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International Bureau of Double Standards—The CNN/Iran File

May 30, 2012 by

This video looks at a CNN documentary (April, 2012 with repeats) about the Iran nuclear issue, and examines the role of the mainstream media in keeping the public uninformed about the real problem-nation in the Middle East: Nuclear-armed, Apartheid Israel.

The original CNN programme “A Nuclear Iran: The Expert Intel” was downloaded from the location given, below, but I cannot guarantee how long it will remain available:…

Interesting link: Iran finance minister: ‘Rest assured’ record oil prices over nuclear sanctions…

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  1. Great summation by Lawson. His conclusion supports the other theory that it was the Arab Oil Boycott that ushered in neolioberalism. Most “Left-wing” commentators omits this event when explaining the beginning of the neoliberal rollbacks that started in the 1970’s. They’ll explain as the “falling rate of profit” but what caused the falling profits was the hyperinflation caused by raising petrol prices from the oil boycotts due to the U.S. support for Israeli Zionism. The neoliberal policies altered the economy from industrial to financial thus empowering the Zionist even more at the expense of both workers and industrial capitalism.

    Zionism is a supremacist ideology and their goal is global domination of life, liberty and property. The world needs to wake up and realize who their enemy really is.


    Comment by Deadbeat | May 31, 2012

    • It is true that high oil prices contributed substantially to the falling rate of profits for manufacturing, and the petrodollars generated were a boon to the financial and armaments sectors.

      However, another huge factor behind the hyperinflation was the Vietnam war. Militarism eventually brings destruction of currency as history shows.


      Comment by aletho | June 1, 2012

      • Exactly. Zionist supremacist militarism led retaliation by the Arabs in the form of the oil boycott that lead the hyperinflation of the 1970. Vietnam was winding down by 1973 but the ruinous oil boycott was the shock that the system could recover from without neoliberalism.


        Comment by Deadbeat | June 1, 2012

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