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Regime Change Inc at work in Cuba

Niq Naq | January 20, 2012

Alan Gross was tracked by Cuban authorities since 2004 and traveled there at least five times in 2009 to set up sophisticated wireless Internet networks, according to a leaked court filing. The document gives blow-by-blow descriptions of his work with Cuban Jewish communities to establish independent, satellite-based wireless networks in synagogues in three cities. It alleges he recruited US citizens as “mules” to help him bring restricted telecommunications equipment to the island. It cites files recovered from a seized memory stick that talked about “communicating securely in repressive environments” and mentioned “political activists who operate in non-permissive environments.” It also said Gross told users of the wireless networks he set up not to use their last names in their email addresses. – AP Report

Gross’s employer DAI “operates with US democracy-promotion funds.” It received $382,491,550.13 from USAID in 2010.

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