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Gingrich comments on Palestinians a “play” for “Jewish” money, former strategist says

By Ali Abunimah – The Electronic Intifada – 12/10/2011

Newt Gingrich, the US Republican presidential hopeful and former House Speaker who said Palestinians are an “invented people,” was making a “play” to attract “Jewish” money to his campaign, a former close associate said today.

Reacting to Gingrich’s comments on the Palestinians, Matt Towery, a conservative columnist who served as a campaign strategist for Gingrich in the 1980s, told CNN’s Saturday Morning News:

The Republican primary is one in which primarily you have money coming from pro-Israelis and in Jewish organizations and that[s] a play for that money. And you’re really are not going to have a whole lot of folks involved from either the Arab world or from any area that might be affected by these comments that are going to be voting in any of these primaries any time soon.

It is generally considered taboo in the United States and even evidence of “anti-Semitism” to talk about the influence of “Jewish” or pro-Israel money in elections. That a former Gingrich advisor and well-known Republican pundit is doing so openly is a notable development.

Palestinians an “invented people”

Gingrich caused consternation and a great deal of anger among Palestinians when he told The Jewish Channel, cable TV station, that Palestinians were an “invented people” and suggested that they should have left their country voluntarily to make way for Israel.

While the two main parties in the United States, Democrats and Republicans, are both staunchly pro-Israel, they have engaged in intense partisan battles in the run up to next November’s US presidential election over which party would be more supportive of Israel.

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  1. For accuracy and the sake of argument; I will call Gingrich’s remarks and those Zionist to whom he was brown-nosing professionally, are ironically mere projection on who are the ‘invented people’ in Palestine.

    What is the proportion of the Ashkenazi Jewish population in Israel, and in the West Bank? Are they not descended from Eastern Europeans who adopted Judaism in the Middle Ages? Therefore are they actually Semites by DNA analysis?

    If they like people of other religions, from other regions, as are the “American people” an invited nationality, composed to multiple races and ethnic strains; in comparison with the the original indigenous native population of what is today, the USA, foreign immigrants irregardless of being born here subsequent to European colonization and genocide of 95% the native population from James Town to today.

    Israel is compressing that ‘Crime Against Humanity’ in since WW2, or in living memory of much of humanity and still actively pursued as state policy by these European Zionist impostures who proclaim a historical blood-line that is non-existent with the Ashkenazim.

    As incredible is for anyone to seriously take as a birthright to be ‘”the chosen people'” of “‘God'” who gave them ‘”the holy-land'” and all that biblical bullshit!

    Everyone running for president is full of shit, a nothing by virtue of not backing fact enough to address while they have the chance. That includes Ron Paul. Where is his articles of impeachment for Barack Obama? What has he actually said about 9/11 being a psyop carried out by elements in the US and Israeli military and intelligence cabals?

    Write in your own name for all political offices. Or why bother to vote, unless there is a worthwhile proposition to pass into law, or defeat because it like the politicians; sucks!


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | December 11, 2011

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