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Gilad Atzmon – ‘Self cleansing Jew’

| March 2, 2012

Gilad Atzmon confronts students who were distributing literature defaming him in front of his talk at the University of Colorado in Boulder on March 1st, 2012.

March 3, 2012 - Posted by | Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism, Timeless or most popular, Video


  1. They sure picked on the wrong truthsayer !

    Comment by john | March 3, 2012

  2. It was great to find you in this very public place attempting to do an “intervention” with those young folks…..challenging their ‘thinking’ to criticize something they’ve never read for themselves, but instead learn about 2nd or 3rd hand …… to identify that their discomfort comes directly from hearing a self identified (ex) Jews loathing the things in him which perhaps up to that moment in time they have never looked at, questioned or even sensed “might” be what is wrong with their world view along with their unquestioned “devotion” to a nation-state which they have certain mysteries/fantasies and lore, buried in their psyches…never examined, never challenged….yet they feel it appropriate to chastise a grown man they do not know with mistake assumptions…..challenge you….distribute ADL information about you…and so it goes…..this is the way to ‘kill the messenger’ ..again and again…No new info allowed…no challenges allowed….SO once again Gilad you’ve NAILED it….and the new logo ADL is absolutely delightfully logical (adl). Much love to you for all your seemingly limitless energy, spirit, intellect, willingness to do for those young people what their kin folk failed /neglected to do..
    Sublimating your anger into a ‘self loathing’ instead of “other hating”. mabruk…..maktub!

    Comment by Abir's Cousin | March 3, 2012

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