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Tapping the Israeli Embassy

By Philip Giraldi | The American Conservative |September 15, 2011

Shamai Leibowitz, an FBI Hebrew translator, was arrested in May 2010 for revealing restricted information consisting of five reports classified “secret” to an unidentified blogger. He confessed—explaining that he had been trying to reveal illegal activity—repented, and was sentenced to a minimum term of 20 months in prison. He has now been released. There was considerable speculation over what Leibowitz, a left-wing, Israel-born dual national, had actually revealed. A New York newspaper claimed that the information had gone to a “pro-Palestinian Arab group.”

In reality, Leibowitz, who had top-secret clearance, was working as the translator for an undercover FBI counterintelligence team operating out of Calverton, Maryland. The FBI was tapping into all the telephone lines and cell phone numbers associated with diplomats and intelligence officers working out of the Israeli Embassy in Washington and the United Nations in New York. The Israelis practiced good communications security when they were on their phones speaking English, but they were reportedly extremely reckless when speaking Hebrew because they believed that they could not be understood. The FBI compiled a thick dossier on Israeli diplomats and spies and was able to establish linkages to a number of other targets of interest. Analyzing the Hebrew recordings, Leibowitz identified a number of hidden relationships with U.S. government officials and the media, as well as advocacy groups like AIPAC and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

What the FBI uncovered was a massive and highly focused campaign referred to by the Israelis as “perception management,” but which the CIA would refer to as a covert action. Much of the activity was illegal or incompatible with the role of foreign diplomats in the United States, which is why Leibowitz took action after his supervisors refused to proceed with prosecution. The focus was on Iran, with Israeli officials intent on preparing the American public for war against the mullahs. They were spreading disinformation on Iran’s nuclear program, promoting international sanctions, and trying to obtain Washington’s support for an ultimatum on the nuclear program as a final diplomatic gesture that would be turned down by Iran, leading to war with the U.S. playing the lead role. The Israeli Embassy’s activities consisted of drafting articles and editorials that were placed with an accommodating media, paying journalists to write pieces making the same points, and working closely with groups like WINEP and AIPAC to present policymakers with a coordinated list of arguments for war. At least one congressman from Indiana was approached directly by Israeli intelligence and agreed to host an anti-Iran conference as well as to introduce legislation tightening Iran sanctions. The recorded telephone conversation between an Israeli intelligence officer and Rep. Jane Harman in April 2009, in which she agreed to intervene on behalf of accused AIPAC spies Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman in exchange for chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee, was also part of the special FBI counterintelligence operation.

Leibowitz’s concern that the illegal activity would not be prosecuted by the Justice Department proved correct. No Israeli or American named in the extensive FBI investigative dossier has been in any way punished.

Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is executive director of the Council for the National Interest.

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  1. Further compelling evidence that Israel is a Trojan Horse enemy within and needs to be treated accordingly to the maximum of law thoroughly.

    The biggest problem in correcting this is that those individuals in key government positions are co-opted and in a sense Israeli assets, i.e. President Obama and Attorney General Erik Holder.

    Of course congress should hold hearings with witnesses under oath and open to C-SPAN and the international press. But, we know congress is pitiful pack of punks pandering in perpetuity to Zionist desires, albeit unconstitutional and in violation of US and International Law against instigation of war of aggression (The Nuremberg Principles).

    The Senate Homeland Security Committee, chaired by Sen. Joe Lieberman is another Mossad propaganda outlet. Jane Harman and Joe Lieberman are basically of the same mindset or ideological disease, aka, Zionism!

    An article which we all should read is on Forward, a progressive Jewish newspaper. The article:

    How an Anti-Terror Program Became a Jewish Earmark
    Grants Favor the Orthodox and the Organized


    My comment on that article is in-part.:
    The conditioning of the public to accept subtly and not so subtly, the national security state in which accept being treated like a prisoner by TSA is unacceptable, but instrumental in the subjugation into obsequious surrender to fascist slobs!

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | September 17, 2011

  2. Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9/11, Interviewed by Ch. 4, 8 mins:

    last 2 mins are interesting, the US/Israeli spy relationship: “The Urban Moving 5 were eventually deported to Israel for visa violations. Channel 4 understands, from sources close to US intelligence, that the condition of their release was that Israel promises not to spy in the US without permission. Then, as now, the Israeli government publicly denies it spies in the US.”

    Ch. 4 piece is good for the interview snips, but they try to define the outer boundaries of 911 skepticism as Limited Hangout LIHOP, “foreknowledge” (of what the Scary Moozlemists who done did 911 were gonna do before they done did it!)… what else is new?

    Comment by hamid | September 23, 2011

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