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Emmanuel Eisenberg explains his right to disregard international law and destroy private property

Excavations continue on Abu Haikel Land

CPTnet | May 19, 2014

AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) – The Israeli Antiquity Authority (IAA) continues to expropriate Palestinian land in Hebron, on the Tel Rumeida hillside.  On Sunday 18 May 2014, the IAA workforce, under the instruction of project coordinator Emmanuel Eisenberg, continued to cause structural damaged to the Abu Haikel land, deploying questionable and illegal archeological practices, while at the same time utilizing the Al Jobeh family’s land without the family’s consent.

The excavations are illegal under Israeli law, according to the Oslo Agreement, which Israel signed in the mid-90s— a process jointly agreed upon by Israel and Palestine as a vehicle to peace and stability.  Article 2 of the Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement describes in detail how Israeli and Palestinians would jointly administer archeological projects in Palestinian territory.  The IAA has not abided by this agreement in Tel Rumeida.

As previously reported, the IAA had verbally agreed to halt the archeological excavations on the land bordering the Abu Haikel plot until the borders of the property were properly demarcated.  Despite the agreement, the IAA illegal activities continued onto the Abu Haikel’s property, eventually undermining a retaining wall, causing it to collapse and exposing the roots of a centuries-old olive tree to the elements.  These breaches were not the first damage to the Abu Haikel land as a result of the excavations.

The disregard of both international law and Israeli law, combined with verbal and physical assaults of the families living on Tel Rumeida is not an isolated incident, but rather constitute a colonial methodology by the Jewish settler enterprise in Israel.  These tactics were the same political instruments that led to the establishment and expansion of the Israeli settlement of Tel Rumeida.

Explaining how he could destroy the foundations of the Abu Haikel’s wall, Emmanuel Eisenberg said explicitly that he, “Doesn’t give a shit,” and articulated at length the nature of his work, in which he envisioned the site becoming a tourist destination with a kiosk or restaurant on the Palestinian lands.  At one point during the dialogue, Eisenberg had attacked a human rights observer.

As has been chronicled by Israeli Jewish historian Illan Pappe, among others, forced displacement, harassment, and the suppression of basic rights has been the central component of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians.  This reality is demonstrated with facts on the ground in Hebron specifically, with over a thousand Palestinian homes and shops evacuated, razed, or confiscated for the benefit, protection, and expansion of Jewish settlements.

Eisenberg’s work on Tel Rumeida is an extension of formal Israeli policy to settle in “Judea and Samaria” and another instrument of the settlement plan to force Palestinians to leave Hebron.

The gate to the Abu Haikal house
The gate to the Abu Haikal house

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  1. it seems to me that mister Emmanuel Eisenberg should be declared an international terrorist, and be sued for breaching international laws and regulations, in respect to cultural and social standards.

    It seems also to me that against mister Emmanuel Eisenberg complaints should be filed, with the Israel institutions responsible for excavations and antiquities, and when the Israel institutions do not intervene, to file a complaint with the ICC.

    Breaches of international treaties and standards is very serious, regardless of explanations and opinions, mass-murderers also did have explanations and opinions on why they murdered people, but every court dismissed of their explanations and opinions, and found them guilty!


    Comment by masteradrian | May 19, 2014 | Reply

  2. Israel only cares about Israel
    Jews only care about Jews
    any questions…..


    Comment by KaK | May 20, 2014 | Reply

    • Vhen vill de sufferink shtop. :-)


      Comment by Shmuel | May 20, 2014 | Reply

  3. Digging up the Roots, so hopefully menace can’t spead…further than it already has.

    The REAL “city of David” is not Hebron. This Eisenberg is just a rag-peddler’s offspring from eastern Europe. A genocidal lying scumbag…but I wander off subject….

    Palestinians are the NATIVE people: the “Pelest.” A colony of ancient Egypt. One of the “Sea Peoples.” Frankly, they were the sea-going Canaanites, aka Phoenicians, a people we call “Greek” and “Syrian” now. DNA CONFIRMS that Armenians, Druze Bedoins, Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, Georgians and Syrians (including Palestinians) originate in the Caucasus Anatolian region near the center of today’s Armenia. FACT. They are the SAME PEOPLES.

    The real, historical city of “David” is Ugarit. The REAL David was not a “brave warrior king.” In fact, that is PR pablum. He was literally well-known as a COWARD. RAPIST/CHILD MOLESTER. BACKSTABBER: DOCUMENTED HISTORY. And that is coming from his own brother.

