capable of critical thinking and engaging this enemy, Mr. Mitchell, as a piss ant is capable of stopping a level 6 hurricane.

    the root cause of this collapse is the fact that the so called ‘democratic’ side of the aisle, and all of the so called ‘progressive’ web, such as HuffPo and Democratic Underground, and Daily Kotex, are all truly no more progressive or orieted to do battle with this crap the right wing is doing than was Ernst Roehm under Hitler’s regime.

    so the battle is pretty lost, Bill. Not because people like you and I are not paying attention or seeing the truth, but because the people in this goddamned torture gulag nightmare shithole are totally out to goddamned lunch. they have no intellect. zero reasoning skills. and worse, not one set of balls every five thousand square miles. the women here possess more proof of testosterone than do the males here.

    enlightened? maybe. but to me, enlightenment means cognition about the course of action you take to solve a huge problem.

    the American people have the cognitive thinking skills of amoeba or paramecium.

    the battle is fucking over, Mr. Mitchell. this is not capitulation, this is the last stage of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s book, called ‘acceptance’ because I was sure most americans sure passed up the ANGER part and stayed in DENIAL and now are stuck in BARGAINING in their tiny pea brains that are only capable of holding a goddamned TV clicker and not getting that fat ass off the couch and driving their car to Washington with 300 million other americans, and DEMAND THESE COCKSUCKERS GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR BUILDINGS!!!

    sorry about the profanity, Bill. not directed at you, but at the 299,000,000 other fat, lethargic and wholly complicit by inaction assholes I live amongst here. It’s for THEM!


    Comment by THE BATTLE IS OVER | August 1, 2011

  9. Ah, the politics of a broken heart, disillusionment, betrayal, exploitation, and repression. We all know the bitter taste of these poisons; but need/needed to digest to excrete the crap we were feed daily all our lives, with rarely a dissenting critic hear or read in the mass media, classroom, or entertainers.

    Yet, there has been spirited uprisings in every generation throughout US history. Eugene V. Debs is a perfect example and the IWW.

    The Cold War was just a pretext for US imperialism, as is ‘The War on Terrorism’ and our handy laptops provide the greatest resource for independent research and very inexpensive mass communication by e-mail and posting on wonderful websites like Aletho News.

    The public opinion polls indicate that the American people are not the mindless dupes you accuse them of being. A quick search found this.:

    CBS News Poll. Aug. 20-24, 2010, polling1,082 adults nationwide.

    “Do you think the result of the war with Iraq was worth the loss of American lives and other costs of attacking Iraq, or not?”

    Worth it Not worth it Unsure
    % % %

    20 72 8

    36 56 8

    11 82 7

    18 74 8

    24 67 9

    28 66 7

    25 70 5

    29 63 8

    10/30 – 11/1/05
    31 64 5

    9/28 – 10/1/03
    41 53 6

    43 47 10

    46 46 8

    46 45 9

    “Looking back, do you think the United States did the right thing in taking military action against Iraq, or should the U.S. have stayed out?”

    Did the
    right thing Should have
    stayed out Unsure
    % % %

    37 59 4

    63 33 4

    21 75 4

    33 63 4

    40 55 5

    39 54 7

    39 55 6

    42 54 4

    36 59 5

    37 57 6

    3/28 – 4/2/08
    34 62 4


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 2, 2011

    • that still doesn’t impress me, Bill. Some of us are doing ALL of the heavy lifting here with millions of you all on the sidelines. blogging doesn’t cut it.

      In Nazi germany in 1933-1939, having just gone thru the Weimar Republic financial ruin, the high unemployment, and the other ludicrous shit being jammed down their throats, the german people, who are far from idiots for damned sure, all bought into the Nazi rhetoric and bullshit.
      And to be honest, I’m not quite sure Hitler was exactly ‘wrong’ on too very many counts. He gets a lot of bad press for allegedy massacre killing millions of jews, but the truth doesn’t bear that out exactly. Jews were given an opportunity to get the hell out. They didn’t. When the ‘kristalnacht’ came, the ghetto jews all cowered under their beds and pissed their collective pants and got rounded up. The extensive research into what exactly DID HAPPEN in Germany does not support the mean bad boy Hitler going around murdering all the jews wherever he could find them, regardless of what that asshole Steven Spielberg’s movie would tell you. Yes, the germans were sick of the jews. But to be more correct, they were sick of the fake khazarian jews who aren’t jews at all. Certainly not sephardic jews, and certainly not descendants of judeans for damned sure.

