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Israeli occupation carried out 72 attacks on journalists in Gaza


Relatives of journalist Halid Ahmed (25), who died during the Israeli attack, mourn near his funeral on 20 July, 2014. His camera is put on his body during the funeral.
MEMO | August 2, 2014

Israel’s occupation army has carried out 72 attacks on journalists in the Gaza Strip during its latest war on the territory which started on 7 July, Palestinian information ministry in Gaza said on Friday.

The number of violations rose after the death of journalists Sameh al-Arian and Mohamed Daher on Thursday. They died from injuries sustained during an Israeli attack.

On Wednesday, Ramy Rayyan and Ahed Zaqqout were also killed while covering an Israeli massacre near a crowded market in the centre of the Gaza city, where 17 civilians were killed, including the journalists and three firefighters.

During the first three weeks of the war, four male and one female journalist were killed.

The ministry documented the following violations: nine journalists killed, 16 wounded, two vehicles with press and TV signs were targeted, and 16 homes of journalists and 15 media offices were destroyed. It also said that 14 cases of hacking were recorded.

According to the ministry, the Israeli occupation deliberately stepped up its attacks against media staff and media organisations despite clear signs showing their professional identities.

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  1. And Israel claims they are hitting their targets with precision, killing the reporters that will take pictures of what they are doing, can not have the truth that shows what and who they are trying to kill. Killing the unborn to make Palestinians rage with anger and then condemn them for attacking Israelis citizens as they do to Palestinians. Media is down playing Israelis bad actions and condemning Palestinians bad action, makes people think Palestinians are evil compared to Israelis bad action. If this last long enough the world will turn on Israel.
    Why doesn’t Israel move back to 1947 borders and create a no man zone between them, bomb the no man zone at will by both sides.


    Comment by richard123456columbia | August 2, 2014 | Reply

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