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PLO says US to allocate $440 million to PA in 2014

Ma’an – 01/01/2014

BETHLEHEM – The United States is set to increase financial aid to the Palestinian Authority in 2014, the PLO ambassador to Washington said Tuesday.

Maen Erekat told Ma’an that the US Congress agreed to allocate $440 million of financial aid to the Palestinian Authority in 2014. He highlighted that in 2013, US aid was $426 million, $495 million in 2012 and $545 million in 2011.

In 2014, most of the financial aid will be developmental projects through the US aid agency USAID. Only $70 million is expected to be paid directly to the PA’s treasury, he highlighted.

The ambassador noted that “despite the endorsement, financial aid to the PA will be affected by progress of the peace process in Palestine.”

The Palestinian leadership, says Erekat, has asked the US to reestablish a joint Palestinian-American committee which was active in 1990s to discuss political, economical and tourism issues among others.

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  1. Possibly the beginning process to correcting a 2000 year wrong …
    In 1948, during what Palestinians call the Nakba, over 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes and country through direct physical expulsion, ethnic cleansing or psychological warfare, leaving only one third of the original inhabitants in historic Palestine. Even the indigenous Palestinians who remained during the period of 1947-49 became internally displaced refugees in the newly created state of Israel, due to laws passed by the Israeli government that transferred land to the state by declaring it a military zone and did not allow for Palestinians to return to their original homes. Until today, these internally displaced refugees have no right to return to their original land, towns or villages and presently account for more than 355,000 refugees inside Israel.
    Before 1948,


    Comment by Faye Brown | January 1, 2014 | Reply

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