      So, not to rain on your parade, the number string above this post doesn’t prove much. IF for instance, I know you’re about to walk in the path of a speeding bus and be smashed like an insect, and I stand there with my arms folded while you get creamed by the bus, then does that not make me ‘guilty’ of not having taken action to help save your life? I think it does.

      Here in Amerika, 19,000 or more of us are undergoing direct retaliation by a very very illegitimate and criminal cabal in Washington, who is consolidating power just like was done in Germany in 1933-1937. All of the same things are going on. Some of us are fighting them with more than just our blog writings. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

      I see absolutely ZERO proof that enough of you are joining the battle with us. Oh, I know, you have a job, a mortgage, a family and hence DARE NOT JOIN US. I understand that completely. But Bill, I want to ask you this: “What kind of future do your kids have, assuming you have any, in this nightmare shithole torture gulag murder fest here?”

      Germany and the U.S. today are exactly the same as Germany was during Hitler’s rise to power. O’scumbag is not the root cause of it, he’s just a puppet, so I’m not inferring he’s Hitler anymore than I am inferring that Jerry Mahoney’s dummy was Hitler. Both are puppets. Neither can be held fully responsible for the criminality being carried out here, as much as I loathe and detest this charlatan and liar we have in the White House today for his absolute LYING TO US over and over and over again. But alas, he is still a puppet.

      So, not to sound mean or rude, but the other MILLIONS ON MILLIONS of you who are on your hands, sitting on the bench, need to get off your asses and fight this battle with us. Some of us know that we may not win, and we may in fact lose everything, including our very lives.

      To me, the choice is this: Live free, or forever be a SLAVE.

      you have the same choice. Is it fair you all watch the small number of us fight your battle for you too? I don’t think so. Only a coward thinks so.

      I’ve said my piece. Either get off your asses and JOIN US, or forever rue the day you sat on your hands. This is NOT the time to acquiesce and hem and haw. This is the time to ACT.

      and TIME is running out.


      Comment by A CALL TO BATTLE | August 2, 2011

  10. Omission perhaps. Hypothetically, shocked into silence, speechless in horror, and otherwise without willfully and maliciously taking delight in the about to happen sudden death by vehicular manslaughter. And what of the driver and possible passengers?

    I can only say that I have come to the rescue instantaneously of total strangers a few times in my life, and it was not my job; it was my automatic response, reflexive, and without regrets.

    If you are challenging my commitment and contribution as an activist of almost 50 years, I will not display past or future as they as only public with my peers in conversation. Modesty is not one of my virtues, but heavy lifting I have done, and the effects are still benefiting millions upon millions of people.

    You are attacking the whole of the people basically. The people have not taken charge of their own governance yet, that is my mission to see that we do, the ideal conditions are manifesting synergistically across the whole system.

    Yes, a sleeping giant is awakening, and I guess that was what Abe Lincoln was warning of when is wrote, ‘”You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.'”

    That is why I point out polling results, for the people are above and beyond their so-called elected representatives. Disparaging the public who did not plan or execute 9/11, nor give trillions of dollars to billionaires, is “blaming the victim” in lieu of empowering them with critical information to arouse their interest.

    It is arrogant to put oneself above 99% of the public in being a know-all and do-all “the heavy lifting” when what is to be lifted is a sense of righteous indignation at being played for a dupe by the duplicity of the plutocracy and their organs of propaganda, print and electronic.

    Here is a poll on 9/11 that proves my point, we are in the majority more than we know, and disparaging the people is not the solution, but a problem that we can correct, and the reason I am certain that Pure Democracy is the sole solution to our constitutional problems of not be represented, by withholding our proxy, and voting directly as is done on polls, but on ballots with stated propositions on the national level to supersede all existing Public Law and Policy; including referendums on Supreme Court decisions.

    Walking precincts for tools of plutocrats, like Obama; does fit the definition of insanity…’ to continue to do the same thing over and over again, always getting the same result; but expecting a different one’ – and that is my take on electoral politics, republics; universally!

    Steve Watson & Alex Jones / | October 14 2006

    A monumental new scientific opinion poll has emerged which declares that only 16% of people in America now believe the official government explanation of the September 11th 2001 terror attacks.

    According to the new New York Times/CBS News poll, only 16% of Americans think the government is telling the truth about 9/11 and the intelligence prior to the attacks:

    “Do you think members of the Bush Administration are telling the truth, are mostly telling the truth but hiding something, or are they mostly lying?

