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Israel may rely on US ‘scalpels’ to contain Iran – defense minister

RT | January 27, 2013

Instead of going to a full-scale war with Iran over its nuclear program Israel may be satisfied with a US-led operation, says Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Previously Tel Aviv was determined to resolve the issue on its own, if the US refuses to help.

Apparently after the Knesset election this month left the Netanyahu cabinet weakened, Israeli hawks are toning down their war drumming rhetoric. In an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Barak said the Pentagon had prepared a surgical operation that can be used as a last-ditch measure to slow Iranian progress.

“I used to tell them [American friends], you know, when we are talking about surgical operations we think of a scalpel, you think of a chisel with a 10-pound hammer,” Barak joked as cited by The Daily Beast. But that’s not the case with the plan, he noted. “The Pentagon prepared quite sophisticated, fine, extremely fine, scalpels. So it is not an issue of a major war or a failure to block Iran. You could under a certain situation, if worse comes to worst, end up with a surgical operation.”

Such an operation “will delay [the Iranians] by a significant time frame and probably convince them that it won’t work because the world is determined to block them,” Barak said.

“We of course prefer that some morning we wake up and see that the Arab Spring was translated into Farsi and jumped over the Gulf to the streets of Tehran, but you cannot build a plan on it,” he added.

Israel’s right-wing government under PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been trumpeting war drums for months, saying it is prepared to do anything to stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon and would launch an attack before its own window of opportunity closes. It called on its American allies to draw a red line after which a military action should follow. The pressure antagonized the Barack Obama administration, which refused to sign up for a new major conflict and called for non-military effort.

Tel-Aviv, Washington and some other countries believe that Iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon under the guise of its nuclear program. They want Tehran to shut down uranium enrichment facilities. Iran insists that it pursues strictly civilian goals with its nuclear industry, including production of fuel for nuclear reactors and radioactive isotopes for medical and research applications.

In a move aimed at dispersing international fears Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a religious decree banning nuclear weapons last year. The decree is binding for the Iranian government, Tehran stressed earlier this month ahead of a new round of international talks on the issue.

Earlier the US and Israel reportedly launched several clandestine operations against the Iranian nuclear program. Those include infecting Iranian industrial computer networks at enrichment facilities with a sophisticated virus, which damaged the sensitive equipment. There have also been several assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, which Tehran says were orchestrated by Israel.

The US also championed a set of strict economic sanctions against Iran, which crippled its oil exports.

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  1. This is exactly what happened to Sadam Hussein and the Iraqi people. The US knew the weapons that they had given to Sadam to fight the Iranian people and needed to make sure that he was totally disarmed. Hence they kept up the music of weapons of mass destruction that proved to be untrue that they knew all along was non-existent. However, the Iraqi economy was destroyed and the US oil companies and building contractors gained lucrative contracts for the rebuilding of Iraq. In the case of Iran, Israel in its quest for hegemonic control of the region wants to make sure that the Iranian people are totally defenseless so that Israel can destroy Iran. Hence, despite the assurances of the Iranian spiritual leader with regard to nuclear weapons, that is not good enough for Israel because of the uncertainty of any kind of defense capability that Iran may have against Israel. It’s in Israel’s interest and that of its dual citizenship advocates in the US to keep up the chant of nuclear weapons on Iran. It is instructive to note the silence of the UN since Israel’s behavior of constant threat against the Iranian people is a clear violation of their human rights to security. In addition, Israel’s reluctance to negotiate to make the Middle East a nuclear free zone which would put an end to their hysteria of nuclear weapons is quite telling about their intent in the region.


    Comment by Ribeekah | January 28, 2013

    • Actually, Halliburton et al were opposed to the Zionist imposed sanctions against Iraq in the 90s because Saddam Hussein wished to do business with them.

      In the aftermath of the occupation the opportunities furnished to them were much diminished and mostly taken up by Chinese and Iranian firms. In sum, the invasion had cost them dearly.


      Comment by aletho | January 28, 2013

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