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Sanctions not slowing Iran N-program by ‘one millimeter’: Netanyahu

Prime Minister of the Israeli Regime Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of the Israeli Regime Benjamin Netanyahu
Press TV – June 6, 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blasted Western countries for failing to halt Iran’s nuclear energy program, insisting that the US-led sanctions have not slowed down the Iranian nuclear activities “by one millimeter.”

“The Iranian nuclear program has not slowed down by one millimeter despite all the pressures that were applied to it; nothing,” Netanyahu said in an exclusive interview with the German Bild newspaper on Tuesday.

The Israeli premiere also complained, “The Iranians were only asked to stop 20 percent enrichment of uranium; that doesn’t stop their nuclear program in any way. It actually allows them to continue their nuclear program. ”

A day before the latest round of talks on May 23 in Baghdad, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the world powers in the P5+1 group to “show determination, not weakness” and take a tougher stance on Iran.

“They do not need to make concessions to Iran. They need to set clear and unequivocal demands before it,” Netanyahu said.

The angry remarks by the Israeli prime minister comes amid reports that the Israeli regime has purchased from Germany new Dolphin submarines capable of being armed with nuclear warheads, enabling the regime to float its suspected nuclear warheads around the Middle East region.

The Tel Aviv regime is widely believed to possess hundreds of nuclear warheads. Israel neither denies nor confirms its possession of the atomic arms under its policy of nuclear ambiguity. The regime, furthermore, has never allowed any international inspection of its nuclear sites and persistently refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Netanyahu also claimed that “atomic TNT” is prepared by enriching uranium at a low percentage, demanding that Iran’s entire nuclear energy program be shut down.

Iranian officials, however, have repeatedly cited documented NPT regulations to insist that as a signatory to the treaty, Iran is fully entitled to engage in uranium enrichment for peaceful objectives. Moreover, the Islamic Republic has rejected the accusations of seeking to build nuclear weapons, calling for the total elimination of all nuclear armaments across the globe. … Full article

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  1. Hmmm

    What he meant was that those Dang Iranians continue to obey both the letter and the spirit of International laws and treaties and he is getting sick and tired of hearing it. What he wants is the same blind obedience to israel’s imperialism, barbarism, terrorism and genocide that he gets from Congress from the rest of the world.


    Comment by DDearborn | June 7, 2012

  2. Bibi, bubbula; how do you slow down something that is not moving at all? Better we should slow down your mouth!


    Comment by Bonnie | June 7, 2012

  3. So attack, Boobi. Put up or shut up.


    Comment by Bill Lee | June 7, 2012

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