    Telling the truth 16%

    Hiding something 53%

    Mostly lying 28%

    Not sure 3%”

    The 84% figure mirrors other recent polls on the same issue. A Canadian Poll put the figure at 85%. A CNN poll had the figure at 89%. Over 80% supported the stance of Charlie Sheen when he went public with his opinions on 9/11 as an inside job.

    A recent CNN poll found that the percentage of Americans who blame the Bush administration for the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington rose from almost a third to almost half over the past four years. This latest poll shows that that figure has again risen exponentially and now stands at well over three quarters of the population.

    It took 35 plus years for the majority of Americans to wake up to the fact that the assassination of JFK was a government operation. It has only take five years for MORE Americans to wake up to the fact that 9/11 was an inside job on behalf of the Neoconservative crime syndicate within the US.

    Reference to past polls show that in the last five years there has been an explosion in numbers of those who do not buy the official line……’


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 2, 2011

    • actually arrogance has nothing to do with actually doing something, Bill. I didn’t disagree with your poll, I disagree’d with your premise that it actually means something.

      sleeping giant? c’mon, give me a fucking break! more like doped up, brain dead giant is more like it. So what if the public now smells the rat since 1963? So what if the polls show that they actually don’t believe the government propaganda any longer.

      My point is simply this, whether you assholes without the spines to stand up and do something about it likes it or not, YOU ARE STILL PART OF THE PROBLEM, not part of any SOLUTION, if you remain silent.

      I never ad hominem attacked your complicit ass in my prior writing, but I’m going to now, dufus, and the reason why I’m going for your jugular vein is that to have the balls to denounce me and the rest of us who actually are actively fighting this shit, is not only irresponsible, but cowardly and trite, but that’s how most of you balless wonders are now. Cowardly and Trite is turf you have the patent rights on, Mr. Mitchell. You like to denounce fuckers like us who call you Cowards because it’s the only balm and salve that soothes your bruised but chicken shit egos when you know that you’re complicit in this TREASON as the assholes are who commit it every day.

      I don’t much like going this road with an opponent who likes to cite poll numbers strictly because as much as the poll numbers don’t really mean jack shit in reality, they do mean that the public at-large knows they are balless faggots with no spines or they’d like like they normally do to themselves when they look in the mirror and think; “why is it exactly I am not making myself more of a throrn in the ass of these scum??”

      I used to like civility and giving people the benefit of the doubt, but If you were a subordinate in time of war, sniveling like you are, I’d personally have drawn my sidearm and sent you on to your next life without a second thought, if that’s the best whine you can come up with about not doing anything. Actually, fuckers like you make me so very sad I am on a continent full of fuckers like you who will hide behind polls and denounce people with actual spines and guts for taking on the beasts who illegitimately are destroying this nation from the inside as we are.

      If the day ever comes when enough actually get into the same boat with the small percentage of us who are doing something, I’ll apologize for calling you cowards and spineless pieces of shit, but in my estimation, that’s exactly what each and every one of you is who refuses to take responsibility for your part in this and instead, hurl epithets at those of us who actually didn’t need a caligraphed invitation to get off our asses and do something. Some of us have been at this for decades, as I have, not the johnny come lately crowd who thinks that going to a protest and standing way in the back is an act of civil disobedience.

      Some of us have been at this a very very long time. And to suffer the indignation from you who are in fact guilty of TREASON yourselves for your inaction and your cowardice, is quite sickening and pathetic. At least we can shave our faces without having to look away.

      Don’t defend inaction and sitting on one’s hands, Mr. Mitchell. The mantle of a coward is the same mantle as a hyena’s coat. If you like the stench of being one yourself, you have no business attacking some of us who absolutely have proven our mettle and not been that ourselves. To redeem your sorry ass, all you need to do is convince a couple fellow cowards that it’s time to pack the family vehicle for a trip to Washington this year. One in which many of us won’t be coming back from…but we’ll be going there anyway, because to not go is an act of capitulation and cowardice even a scoundrel and a knave won’t want on their hands in the form of blood of every single person slaughtered by this out of control juggernaut of murder known as the United States.


