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Stop Congress’ New Pro-War Resolution

NIAC – March 7, 2012

This was a major week in the debate over war with Iran versus diplomacy.

The hawkish AIPAC lobby organized its annual conference in Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Obama at the White House, and the pro-war crowd had one goal in mind: to pressure the President to draw a new “red line” for military action to try to block diplomacy with Iran and make Iran war inevitable.

But with your help, thirty-seven Members of Congress called on the President to support diplomacy.

Top former military and intelligence officials urged the President to stand firm against pressure for war in a full-page ad sponsored by NIAC.  New diplomacy with Iran is now in the process of being scheduled.

And the momentum has shifted.  The President refused to give in to pressure.  He refused to draw a new “red line,” stood firm against “loose talk of war,” and said that there is time for diplomacy to work.

Diplomacy is the only way to prevent war, prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon, and put mechanisms in place to effectively address human rights abuses in Iran and create space for Iran’s pro-democracy movement.

But, having failed to pressure the President, AIPAC is now lobbying your elected officials in Congress to support a resolution drawing a new “red line” aimed at blocking diplomacy and making war with Iran inevitable.

The movement against war and in support of diplomacy is growing, and we can stop the war push if we stand strong.  Please send a letter to your elected officials in the House and Senate and then call them TODAY using a special toll free number, 1-855-68 NO WAR (1-855-686-6927), to urge them to oppose this resolution. 

Here is a quick script you can use:

•   My name is _______ and I’m calling from [your city].

•   I am very concerned about the prospect of another war in the Middle East with Iran.  I’m asking that you oppose a dangerous pro-Iran war resolution [Senate Resolution 380 / House Resolution 568], because it aims to block diplomacy and make war with Iran inevitable.  Please have the courage to speak out publicly against the push for war with Iran and in support of a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear standoff.

•   Thank you.

You can find more information on this pro-war resolution here.

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