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Attack Israel, Not Iran!

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph | The Ugly Truth | August 12, 2012

Last time Iran invaded a country was 216 years ago when the Persian shah, Agha Mohammad Khan, invaded the nation of Georgia. That’s still a great track record, especially compared to other nations.

Israel has repeatedly attacked and invaded numerous counties, and continues to this day to illegally occupy land from three neighboring nations.

Iran has not illegally developed nuclear weapons, whereas Israel has developed an illegal secret nuclear weapons program that has produced hundreds of nuclear warheads.

Iran has signed the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel has refused to sign it.

Iran’s spies have not been caught stealing nuclear secrets from the US. Israel’s spies have been repeatedly caught doing this, and Israel’s current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been implicated in smuggling US nuclear triggers into Israel.

Israel is reported to possess up to 300 nuclear missiles aimed at Arab and European capitals. Some can even hit US cities.Iran has no such weapons and has repeatedly said it does not wish to have them, this being in contravention of basic Islamic principles.

Iran has not sold US weapons and secret weapons technology to a US adversary. Israel has been selling US weapons and secret weapons technology to China for decades. Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard sold vitally important American secrets to the Soviet Union, as did the Rosenbergs.

Iran hasn’t been guilty of getting hundreds of thousands of US troops killed or maimed in expensive wars for Iran. Israel has repeatedly pushed the US into costly wars for Israel, expecting American citizens to fight and die for cowardly Israelis.

Israel has repeatedly been engaged in kidnapping of foreign nationals from other countries and smuggling them into Israel.No record of Iran ever having engaged in such a crime.

Israeli air and sea forces attacked the USS Liberty in international waters off the coast of Egypt for two hours on June 8, 1967. This took place on midsummer day with raised American flags and large English letters painted on the ship. 34 sailors were killed and 174 injured.

Last May, the Iranian Navy foiled an attempted pirate attack on a US cargo ship in the Gulf of Oman. The Iranian warship arrived following a distress call from the ship. The pirates fled upon the arrival of the Iranian Naval ship.

Israel has for the last five years imposed an illegal and inhumane siege over 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza, causing unnecessary death, pain, and suffering. In contrast, Iran has sent aid and provided comfort to the besieged Palestinians — the very same thing America did to the Germans during the Berlin Airlift.

One could go on and on forever.

However, as a USMC veteran and activist, Dave Evans, succinctly pointed out: “Anyone who had not sworn an oath for peace could reasonably conclude that the US should be threatening to attack Israel, not Iran!”

It’s about time Americans did something to prove they were the Masters, not the Slaves.

The capital of America is Washington, not Tel Aviv.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph, retired USAF veteran, can be reached at

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  1. Concise and true.

    Furthermore the future for Americans would be much better without the bloated blood sucking parasite calling itself Israel, where no actual Israelites live.


    Comment by Anthony Clifton | August 13, 2012

  2. A good article that should be read in every school classroom in America!


    Comment by Jay Colbe | August 13, 2012

  3. Yup.


    Comment by Howard T. Lewis III | August 13, 2012

  4. yes, I agree. Israel is a threat, treating life as a game that the entity makes the rules & then changes those rules when it suits them. Israel should be curbed, tired of cleaning up after brutal racists.


    Comment by ruby22-kate | August 13, 2012

  5. No mention of Israel involvement in 9/11? What about the 5 dancing Israelis watching and celebrating the World Trade Center buildings aflame busted on 9/11, who admitted they were there to film it. Proving prior knowledge of this supposedly tightly held conspiracy. What about Larry Silverstein stating that he got weekly phone calls from PM Netanyahu during the year leading up to the psychological warfare extravaganza. And then there were the 40 Israeli Mossad agents arrested by the the FBI as suspects, but released by then Deputy Attorney General Michael Chertoff and sent back to Israel. They all escaped justice, including the dual US-Israeli citizens in the George Bush Jr administration who were certainly not whistle-blowers; on the contrary, they were co-conspirators with White House, Pentagon, and Secret Service officials, who were in key positions and others more than conspicuously absent in the hour of national need then or since.

    It was also a war crime, for it was crafted to unleash the US imperial war machine, to follow the blueprint written by Sir Halford MacKinder on how an imperial combination of Western Europe and North America could control the ‘Heartland’ and rule the world. Zbigknew Brzezinski, Obama’s handler on geopolitical conquest of Russia, who wrote a book updating the plot in his ‘The Grand Chessboard’:

    There are seriously reason to suspect Israel in the assassination of the President John Kennedy in 1963 and his brother, Robert Kennedy in 1968, and I do!

    The bottomline is this! Israel must be accused, cut-off of all aid, trade, and dual-citizenship’s revoked. It does not make any difference who has been head of state or party in power, either in Israel or the United States, for that matter. We are dealing with in transnational criminal cabal of war criminals, banksters and gangsters.

    There is no justice and no peace; the Palestinians know it, and we should be identifying with the Palestinians as mutual victims of Israel and its aider and abettor, the US Government that is unconstitutional and therefore, illegal in essence, and criminal in action, tyranny by assassination and terrorism by 9/11 and perhaps another due to be perpetrated this year, which is being rehearsed while the world watched the Olympics and the news is otherwise campaign clatter that doesn’t matter!


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 13, 2012

    • i’ll say it again. Correct.

      Most people do not realize that Silverstein had backers who actually came up with $150 million of the WTC purchase price. Their cooperation was also the major part of the crimes committed that day and later. They were absolutely necessary to pull off the destruction, embezzlements and thefts. All contracts describing the preset demolition system installed during construction, except a few unknown sets, have been ‘disappeared’.


      Comment by Howard T. Lewis III | August 13, 2012

  6. 2000 % support for this article. The world waits to see this evil nation along with its attack dogs america and england pay for their war crimes


    Comment by dawningspirituality | August 16, 2012

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