    “The Mischief Of Madduwatta”

    A REAL, HISTORICAL DOCUMENT. Written by Hittite king and possibly half/brother of Madduwatta: King Arnuwanda. 1400 BC.

    “David” was known by at least two names: Madduwatta and Niqmaddu II(king of Ugarit). Madduwatta RAN from a real warrior king: Yuya/Tushratta/Attarrissija of Ahhiyawa, to his daddy the Hittite king: Tudhaliya. “Attarissija of Ahhiyawa” attacks Zippasla and Madduwatta with “100 chariots.”

    (Tushratta MEANS “100 chariots” he is the REAL KING of AHHIYAWA/MITTANI and the 18th Egypt “vizier” (MILITARY OVERLORD), “Commander of Chariots” as “Yuya/Joseph” for his son-in-law Amenhotep III. Attarissija of Ahhiyawa is simply a scrambled version of Tushratta Yuya. Yuya is HYW/YHW/YWH. Ahhiyawa. In Greek history, he is called Atreus.)

    Daddy sent troops down to Zippasla to remove the threat and place Madduwatta back on the throne, with the condition he attack the kingdom of Arzawa. (quickly: Ugarit and Arzawa and Zippasla all spoke a “Luwian” language. “Luwian” is Levite).

    But those darn natives of Arzawa didn’t know resisting these pests was “uncivilized” so their king, Kupanta-Karunda, chased brave brave Madduwatta all the way back to the Hittite kingdom, again.

    Listen carefully now: Tudhaliya (father of Arnuwanda and most likely Madduwatta too, by a minor queen wife) then sent his general, Kisnapli, to go to Zippasla with Madduwatta, and place his worthless behind on the throne, for the third time. (Ukrainians won’t be giving up either, watch “Yats” tuwatta” the RatKing run to Nuland soon “Help me, Help me!!! Waaah!!!). I think “Kisnapli” is “Uriah”…watch for it….he is a Nepal Sherpa. Hittites had a goddess, Simile, that MEANS Himalayas).

    But this assistance was an “unacceptable burden” for “King David” Madduwatta/Niqmaddu: he makes up a story of two “evil cities in revolt”…and tells Kisnapli to go to Hinduwa to take control of the “rebellion” and he will go to Dawala to put down their insurrection.
    (Tudhaliya had instructed him to stay with Madduwatta in Zippasla and babysit his chickensh!t behind).

    While Kisnapli, his literal savior goes marching off to Hinduwa….Madduwatta CONSPIRES with the city of Dawala to AMBUSH Kisnapli.

    Kisnapli is murdered, and according to the author of the article at the Zionist Wikipeda….he is “now independent” and uses that “independence” to invade and bully and conquer two other small kingdoms. While helping himself to Kisnapli’s kingdom and daughter.

    THEN he allies with…Attarissija!!!…and invades CYPRUS!!! Backstabbing the father/king in the back: Cyprus is Tudhaliya’s vassal!!

    David “plays a harp for king saul to soothe him.”
    Istar plays her harp for a blinded giat, Humwawa, to soothe him.”

    Istar is aka the Vedic goddess “Ista Devi.”

    “I star Devi.” The REAL “Star of David.” The planet Venus. (Venus from the half-shell…LONG HAIR BLOWING IN THE BREEZE…) Remember that…

    Mad Duwat ta aka Dawat aka Tawat aka “King David” “spies” a “beautiful woman” and PLOTS to send “her husband, Uriah the HITTITE, off into a battle where he is SURE TO DIE.” (Ambush set up by Madduwatta/David) Beth = DAUGHTER. “Beth Sheba” was the daughter of the SHERPA, KISNAPLI.

    “David” RUNS from SAUL and hides with a FOREIGN KING that PLACES HIM ON THE THRONE. That is Tudhaliya. Saul is “Sol,” the Sun King. Akhenaton.

    David’s son, Ishbosheth, is placed on the throne after “David” has “family problems.” Such as his son, Ammon raping his daughter, Tamar. Funny thing: “David’s father” is AmmishTamru. AmmonTamar/AmmishTamru. Anyone else have a “problem” with that fairy tale?

    (Incest was policy in Egyptian “Kheperu” royalty. “Kheperu” is a throne name of the 18th dynasty. The Khabur river (silent k, “Habur” is the river the capital of Mittani/Ahhiyawa was located on. “Hebrew” meant “Habur”: their original kingdom. Amenhotep III’s father married a Mittani princesss: his mother. He married Yuya/Tushratta’s daughter Tiye: another Mittani princess. Akhenaton married Nefertiti, another Mittani princess, making Tut a “double Habur”…his throne name? “Kheperukheperu……”).

