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“Nuclear Iran Will Limit Israel’s Ability to Protect Borders”

Al-Manar | January 17, 2012

The Zionist entity expressed serious concerns about the Iranian nuclear file, where a senior military official said Tuesday that “a nuclear-armed Iran could deter the Zionist entity from going to war against Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.”

Major-General Amir Eshel, head of strategic planning for the Zionist armed forces, echoed ‘Israeli’ government leaders who argue that Iran could create a “global nuclear jungle” and fuel arms races in “an already volatile Middle East,” ‘Israeli’ daily Haaretz reported Tuesday.

Eshel made clear that Zionist entity – widely reputed to have the region’s only atomic arsenal – worries that Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah mujahedeen, as well as Palestinian Hamas movement who rule Gaza could one day find reassurance in an Iranian bomb.

“They will dare to do things that right now they would not dare to do,” he said in a briefing to foreign journalists and diplomats.

He highlighted as well that this is going to create a dramatic change in the entity’s strategic posture, because if it is forced to do things in Gaza or Lebanon under an Iranian nuclear umbrella, it might be different regarding to repercussions.

“When the other side has a nuclear capability and is willing to use it, you think twice,” Eshel was quoted as saying. “You are more restrained because you don’t want to get into that ball game,” he added.

Eshel expressed fears of getting involved in future war in the region, saying “there are now some 100,000 rockets and missiles that could be fired at Israel by the guerrillas, Iran and its ally Syria.”

“Despite seeing its resources strained by a 10-month-old unrest, Syria’s government has invested e2 billion in air defenses over the last two years, and more on counter-measures against any ground invasion,” Eshel said, linking both efforts to Syrian wariness of Israel.

However, the Zionist official declined to be drawn on whether the occupation entity might try to attack Iran’s distant, dispersed and well-defended nuclear facilities alone – or, conversely, whether it could decide to accept a nuclear-armed Iran as “an inevitability” to be contained through fortifications.

Those decisions, Eshel said, were up to the government and the armed forces would provide it with a “tool box” of options.

Source: Israeli Media

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  1. what a load of ….nonsense that IDF, 4th most powerful military, w/nuclear capable submarines, war ships, lrgest fleet of F16s out side of the USA, all WMD, (a non signer of NPT)with never 1 IAEA inspection, this pre-emptive aggressor in all wars….and fan of assassination as a ‘policy’ is AFRAID…ever fearful of any/all other countries…or so they say…and worries that Iran would use a nuclear weapon (if they had one) to ‘defend’ Lebanese or Palestinian indigenous resistence?? THAT in itself is absurd since the effect of one bombs explosive power is enormous.

    I think there’s only one word to describe their never-ending “existential paranoia”.
    Projection of their own evil onto others along with the shame/guilt of being loathed around the world for their ruthless barbaric never ending criminal occupation of stolen lands and racist treatment of the non-Jewish third class “citizens” of their own historic land. It’s not anti Semitism which drives most everyone with eyes and a brain to comprehend zionist ‘elimination/slow-genocide’ plan for indigenous Palestinians.

    Iranian have meticulously followed all the rules, step by step, including all inspections and have been compliant as signatories to NPT. Considering that it was the urging of the US in the 70s that Iran under the Shah begin developing nuclear energy to “save” their precious oil for US and global consumption ! Iran wants to bring their country online with that technology– in the sunlight– as much as Israel did it in the dark shadows many (ambiguous) years ago.

    The US and USSR faced far worse obstacles and challenges yet they were able– thru diplomacy and frequent discussion– during the height of the cold war– bristling with thousands of nuclear weapons, to live thru it and begin weapons reduction thanks to Mikael Gorbachev forthrightness & Reagan’s enthusiasm; The other countries of the region have had to learn to live with an AMBIGUOUSLY armed Israel all these decades then Israel can learn to live with ambiguity as well, should Iran decide to develop their own weapon.

    I would rather the world eliminated all nukes along with the archaic idea of war, BUT until that time, whats sauce for the Israeli goose …….imo.

    Comment by madams12 | January 17, 2012

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