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US vows to back French military intervention in former colony Mali

Press TV – January 12, 2013

The US is looking into supporting French military intervention in its former African colony of Mali, by offering to provide “surveillance drones” as it has already declared its backing of moves against Malian militants.

US commanders were further considering other options such as “providing intelligence and aerial refueling tankers” as well as “logistical backup and boosting intelligence sharing,” involving its surveillance drones, AFP reported Friday, quoting an unnamed US official that spoke on condition of anonymity.

The report also quotes its anonymous source as saying that senior American officials held talks with their French counterparts as well as authorities from other European allies in Paris on “an action plan” against militants controlling a northern portion of the Muslim country.

The US military holds a network of major air bases in Italy, Spain and other western European countries and could back the French military intervention by providing it with refueling tankers and other logistical assistance.

Paris-backed Malian government forces, the report says, began a military offensive against militants that have seized control of the north of the West African states with aerial support from French war planes.

French President Francois Hollande has confirmed his country’s military intervention against what he has described as ‘al-Qaeda-linked radicals’ in Mali.

Previously, the US had raised alarms about the militants in Mali, blaming them for involvement in an attack against the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya that led to the killing of its ambassador and three CIA operatives in the neighboring country.

The US National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor is also cited in the report as vowing support for French objectives in the West African country.

“We have noted that the government of Mali has asked for support, and we share the French goal of denying terrorists a safe haven in the region,” he is quoted as saying in the report.

Hollande, meanwhile, has insisted that France’s military intervention in Mali would continue “for as long as is necessary.”

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  1. US Imperialism would not know any bounds if it were not for its defeats in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba. And look at the American victories over Panama, Grenada, and just maybe, the mighty wrong and wicked America will embarrass the good people of America, as always!

    Equally disgusting is the lack of adamant opposition to the unlawful wars of aggression and illegal occupation that exist within countries of millions of people are labeled and leveled from afar by liars, murderers, war criminals, gangsters across the board!

    The troops will carry out their unlawful orders in the worst of US military tradition, looking for promotion in body counts, which they will claim not to have as in Iraq, which is estimated to be 3 million, 300 thousand people killed by the US military invasion and continued occupation; all illegal.

    The troops need to face the reality of what they are doing, for whom they are doing it. And the facts behind the whys! Motive, operatives, parallels in perspective. That has to be the public narrative, a three-minute summation of the situation and that on all of them.

    It was 10 years ago when Somalia shoot down a US black-hawk helicopter, footage of which was proof enough that the US did not hold all the cards, after all is said and done! Thus may it be in Mali too.:

    Pro-war propaganda

    Since September 11, Bush administration officials have held meetings with Hollywood representatives regarding the content of the movies and other material they produce. In an October 17, 2001, meeting, Hollywood heads “committed themselves to new initiatives in support of the war on terrorism.”

    “Black Hawk Down” is just one of those movies, made hand-in-hand with the Pentagon. Weeks before the release of “Black Hawk Down,” the Motion Picture Association of America held a private screening for senior White House advisers, and allowed them to make changes. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Oliver North, among others, attended the movie’s Washington DC premiere.

    Hollywood spends hundreds of millions of dollars on pro-war, racist films like these – $90 million on “Black Hawk Down” alone ‘while millions of people in New York and around the country are facing layoffs, evictions, cuts in health care, attacks on their pensions and more.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | January 12, 2013

  2. CORRECTION: It was 20 years ago that Somalia defeated the US invaders off. Syria is still standing, withstanding, hell on earth. The US watches with Israelis in delight, laughter perhaps, without any sense of guilty, only fear of failure.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | January 12, 2013

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