      Comment by LOOK IN THE MIRROR REAL HARD | August 2, 2011

  11. actually I am apologizing to Bill for defending what is indefensible, and that is cowardice. it’s not his fault he’s been conditioned to be a coward. the entire nation is nothing but sniveling, clicker clutching cowardice. Bill just went to the defense of what cannot and shall not ever be defensible. and that is just mindless, without any logic, COWARDICE.

    so Bill, I’m sorry I lambasted you for defending what should never ever under any circumstances be defended. Spinelessness, and COWARDICE.

    don’t do it. it looks bad on your lapel. and your face. you have no reason to defend these assholes and cowards you live amongst. writing excuse notes for them is like writing an excuse note for a mentally retarded serial killer who gets absolved in the end under the ‘insanity’ defense.

    don’t do it, please. don’t. You’re probably not one of them, so don’t associate yourself with that scum. When you flush a turd down the toilet, you don’t lament that, I hope.


    Comment by AN APOLOGY TO BILL | August 2, 2011

  12. Dear Protagonist (to brave to use your own name),

    I have been to Washington, D.C., many times. Arrested there with 16,000 other activist blocking streets during the May Day event 1971. I did not get back on the bus, but stayed and instigated the filibuster that lead to the ending of the compulsory military draft.

    I was already a vet, who spoke out in ranks against the Vietnam war in 1964-5. I fact gave a speech at the officers club that almost got me charged with sedition, which carried a 10 year sentence in Leavenworth.

    I continued to lobby congress and with a sincere question asking, “Is this a nation of laws or a nation of men?” and the administrative assistant for Senator Charles Mathias, Sam Goldberg considered that a silly rhetorical question and stated it was a nation of laws. I asked where is the law then for the US war in Vietnam. He cited the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution as his proof. I laughed, for it had been repealed and that was public knowledge.

    Sam was embarrassed and assigned his staff to find the legal authority, and invited to come back next week. I did, and they had found nothing, so Sam called a top staffer at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Week upon week I would check back, and still no legal basis could be found. So, I am now adamantly convinced that the government ruled arbitrarily by duplicitous gangsters. And as such, we had as much right, if not more, “take the law into our own hands” – meaning I had as much right to kill them as they did to fund the unjustified US aggressive in what in reality was all of Indochina.

    But, I did not kill anyone, I knew it would have little effect and stop me from doing something more effective. And that was a very wise choice, for a months later, Sam caught me roaming the halls and excitedly whisked me into his chair and pulled a long form newsletter from the filing cabinet and smiling ear to ear, presented the validation of the nation as one of Laws not merely the caprice of dilettantes, buffoons, useful idiots, and out and crooks and criminals.

    What I read infuriated me, for it stated that technically the United States was in a state of national emergency, that gave unlimited power to the president beginning the state of national emergency President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed to deal with the banking crisis in 1933, which had no expiration date, and thus was still in-force. Further, in 1950, President Harry S. Truman declared a state of national emergency to add a year to active duty everyone in the military and commence the Korean War.

    I slammed my fist onto Sam’s desktop, and shouted, “this is bullshit” to which Mr. Goldberg looked at me in astonishment. I pounded again and said, repeal this thing or close up shop, congress is a fraud, the constitution checks and balances are nullified.

    Sam, grasped my point and said, “let me get the senator.” He knocked on the senators door, adjacent to his office, as administrative assistant. Senator Mathias open the door, and Sam started to recap what had just transpired, the senator, raised his hand and voice saying, “I heard him.”

    Mathias told Sam to get him Senator Jacob Javitz on the phone. I asked Mathias, “Why Javitz?” to which Mathias said, he is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a republican as is the president. To get this done it will take republicans too. I asked him what I could do; to which he said, nothing, you have done your job, it would be better to leave it to us, for this will take time. It was repealed, laws rewritten, and the issue taken seriously.

    May Day there was about 300,000 demonstrators on the wrong side of the capital, on the wrong day of the week, listening to what we all knew, and not new ideas to my ears. Only 16,000 stayed for the actions or arrested in consequence.

    But, I was the one who stayed, got laws changed and enacted. The Pell Grant is another that without my involvement would not exist, it would have been only a GI Bill for Vietnam Vets; instead of everyone, vet or not, male and female alike. Today the Pell Grant gives $5,555.00 to full-time college students on a needs basis. I would guess over a hundred-million students have received the Pell Grant, and that kept most of them from going into military and that is an anti-imperialist, anti-war, and free college education for needy undergraduates.

    My work in communities, years on KPFK and 15 years of public access TV going deeper and harder into geo-political issues anyone else in those venues during those years.

    I no longer see the government as those holding public office in DC or locally for that matter. The government to me, is you and me, everyone; the whole of the people, and not a few hundred dandies, who are the ones with no balls, spine, and have blood on their hands.

