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The Myth of Bernie Sanders

Senator Bait-and-Switch

By THOMAS H. NAYLOR | CounterPunch | September 30, 2011

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has recently been elevated to near godlike status by the political Left in the United States.  Some of his fans have even suggested that he should challenge Barack Obama in the Democratic Presidential Primary.  The more often he is accused of being a socialist by his political enemies on the Right, the more convinced the Left becomes that he surely walks on water.

Although Sanders may have once been a socialist back in the 80s when he was Mayor of Burlington, today, a socialist he is not.  Rather he behaves more like a technofascist disguised as a liberal, who backs all of President Obama’s nasty little wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen.  Since he always “supports the troops,” Sanders never opposes any defense spending bill.  He stands behind all military contractors who bring much-needed jobs to Vermont.

Senator Sanders rarely misses a photo opportunity with Vermont National Guard troops when they are being deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq.  He’s always at the Burlington International Airport when they return.  If Sanders truly supported the Vermont troops, he would vote to end all of the wars posthaste.

Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Congressman Peter Welch could hardly contain their enthusiasm over the news that Burlington International Airport had been named as a possible site to house the Air Force’s new F-35 fighter jet scheduled to replace the Vermont Air National Guard’s aging fleet of F-16s.  The new high-tech instruments of death will cost $115 million a pop in sharp contrast to the F-16s which cost a mere $20 million each.

From whom might these F-35s protect Vermont?  Possibly, Canada, separatist-minded Quebec, upstate New York, the New Hampshire Free State, or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?  Why on earth would anyone want to invade Vermont?  Vermont has no military bases, no large cities, no important government installations, and no strategic resources unless you count an aging nuclear power plant.  What if Canada, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, or even the U.S. Marines were to invade the Green Mountain state?  Just what would they do with it?  Would all of the black-and-white Holsteins be confiscated, or perhaps the entire sugar maple crop be burned?  Imagine trying to enslave freedom-loving Vermonters.  Good luck!

Vermont is too small, too rural, and too independent to be invaded by anyone.  It is a threat to no one.  Furthermore, Vermonters, not unlike the Swiss, tend to stick to their own knitting rather than intruding into the affairs of their neighbors.  Vermont has always been that way and probably always will be.

Major General Michael Dubie, head of the Vermont National Guard, has expressed the hope that the Vermont Guard might be morphed into a center for unmanned drone aircraft.  Sanders, not unlike President Obama, thinks drones are cool.

Sanders is the darling of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee and the right-wing Likud government of Israel.  He has done everything within his power to keep the myth of Islamic terrorism alive.  He never questions the U.S. government’s unconditional support of Israeli acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians.  It is as though these are nonevents.

Last, but by no means least, is the U.S. government-owned Sandia National Laboratories.  For over two years Sanders and former University of Vermont President Daniel Fogel have been encouraging Sandia to open a satellite laboratory in Vermont.  Sandia, whose historical origins can be traced back to the Manhattan Project in World War II, designs, builds, and tests weapons of mass destruction.  The Vermont laboratory envisaged by Sanders would not be involved with nuclear weapons but rather would be engaged in projects related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electric grids.  Sandia, interestingly enough, is operated under contract by Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in the world.  Lockheed Martin produces F-35s and drones.  General Dubie, who has close ties to Lockheed Martin, recently received an honorary doctorate from UVM.  No one at UVM seems to care whether or not the University gets in bed with a manufacturer of atomic bombs.

Bernie Sanders loves to rail against Corporate America, Wall Street, and the super-rich, but has nothing to show for it.  He’s done little to constrain their power and influence.  But everybody on the Left loves Bernie.


Thomas H. Naylor is Founder of the Second Vermont Republic and Professor Emeritus of Economics at Duke University; co-author of AffluenzaDownsizing the U.S.A., and The Search for Meaning.

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  1. Bernie Sanders isn’t a ‘myth’ he’s what his two initials infer he is. B.S.

    the people who cling to him as a life preserver might as well go find someone to send them a few anvils, postage due on delivery. they’ll work better.

    same goes for the Ron Paul crap. another fake. been a career politician and nobody gets the clue that he’s as completely bought and paid for as the next one? give me a break.

    people are just stupid. and desperate. and perhaps scared. but those three things should not make people make more impossibly BAD choices than electing more B.S. (sanders) or 9/11 truth denier Ron Paul.

    there have only been a handful of candidates, Green Party ones, worthy of being elected. Cynthia McKinney comes to mind as one of them.

    unfortunately, morons and idiots on both the left (B.S.) and right (Ron Paul) are looking for a life preserver in a box of anvils. not a good idea. in fact, it speaks to their inability to grasp clues about the true character of both of these frauds they so adore and admire.

    once you examine both of their track records, and their core beliefs, beyond the populist rhetoric, they have virtually nothing to offer the average person, and certainly are not going to save this nation.

    they are exactly like Obama. All hat and no friggin cattle.

