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  1. Israel: Right To Exist:
    Articles and Commentaries by various writers and media pundits.
    May 21 2006 — October 2009–October2009.html



    Comment by Calm CalmCalm | May 17, 2012

  2. The word Israel used in the Old Testament @ Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 does not mean “Jewish” or “Jews”. So-called “Jews” manifest from the Talmud, and 90% of so-called “jews” are Khazar {Japhetic} Ashkenazim Proselytes.

    The Holohox & The Lie Factory [MSM] exist on account of the “MoneyChangers” & Pharisees…the Synagogue of Satan, an Anti-Israelite “Religion”, literally a stool sculpture deity cult with a compound in Palestine and all 501c3 “Zionazi” worshipping so-called Churches” in America, JEWSA, which celebrates “Independence” on 4 JEWLIE….go figure.

    A few servants of the God of Truth in the 20th century, along with Eustace Mullins & Ezra Pound, …Know The Truth & Seek JUSTICE !!!

    See Also Matthew 13…specifically where the Tares are going, just like in the book of Obadiah…..ashes. [Hosea 1:11]

    a Pure language will be a true language that elimanates confusion, Right ?


    Comment by Anthony Clifton | May 18, 2012

  3. “You will not be here. We will fight you until you leave the land you have defiled, and then we will sprinkle the haram al-sharif with rose water, just as we did after the Crusades.”

    Soon, in sha’ Allah!


    Comment by traducteur | May 18, 2012

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  6. True, because Israel as defined is fundamentally wrong.


    Comment by Representative Press (@RepPress) | December 11, 2013

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