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Anti-Arab brainwashing by the US media

By Paul J. Balles | August 8, 2009

More insidious than the wars with tanks and guns, aircraft and bombs, missiles and guidance systems, shock and awe campaigns. The wickedest wars are the wars for people’s minds – the propaganda campaigns that exercise thought control…

Western brainwashing comes from the media. Readers, listeners and viewers need to be aware of these propaganda sources. About the media in general, Steven Salaita correctly observed:

The flippancy with which US media apply the word “terrorism” to Arab populations reinforces the notion that violence in the Arab world is ahistorical and therefore senseless. Arabs in turn become a people without narratives who belong to a culture incapable of rationality.

Steve Emerson has a website and blog with as much anti-Arab ranting on it as any bigot might produce. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has implied that all Arabs are potential terrorists and therefore worthy of slaughter. American Israeli Caroline Glick, Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post, writes two weekly syndicated columns preaching hard-line Israeli propaganda.

InThe Progressive, Ruth Conniff validated the false but widespread notion that while violence exists among both Arabs and Israelis, terrorism is exclusive to the Arabs. When Arabs fight against Israelis, the Arabs are guilty of “terrorist violence” but the Israelis are engaging in “military reprisals”.

On anti-Arab radio you hear things like “Arabs love dictators” and “Obama is an Arab,” as if being an Arab disqualifies one from humanity. If they aren’t referring to Arabs as “camel jockeys” or “rag heads”, they’re calling them as Islamo-fascists. Along with O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck give Fox news stable of anti-Arab propagandists.

Hollywood films have been vilifying Arabs for decades. Jack Shaheen revealed, in The TV Arab, how television stereotypes Arabs as “billionaires, bombers and belly dancers”.

Even as a youngster, Shaheen was disturbed by the Arab stereotypes in children’s cartoon characters.

In Shaheen’s Reel Bad Arabs, a long line of degrading images – from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheiks and gun-wielding “terrorists” – have vilified Arabs since the days of silent films.

In his research, Shaheen identified more than 1150 films that defile Arabs. His newest book, Guilty: Hollywood’s Verdict on Arabs after 9/11, reveals how the film industry continues to shape American understanding of Arabs and Arab culture.

Muslim scholar Ziauddin Sardar made it clear that anti-Islamic brainwashing is not new: “From the days of Voltaire right up to 1980, thanks largely to the efforts of Enlightenment scholars, it was a general Western axiom that Islam had produced nothing of worth in philosophy, science and learning.”

That the propaganda has reached the masses should be clear from some of the slurs on the internet, examples of which are displayed here:


It wasn’t enough to curse Arabs. He had to shout it, writing his message in uppercase letters, revealing how effective anti-Arab propaganda has been in America.

Those who control the media control the mental attitudes of the population; Americans have been programmed to hate Arabs and Muslims and to love Israelis. How could compassionate Americans be nonchalant about their slaughter of a million Arabs in Iraq, even though they know that it was all based on lies? Decades of propaganda and brainwashing.

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  1. I agree to the article.
    When the Dancing Israelis were caught on 911, dancing, thumbs upping front of camera for the burning Twin Towers, none of those video and photos were released by authority and played by the Zionist Media.

    The Satanic Media turned on Palestinians video which was recorded before 911 and played over and over to Americans by the Zionist Media on 9/11 days to show the American public that Arabs/Muslim are showing their happiness over the chaotic day and dead and destruction of America.

    Just as the Zionist killed our own American in America and blamed the chaos on Arabs or Muslim, since 2001, I worked for two Tax-pampered employers, one in Orange County California and another one in Houston Texas. Both committed the act of sabotage to their IT equipment and Rail Equipment. Blame their Sabotage on a Muslim to inject the hatred into public towards a Muslim or in my case, to employees around.

    It won’t be very early to predict that when Obama leaves the Office, the bad economy, the impotency and weak symptom of America will be blamed on Muslim. I am sure the Zionist Media will blame Muslim countries for Dragging America into wars even though, the Zionist state of Israel ordering Obama to get involved in Iran. I am sure Muslim will be blamed for any weakness that America portray in the future and this will be all done by the corporate media even though the Muslim countries have paid dearly by blood while ordinary Americans paying by their money.

    The only winners are the Military Industrial Complex, The Zionist State of Israel and Corporate Media in between that beat the drums of wars and the corrupt individuals and dual (Israeli/American) citizens that work in our government entities.


    Comment by Maximum | March 23, 2014

  2. Mr. Balles, you are a propagandist.
    You should be aware that Mr. Goebbels was referring to the Jews’
    lies hurled at Germany, told over and over again in their hatred of
    Germany.. In 1933, Jewry declared war on Germany just like they
    have on Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine..


    Comment by Frank | March 23, 2014

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