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China and Afghanistan agree to increase military cooperation

Al Akhbar | July 27, 2012

China and Afghanistan agreed a deal on Friday to reinforce military cooperation between the two countries.

Beijing said it would continue to support Kabul both militarily and through aid out of respect for its sovereignty and independence.

Chinese News Agency Xinhua reported that Guo Boxyong, the vice president of the Central Military Commission for the Communist Party of China, held a meeting on Friday with Afghan defense minister Abdul Rahim Wardak in Beijing.

After the meeting Guo called for the strengthening of both countries’ armies, their strategic relations, and an active reinforcement of cooperation between the two nations.

Guo said, “both countries have seen remarkable results in cooperation in recent years,” adding that that military relations have been continuously increased.

The Chinese official commended Afghanistan for its support to China on issues related to its core interests, adding that Beijing constantly supported and actively participated in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

China invited the national community to respect the will of the Afghan people. He declared China’s continued assistance to the country on the basis of respect, its independence, its sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

The Afghan minister thanked China for the aid given to his country, adding that maintaining healthy bilateral relations is conducive to protecting security and regional stability.

(Al-Akhbar, UPI)

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