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North Carolina police shoot dead unarmed car crash victim

RT | September 15, 2013

A North Carolina policeman has been detained after shooting dead an unarmed African-American man, who was trying to get help following a car crash.

On Saturday morning, three police officers in Charlotte, NC responded to a 911 call from a woman, who said that an unknown male was knocking on the door of her house, the local media reports.

When the patrol arrived at the scene, the man – later identified as Jonathan Farrell, 24 – rushed at the officers, making them believe that he may be dangerous.

The policemen tried to neutralize the suspect with a tazer, but when it didn’t work out, one of them used his gun, firing several shots.

Farrell died of his wounds on site. The body search revealed that he had no weapon on him.

Several hours later a wrecked car belonging to the deceased man was discovered at a nearby embankment.

The crash was serious as Farrell had to climb out of the back window of the vehicle, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief, Rodney Monroe, said.

Monroe stressed at a news conference that he didn’t think that the victim was trying to rob the woman, who called the police.

“I don’t believe threats were made,” the law enforcement chief is cited as saying by AP.

The investigators suggest that Farrell, who used to be a football player at Florida A&M University, may have been involved in an accident and was knocking on a nearby houses in order to get help.

Officer Randall Kerrick, 24, was arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter for shooting the unarmed victim.

Kerrick, who has been with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police since April 2011, is “pretty shook up” and “devastated” by what has happened, Monroe added.

The two other policemen on the scene have been placed on paid administrative leave until the investigation of the tragic incident concludes.

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  1. I think we can make the following conclusions safely:

    a. the policeman was trigger-happy!

    b. the woman was anti-help, and is as guilty to the killing! Why calling the police that someone is knocking on your door and thus imply that you are robbed?

    c. the weapon-instruction are wrong… probably “First Shoot, and when not killed ask what is the matter”

    d. there must be a complete overall check of mental state of all police officers, to see what their attitude is, how cowardly they in fact are, and what they do when someone approaches them! In real-time practices!

    e. the killer police-officer should be put on trial for murder, and the 2 others for aiding and abetting to murder!
    Why did the 2 not stop their colleague when he pulled his gun? Why did all 3 not stop when the tazer didn’t work? Why assume foul play from the instant?

    f. the police department, the city-government and the state should be drained for compensation, this was outright murder of someone in distress!

    My opinion!


    Comment by masteradrian | September 16, 2013

  2. Also salient is opening line in this tragic report.: ‘… policeman… shooting dead an unarmed African-American man……’

    Are all three of policeman, white? The police-chief too? And the woman who called too?

    It was a presumption of guilt, fear based paranoia, a prejudice that goes unspoken, but punctuated by bullets. How many policemen are former combat vets who may have reacted as brashly in Iraq, Afghanistan, and could on a college campus?

    This is a top-down problem to solve, it has to consider exactly such a scenario, a black man in-distress, and an apparent lick of verbal commands to stop or put your hands up; something other than just open fire at will. That failure killed, ‘… Jonathan Farrell, 24…’

    If he was white, would he be alive? That is the question in my mind. The answer is, yes!

    I my life, I have had 10 guns aimed at my head, all by policeman. I am alive because I am white and lucky. I was not arrested in any of these incidents.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | September 21, 2013

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