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Obama says Washington is ‘more attentive’ to Israelis than Palestinians

Press TV – June 6, 2012

US President Barack Obama has once again voiced unwavering support for Tel Aviv, reiterating that Washington is “decidedly more attentive” to Israel than it is to the Palestinians.

Obama made the remarks on Tuesday at a meeting between White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew and a visiting delegation of the US Orthodox Jewish community, Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Wednesday.

The US president also called on the audience not to cast doubts on his loyalty to his Israeli allies.

Referring to his amicable personal relationship with the hawkish Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama highlighted that he understands that the Israeli official wishes “no restraints”.

When asked about what he had found out from events regarding Israel-Palestine talks to end the conflict between the two sides, Obama said “it’s really hard,” and pointed to numerous possibilities for misunderstanding.

The remarks come after the US House of Representatives announced its plans on May 7 to allocate nearly USD one billion for the 2013 fiscal year for Israel’s missile systems.

“This funding level is the highest ever appropriated in a single year” for Israeli missiles, Rep. Steve Rothman (D-NJ), a member of the committee, said in a statement.

Tel Aviv is the top recipient of military aid from the United States.

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  1. Obama is such a punk!!

    Comment by Jay Colbe, "a True Jew" | June 6, 2012 | Reply

  2. Today is the 45th anniversary of the US-Israeli failed false flag on the USS Liberty. The objective was to drop two hydrogen bombs on Egypt in a supposed act of just retaliation. The USS Liberty crew managed to get out an SOS to the US fleet in the Mediterranean. And the full story is documented by BBC4 under the title of: Dead In The Water
    It runs 68 minutes and is fact, not fiction.

    Add to that 9/11, another false flag US-Israeli criminal conspiracy. Both were acts of high treason by US against this country, and as for the Israelis, it was act of state terrorism, an act of war, and it should have been, and still should be, a defensive war against Israel, to stripe it of WMDs, exposes its Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes. The Members of Congress who vote for the AIPEC dictates are unfit not only to hold public office. They should be removed from office and prosecuted along with those involved in the White House, State Department, and Pentagon.

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | June 8, 2012 | Reply

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