    In the 80s I went back to capitol hill and killed aid to the Nicaraguan contras, but do not feel like writing about that, but I was a one-man band, I walk alone, think and act solely on my own initiative, and the world is a better place because of it.

    My efforts are directed toward evolving the republic in a Pure Democracy, with the total dissolution of potentates and the end of politics as we know it.

    Final point, I have been in ring, many street and bar fights, and to think I am a coward is a mistake fools have made and suffered the consequences.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 3, 2011

    • points well taken, Bill. I rescind my label inferring you are a coward. but you need not ingratiate yourself by defending the cowardice of the Amerikan Sheeple, it doesn’t wear well on you.

      it’s also bad form to issue thinly veiled threats like the last line was interpreted by me as.

      there’s an old Clint Eastwood line where in the police chief’s face he goes; “A man has to know his limitations”

      let’s just put it this way, in another time and another place, had you tossed that one at me like that, I’d have taken you to task over it, and if you foolishly threw the first punch then, I think you’d be a very very sorry man for that, because this one absolutely never cowers in the presence of anything on two legs, and I never blink, and if you couldn’t back that up with solid force, you’d be taking a trip to the hospital or worse. I never make a threat against any person I’m not perfectly capable of carrying out. And I did not attack you first, my comments were directed at the 299,000,000 cowards in this country, and when you came to their defense and then did the drive by shooting of me here, then you absolutely got what you had coming.

      I apologized and you issued a thinly veiled threat. I think it goes to your character if every time someone retaliates against you for being a bit over the top, you snidely imply physical violence.

      I’m a bit more mature about immediately wanting to rip someone else’s head off over shit in the blogosphere for sure, and as I had apologized to you and then you threatened in your last line, perhaps I was wrong in judging you to be anything but just one more of these fuckers who has had virtually zero excuse to have sat on their asses for ten years and done nothing to stop this nation’s slide into dictatorship. You have a right to self defense here, but not a right to issue thinly veiled threats to someone like myself who in a face to face venue, not only would take you to task on this, but absolutely not blink at you or cower under your threat.

      Cowardice is a trait that shows it’s ugly face in many venues, and going to the defense of a nation full of cowards is a sign you condone it and embrace that ideology. There is no excuse of any kind for ten years of it, and because of the outrageous and uncalled for cowardice on the part of the Sheeple here, this nation is falling unto dictatorship. I sincerely apologized to you and you came at me with a smarmy, cowardly threat. Perhaps I misjudged you and apologized to the wrong man here.

      I don’t throw punches in internet chat venues or do ad hominem attacks on people in drive by shootings like you did in your final line. Not only is that uncalled for, but it’s more to character, that if you can defend cowardice and then chide or scold someone for denouncing it when it has been inexcusable as this has been, nothing you have cited in your reply remotely goes to the level of direct personal action against the root problem we face in the form of tyranny and oppression. You patted yourself and a nation full of cowards on the back for things that any decent and moral citizen should have done automatically. Self aggrandizement is fine in a bar where you do your combat according to yourself, but in the real world, it’s not impressing anyone who’s put more than that on the line for much much longer doing real heavy lifting that goes way beyond the paper tiger stage you cite.

      The fundamental reasons why this nation is in trouble, Bill, is that far too many of you think that cowardice and inaction is okay, and to attack me for calling it what it is is tantamount to besmirching and denigrating any other real sacrifices made by scores of us who have long ago surpassed what you have done by parsecs of space in efforts expended.

      Once again, I’m going to offer the apology to you personally, but truly, you cannot and should not defend the inaction and lackadaisical disconnect between the citizenry of this nation, and the treason and mass murder that took place not just in 2001, but in 1967 against the U.S.S. Liberty, and yes, the CIA murder with Israeli help, of a sitting president who tried to end the zionist control of this nation. It is inexcusable. You cannot ever convince me otherwise, and issuing thinly veiled implied threats to people like me is truly the sign of a coward.

      and I think on some fundamental level, if you weren’t one, you’d agree…because you threw the first punch here, and then when it got dished back your direction, you didn’t like it much.

      you had no obligation to go to the defense of these morons and assholes, and you certainly had no constructive good reason to issue a thinly veiled implied threat to me after I had apologized to you for retaliating for your first personal strike against me.


      Comment by COWARDICE IS AS COWARDICE DOES | August 4, 2011

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