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Two-Thirds of Planet Backs Iran Against “West”

 A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford | September 4, 2012

The United States and its European allies – the old imperialists and the new – tell their countries’ populations that Iran is isolated in the world, and will have to get rid of its nuclear energy infrastructure in order to be allowed back into what they call “the community of nations.” Among the power groupies that call themselves journalists in the West, Iran is routinely referred to as a “pariah” nation, lurking at the very edge of civilization and sanity. The United States, by this reasoning, is showing great wisdom and forbearance, for not having already unleashed its carrier task forces, Marine divisions, Special Forces commandos, and swarms of drones on the crazed Iranians. Instead, the U.S., in it infinite goodness, enforces a strangling economic and oil embargo, to make the Iranian nation scream.

The Iranians are lucky, Americans and Europeans are told, that the U.S. holds back its friends in Israel, who are eager to give the ayatollah’s in Tehran a lesson in how to behave. But, whatever happens at the end of this game to force Iran to give up its lawful right to own and operate the full industrial cycle of nuclear power, western audiences are assured that the “international community” will approve. After all, Iran is a global outcast. CNN and the New York Times tell us so every day.

Last week, the 120 nations of the Nonaligned Movement voted unanimously and without qualification in support of Iran’s right to produce nuclear energy, and to enrich their own uranium in the process. The Nonaligned Movement makes up about two-thirds of all the nations of the world. As a solid block of humanity, they rejected the dictates of Washington and London and Paris – the imperial powers that for centuries enslaved most of the planet – endorsing the fundamental principle that Iran has the same sovereign rights as any other nation.

Who, then, is isolated in the world – Iran, whose position is backed by two-thirds of the world’s countries, or the U.S. and Europe?

Clearly, the Americans and Europeans still believe that the only world opinion that counts, is the white world. The arrogance of the colonizer and imperialist is infinite, but their power is not – not any longer. The Nonaligned Movement vote is a global referendum, not on Iran’s lawful pursuit of its internal development policies, but on U.S. imperial bullying and criminality. Because, if Iran is within its rights, then the U.S. and the European Union are in the wrong in waging economic war, and threatening military assault, against Iran. Someone is committing a crime, and its not Iran. Two-thirds of the world says so.

The vote is all the more remarkable because the Americans and Europeans, and even the Israelis, exercise great influence over the affairs of much of what used to be called the Third World. Yet still, the former colonies and subjugated nations of the Nonaligned Movement voted unanimously, and on principle, rather than kowtow to power.

There is a lesson here. The Empire remains militarily strong and capable of great crimes. But it has lost much of its powers of coercion – without which, Empire must ultimately cease to exist.

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  1. It’s time we began referring to the US and its NATO allies as Oceania, a la 1984. It makes so much more sense that way. Since many of us live inside the propaganda mechanism of Oceania, we don’t really get a clear view of what world sentiment is like. The other superpowers: Eurasia and East Asia do indeed wish to resist Oceania’s imperialistic agenda. Putting world events in this context cuts through the fog of propaganda, allowing us all to see more clearly the insane avarice of the world’s leaders.


    Comment by Bodie | September 5, 2012

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  3. Glen. Look those stupid schmucks in our free shitocracy are victim of their own holywood shitty propaganda! They are having wet dreams about Iran!


    Comment by It is I only | September 5, 2012

  4. Leave Iran alone! They have done nothing to this world..they have signed off a nuclear peace treaty with the U.N. and the US is violating the treaty by simply provoking Iran that it claims to be making nuclear weapons for its own benefits. What really should be wiped off the Map is Zionism, and the US imperialist must have their nuclear weapons removed…look back at history and tell us how many nuclear weapon have the U.S launched on countries including its Western borders? more than 1000 nukes! that’s more than any other country who have launched nuclear weapons in the world…


    Comment by Truth_Whistler | September 5, 2012

  5. a very good article, thanks ;)


    Comment by Janet Hucksey | September 6, 2012

  6. If the media reported honestly it would be known that many in the west think attacking Iran is totally wrong!


    Comment by annie | September 6, 2012

  7. The US is yet to realize how it has been manipulated by France and Britain. That’s why the state of Israel was formed, to control the resources of the Middle East and because of the US military strength at the time, she was allowed into the cabal. The US has maintained that position as the bouncer for these countries and in that role developed a fantasy to acquire her own colonies. Albeit, using the model of the former colonizers. However, the world has changed and the US immobilized her own revolutionary process which has lead to its present social and economic condition today.