    Across the Nile from Armana, Akhenaton’s city, was a city called Millawi…the city of the Levites. Up in Mittani…they had a city called “Milliwanda”…and a “representative of Ahhiyawa” called “At Pa”…according to “experts” a “mysterious person.” Thebes, the capital of Amenhotep III was pronounced “Hat Pa.”

    I say Millawi/Milliwanda & At Pa/HatPat are the EXACT same places, and the “experts” are clueless…..or DISINFORMATION AGENTS.

    Back to David: Two soldiers/officers opposing Ishbosheth (“IshBa’al”) as king run him down (his “long hair” gets caught in a tree…VENUS), cut his head off, and take it to David to “please him.” He offs them both in gratitude.

    Ishbosheth is king of Israel for less than 2 years. “David” is king of Judea for @ 7 years.

    On an entirely note: Smenkare, pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, successor of Akhenaton (maybe brother, maybe son) was king of Armana for less than 2 years. Tut was king of Thebes for @ 8 years.

    Tut’s head had been cut off, his body savagely beaten. Tut is called “Niphurririya” by his great grandfather: Tushratta, in letter to his daughter, Queen Tiye, mother of Akhenaton (Prophet Nathan/Sol). MIttani is aka the Hurrian kingdom of Urartu. Tutmose/Tut is Nebu (Nebu: God of the tablets) Hurriya. The Hurrian Mittani MOSES.

    Tushratta sends a statue of “Hebat/Istar/Shauska” to his son-in-law Amenhotep III, on a litter carried by Sherpas, with much treasure, to “cure what ails him.” (Impotence?) Istar is the fertility goddess. Her husband? The Anatolian Storm God (chief deity) Tae Sheba. Making her the LITERAL “Queen of Sheba.” Making Amenhotep III the REAL SOLOMON KING.

    Amenhotep III occupied Urusalim, the city of the Jebusites. They lived peacefully, side by side. A Wise King. He “adopted” their “foreign god of the city”: Shulmanu. He is documented to have received gifts called “Shulmani” in Urusalim.

    He is depicted as worshiping HIMSELF on Urusalim wall drawings. He was LITERALLY “Shulmanu on Earth.”

    Now…any ROOTS come up “easier” today? I hope so. But I won’t quit until this entire myth is exposed.

    Yuya/Attarissija/Tushratta/Atreus is really YAYATI, the Great PURU KING OF INDIA. 1400 BC. The “Great Debaucherer” married to 300 women. Now where have I heard that tale before….oh yeah: Amenhotep III/Solomon, his SON-IN-LAW, also had 300 wives. Coincidence?

    Ptah=Buddha. “Osiris The Blue = VishNu the Blue. Shu=Shiva. Amun=Yamuni. Ra=Rama. Those Fifth dynasty pharaohs at Abydos, building “Sun Temples” and calling themselves (according to “expert” Egptologists) “SaRa” (son of Ra)? THEY READ IT BACWARDS: It says RaSa…Raja. These were kings from RAJASTAN INDIA. Invaded circa 1400 BC by ARYANS from slightly west of Rajastan: Aria, India.

    India: invaded and history covered up by British Obfuscators INTENTIONALLY destroying the ROOTS of WESTERN CIVILIZATION: INDIA. DNA SCIENCE COMFIRMS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Umm…how do I say this nicely: Egyptologists are DISINFORMATION AGENTS. These were Vedic Indians KINGS. They build temples with LINGUMS OF SHIVA that a visitor can still SEE and COMPARE. They call one lingum temple: “The Delight of Ra”

    Indeed it is. Only it is a Vedic lingum of Shiva.

    Pure speculation: Madduwatta is the MISSING BROTHER OF AKHENATON: Tutmose V. The Crown Prince that “mysteriously disaappeared.” He was given a kingdom….and managed to cause enough grief that he is still famous today as the GREAT COWARD. Which is why over and over and over again, Jews promore David a a “great warrior”…because he was the EXACT OPPOSITE. Lying comes as naturally as breathing for some humans.

    I sincerely hope anyone reading this does the research and confirms or challenges my allegations…I WELCOME IT.

    I sincerely hope I cause Zionists a lot of grief and gnashing of teeth being exposed as the liars, thieves, connivers and murderers, of HISTORY.

    Ask a Ukrainian about Jews and Zionists plotting against a nation…go ahead…ask one.


    Comment by farang | May 21, 2014 | Reply

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