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Egyptian Forces Flood Tunnel With Wastewater, One Injured, Two Missing

By Saed Bannoura | IMEMC & Agencies | September 25, 2011

Egyptian security forces used wastewater to flood a siege-busting tunnel along the border with Gaza on Sunday. Two Palestinians went missing and one was injured.

Medical sources reported that the wounded person was moved to a local hospital. Rescue teams are trying to locate the two missing persons.

On Saturday, two Palestinian youths were killed due to a gas leak explosion at a tunnel in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Medical sources reported that medics and rescue teams managed to locate seven persons who went missing in the tunnel; three of them were wounded while two of the three died of their wounds later on.

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The real cost of Al Rumeida roadblock

25 September 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank

For the last three days Ahmed Sau and Khalil have been loading bushell loads of white building material on carts pulled by a horse and a donkey as they trek up the steep hill going to Jabel Al Rahmeh. At the other end is a truck filled almost to the top. Several men await Ahmed and unload the wooden cart and the trek begins anew.

As the horses struggle up the last part of the hill, Ahmed and some children help to push the heavy load to its destination. It is in these ways that the Israeli occupation affects the common people. Slowly, it attempts to strangle the economy. A simple truck ride down the hill is turned into a laborious undertaking by several men, children and beasts of burden.

“It has been this way for at least 10 years,” commented an observer.

When asked why they were doing it this way, Ahmed who spoke no English, motioned to the yellow steel metal preventing the truck to go through. Hurrying as evening was fast approaching, he got back on the cart and rode down the hill again.

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Settlers uproot 400 olive trees near Nablus

Ma’an – 25/09/2011

NABLUS — Dozens of Israeli settlers on Sunday uprooted over 400 Palestinian-owned olive trees near Nablus in the northern West Bank, a Palestinian Authority official said.

Settlement Affairs official Ghassan Doughlas said settlers attacked fields between Qusra and Duma villages south of Nablus.

On Friday, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian man, Issam Kamal Odeh, 33, during clashes sparked by settlers who entered Qusra.

The incident comes amid a surge in settler violence in the northern district, including village raids, attacks on Palestinians and their property and the vandalism of two mosques in recent weeks.

In Qusra on Sept. 5, settlers torched a mosque and spray-painted anti-Arab slogans and the Star of David.

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Daughter of Mayor: I was interrogated 13 times while handcuffed

Palestine In formation Center – 25/09/2011

RAMALLAH — The daughter of Al-Bireh mayor Jamal al-Tawil said she was bound, photographed, isolated and questioned by some 13 investigators after Israeli forces arrested her on 6 July without charges in an apparent bid to pressure her father.

Bushra al-Tawil was transferred between three detention centers in Beit El and Ashkelon and kept in isolation for sixteen days before ending up in HaSharon prison, where she is currently being held, said Botheina Daqmaq, head of the Palestinian Mandela rights organization, who at length managed to visit Tawil and collect statements.

Daqmaq learned that Tawil was denied freedom by an Israeli court although no formal charges have been placed against her.

“Thirteen investigators took turns to interrogate me while I was handcuffed to the back. They insulted me using profane language and screamed at me loudly asking that I repent,” Tawil said, adding that the investigators threatened to harm her family members and bring her parents in for the interrogation. They also photographed her while she was bound in cuffs, she said.

“In a terrible atmosphere of isolation and deprivation of all my rights, they led me one day to a private room and placed me on a lie detector for three hours, and did not allow me to pray and I was barely allowed to use the bathroom,” she said.

Tawil informed the rights activist and lawyer that she was placed in isolation for 15 days upon her arrival to the Israeli HaSharon prison, noting that the most difficult part of all was what she called the “journey of misery”, when she was repeatedly removed for court hearings.

“The prison administration sent me to court three times consecutively without a court hearing taking place,” she said, noting that each time she was transported by a large armored vehicle without air or light, where the prisoner sits shackled by the hands and feet on an iron bench.

In her first visit by a rights organization after she was denied a visit by the Red Cross, Bushra made desperate calls for looking into her case, saying that the courts ruled for release, but Israeli intelligence foiled the decision.

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BRICS Emphasize United Stance against Sanctions on Syria

Al-Manar | September 25, 2011

The BRICS group that consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa assured that it will express a united stance in the United Nations regarding the Syrian situation, and warned against increasing sanctions on Syria.

In a meeting the Foreign ministers of the BRICS group held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting, they assured their united stance against increasing sanctions on Syria, considering that this would intensify and complicate the crisis, and would threaten peace and stability in the region.

In the same context, Russia stated its rejection to support the US in demanding the Syrian president to step down.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov clarified that the US demand comes in the framework of encouraging internal conflict in Syria, and warned that armed groups were taking advantage of the protests.

For its part, the Russian Senate Delegation that recently completed its visit to Syria said that the crisis in Syria is a result of internal and external elements.

“Some TV stations broadcasted protests in Syria as well as military actions that are very much far from reality… I say this as I was there. We have made sure that some TV channels are intentionally falsifying the events,” Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federal Council, Ilyas Umakhanov said.

On the other hand, the Foreign Ministers of the member countries in the Islamic Cooperation Organization considered that the US administration’s attempt to impose sanctions against Syria is an outrageous violation to the standards of the international law, and expressed their appreciation to the Syrian leadership’s call for dialogue.

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