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UK MoD’s £5 billion fiasco

Press TV – January 18, 2012

Britain’s Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) fiasco has been disclosed as Britain cannot use the £5billion fighter jets it has ordered from the US due to their failure to land on its aircraft carriers.

The new F-35 fighter planes, which are to be used by the US and UK military have a design defect that makes it impossible for them to land on aircraft carriers, a leaked report has disclosed.

The leaked report from the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, has revealed that the Joint Strike Fighter’s (JSF) arrestor hook, used to stop the fighter during landing, is too close to its wheels to operate.

The report has revealed that eight simulated landings have been conducted and they have all failed.

The Pentagon has announced that the aircraft requires a “significant redesign” involving major consequences to the fighter’s structure. However, predictions have been made that the whole programme might have to be abolished.

The report further embarrassed the MoD as it revealed that the fighter jets might not be able to fire Britain’s Asraam air-to-air missiles. Moreover, the report did not rule out the possibility of discovering future failures as it clearly stated they might be identified soon.

“An island nation like ours should be able to operate aeroplanes from an aircraft carrier. It’s essential we know how long we will be without carrier strike capability,” said shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy.

The MoD’s gaffe might leave Britain without carrier strike capability as the British government abolished the Royal Navy’s Harrier aircraft in 2010 and is to receive 50 F-35 fighter planes by 2020 costing the British taxpayer £5 billion.

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