    Comment by all hat and NO CATTLE | September 30, 2011

  2. He is a filthy pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-NAFTA traitor. All these people have is a LOUD MOUTH. When you get in their face and confront them, they slither off like the cowardly little vermin that they really are.

    Comment by Long Shanks | October 3, 2011

    • you don’t get to camp out in the beltway without becoming completely and utterly compromised and co-opted.

      years ago people sold out on the ‘term limit’ idea due to the horse shit about; “oh, why let a senior committee chairmanship go away” which, translated means; “I like the big fat ISRAELI DICK up my culo!!!” (ass)

      fucking morons in this country. totally gullible. utterly clueless. and wholly fucking INSANE to believe the rhetoric!

      good post, Shanks! glad there are two of us who can see the fraud!

      Comment by compromised ISRAELI prostitutes with venereal diseases of the mouth these guys are!!! | October 4, 2011

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  4. You people would do better to actually check the facts. Just a for interest, Vermont does have a (U. S.) military base, in fact it is the headquarters of the military’s winter/rough weather training school, The largest listening post in the country, and it was VERMONT F-13’s that defended the airspaces over D.C. NewYork and Boston when the planes from Langley were out to sea (literally) on 9/11. As for not caring about those around us, not butting into other peoples lives unless asked is just good manners, but don’t tell us we don’t care -We declared war on Germany and Japan a full week BEFORE Congress got around to it! And after Hurricane Katrina, it was Vermonters who sent the most relief goods (food, clothes, medicines, and rebuilding supplies) and continued to send them long after the rest of the country lost interest – I know, I was living there! Vermont truckers stopped working for pay and not only made the 2000 mile trip, but turned right around immediately and drove another load downnas fast as possible, over and over for months. Vermonters turn up, if not first, then as soon as they can drive there to ALL emergencies across the country. When Colorado, California or other states burn, most of the firefighters are Vermont Foresters. We believe in helping out everyone who needs help, no matter where on the planet they are. OUR congress people show up at the Burlington airport, both at troop deployments (YES, THAT’S PLURAL, Vermont guardsmen, have been repeatedly sent to the Middle East with only a six month r&r between deployments, no other state has done that, some of our units, particularly the medical and engineers have been there more than six times) and to welcome the troops back home because we really do support our troops. They are after all our relatives, and Vermont’s State Police are nearly to a man in the Guard, so we have very little police protection when they go. VErmont has THE most respected military college in the country, Norwich University, we just don’t act like #@$&’s and get into the news, we tend to business. I could go on but if you haven’t got the idea by now, you probably never will. We are the most rural state in the 50, but we are not ignorant, warmongering, do nothing hicks, thank you very much! By the way, the other states joined US, look at the article of union if you don’t believe me, and we seriously think about kicking the rest of you out – often, for the way people act. It is the REPUBLIC of Vermont, not the state of, and there wouldn’t be a United States if it hadn’t been for the Green Mountain Boys and their cannons that bailed the Continentals out of Valley Forge (a fact the rest of you conveniently forget!), AFTER kicking Burgouyne and Cornwallis’s backsides first.

    Comment by Denise Senecal | July 4, 2012

    • “We declared war on Germany and Japan a full week BEFORE Congress got around to it!”

      “… we are not ignorant, warmongering, do nothing hicks, thank you very much!”

      Whatever you say Denise.

      Comment by aletho | July 4, 2012

      • Like I said, check the facts Foot in mouth is a terrible disease.

        Comment by Denise Senecal | July 5, 2012

        • Perhaps you could share what exactly you find nonfactual in the article.

          Comment by aletho | July 5, 2012

          • For instance, the comments made regarding Vermont’s not having government or military installations, and who we might be defending from if the Guard received new aircraft. Please note my comments regarding Vermont’s record of defending outside our borders, when others were unable to defend themselves. Just for instance. Reread the article then compare with my comments.

            Comment by Denise Senecal | July 7, 2012

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