    Comment by Ribeekah Grant | September 6, 2012

    • The existence of the Jewish state has done more harm to Western influence in the Middle East than any other act.

      If the US needed to control the production fields of M.E. oil the smartest thing to do would be to abandon “Israel”.

      But, of course, the US has no need to control the production fields because they are more than happy controlling global trade in oil from New York and London.


      Comment by aletho | September 6, 2012

  8. More Good News, at least for the “Peace Loving” people of the world.


    Comment by Jay Colbe | September 6, 2012

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  10. Anti Semites. The non aligned vote was only to allow nuclear energy. The majority of the world and the non aligned countries are against Iran getting nuclear WEAPONS. And the majority of the world support stopping Iran getting Nuclear WEAPONS no matter what is necessary to stop it. Only other psycho countries which want to wipe Israel off the map, or even would like to wipe America and the western world off the map, would wish Iran to get Nuclear WEAPONS after it vowed to wipe Israel from existence – i.e. genocide and extermination of all israelis and the existence of the country.
    Any of you who support Iran having Nuclear WEAPONS are just people with hatred bigger than your sanity (which is missing) about a psychotically ruled nation, having Nuclear WEAPONS which has already vowed it’s intention to use them against another country, while all other countries in the world who have Nuclear weapons will not use them and avoid using them ever since having them.
    Yes Nuclear WEAPONS can kill millions and all countries which deserve any respect or support today refuse to use Nuclear weapons anytime since the last 60 years. Iran WOULD BE A RISK TO THE WORLD OF USING NUCLEAR WEAPONS.
    DId you get over your hatred enough yet? Or is your wish of the world just to exterminate all Jews and the entire Israeli population and existence of the country from the world?

    You commenters on this page and the article writer, are no better than terrorists if you support a terrorist hatred spewing genocide wishing regime, to have nuclear WEAPONS.

    No-one who is a GOOD PERSON supports the USE of Nuclear WEAPONS today, even though other BENEVOLENT countries possess them.

    They do not USE them!

    Iran is ruled by MALEVOLENT rulers, and would USE Nuclear WEAPONS in hatred and without limits or respect for human life or geneva conventions of war.


    Comment by . | September 10, 2012

    • “a psychotically ruled nation, having Nuclear WEAPONS”

      Such as the Sampson myth nutcases in Tel Aviv perhaps?

      Or maybe the Jewish dominated US, the only nation to have actually used nukes?


      Comment by aletho | September 10, 2012

  11. 10 – Please provide evidence for your assertions. Israel has nuclear weapons and some influential people in Israel have talked about the Samson option. When has Iran said it would use nuclear weapons on Israel?


    Comment by separate tables | February 24, 2013

    • Actually, only ONE nonofficial person in Israel has talked about the so called “Samson Option”…

      As for Iran, they hold regular protests where they chant “Death To Israel”… They talk about Israel being a “cancer” that needs to be “excised”… Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani (a former President of Iran) explicitly said he wasn’t concerned about fallout from an attack on Israel… He also argued that contrary to the old aphorism that you can’t win a nuclear war… He argued that Iran could achieve victory… He said that “Israel is much smaller than Iran in land mass, and therefore far more vulnerable to nuclear attack”… Basically he believes that since Iran has 70 million people and a much bigger land mass and Israel only has seven million and a tiny land mass, Iran could survive an exchange of nuclear bombs while Israel would be annihilated…


      Comment by ScubaMan | February 25, 2013

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