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Putin: Kiev authorities are junta if they use force against civilians

RT | April 24, 2014

If Kiev authorities have started to use force against the civilian population, this is a serious crime, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. Taking this action makes them a “junta” and may affect their relations with other countries, he added.

“If the Kiev regime started military actions against the country’s population, this is without doubt a very serious crime,” Putin said at an All-Russia People’s Front media forum.

According to Putin, the current situation in East Ukraine is another proof that Russia was right when it supported Crimeans, when they decided to have a referendum.

“[Otherwise] it would have seen there the same things which are now happening in the east of Ukraine, or even worse,” he said. “That’s one more proof to the fact we did it all right and in time.”

Putin believes that the use of force by the coup-imposed government in Kiev means that it’s actually a junta.

“If current authorities in Kiev have done this [used force], then they are junta,” the president said. “For one thing, they don’t have nation-wide mandate. They might have some elements of legitimacy, but only within the framework of the parliament. The rest of the government bodies are for various reasons illegitimate.”

Vladimir Putin described the use of force in eastern Ukraine as a “reprisal raid” and said that it would have an impact on Russian-Ukrainian relations.

Earlier in the day, fighting erupted just outside Slavyansk, a town in eastern Ukraine where the population voiced their protest against the Kiev authorities. Ukrainian troops in tanks and armored vehicles have been trying to break into the town.

According to the Ukrainian Interior ministry, at least five self-defense guards have been killed and one policeman injured after the “anti-terrorist operation” launched by Kiev in the town. Three checkpoints erected by the anti-government protesters have also been destroyed.

Self-defense forces managed to repel an attack at one checkpoint 3 kilometers north of Slavyansk, forcing at least three infantry vehicles to retreat, Russia-24 TV reports.

On Wednesday, authorities in Kiev announced they were resuming a military operation against protesters in eastern Ukraine, which they described as an “anti-terrorist” one.

Protesters believe the move was contrary to the agreement on de-escalation reached in Geneva.

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  1. President Putin should acknowledge that people speaking Russian are not always Russian, and that the people living in the eastern part of the Ukraine definitely are NOT Russian citizens!
    When President Putin stands up for Russian speaking people, then he should look at the Russian speaking people in for instance Israel, the majority of the individuals living in Israel and who are speaking Russian, who in fact are originating from Russia, are living in serious and deep poverty, lack the right to involve themselves with for instance politics, I wonder if President Putin would consider sending troops for exercise to the borders of Israel….. to when needed to invade Israel to protect the rights of the there living Russian speaking people…..

    Mister Putin should finally accept that were it concerns the Ukraine, the government ruling there may be not the choice of mister Putin, but it is the government of a sovereign country!
    If he is so concerned about governments that he considers to be fascist or undemocratically elected, he should look at the regime of Assad, a government he supports, regardless of the suffering of the Syrian people under the fascist ruling of Assad!

    Mister Putin should accept the Geneva accords, and carry them out, and not change the rules while playing!
    Changing the rules while playing the game is not accepted by the other players, and the consequences for the one attempting to change the rules can be more severe then expected…. export of gas fills the register of Russia, and when the flow of money is stopped because there is no gas being sold anymore……… the people of Russia might get into a revolt against its leader!

    But then, mister Putin can then use the old camps of stalin in Siberia again….. I am convinced that already the FSB is active noting down names of those who somewhere across Russia are softly speaking out against the close2facism reaching actions by mister Putin!


    Comment by masteradrian | April 24, 2014 | Reply

    • One way to look at what happened when the Ukraine SSR border was established in the 1920s by Lenin is that he engaged in gerrymandering by including lots of Russians. The southern and eastern portions of present day Ukraine were known as “New Russia” under the tzars. The area had been seized from the Ottoman empire in the 1790s, partially ethnically cleansed of Turkic and Tatar pastoralists and settled by Russian, Swedish and German wheat farmers. Also, especially in Odessa, sizable Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian and Baltic-Jewish minorities settled during the same era in which western and northern Europeans were settling in the US. A number of Ukrainian serfs worked on some Russian princely estates.

      One must keep in mind that China and Japan will gladly purchase Russia’s oil and gas.


      Comment by aletho | April 24, 2014 | Reply

      • Thank you wholeheartedly for the history lesson, appreciated!
        As to China and Japan being willing to buy Russian oil and gas…… I guess that with both economically being in a downfall pressure by ao UN and EU could make that willingness less, but even then, when Russia is locked out of treaties and existing treaties are possibly blocked to be carried out due to boycotts and or blockades, Russia and its people will be feeling it (if things would be coming that far of course! Lets hope not!)


        Comment by masteradrian | April 25, 2014 | Reply

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