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Winston Churchill wanted to nuke Kremlin ‘to win Cold War,’ FBI memo reveals

RT | November 9, 2014

A secret memo from the FBI’s archives has revealed that Britain’s Winston Churchill once urged the US to drop an atomic bomb to “wipe out” the Kremlin. He reportedly thought it was the only remedy against the spread of communism to the west.

Churchill, Britain’s prime minister during World War II and again during the Cold War 1950s, made his views known to a visiting American politician in 1947, The Daily Mail reported in a preview of a new book, “When Lions Roar: The Churchills and The Kennedys” by investigative journalist Thomas Maier. The book containing the secret FBI memo is to be published next month.

Britain and the Soviet Union had been allies during WW2. However, according to the memo written by an FBI agent, Churchill asked a Right-wing Republican senator, Styles Bridges, to help persuade then-President Harry Truman to launch a nuclear attack which would make the former USSR easy to deal with.

The FBI memo claims Churchill insisted that the “only salvation for the civilization of the world would be if the President of the United States would declare Russia to be imperiling world peace and attack Russia.”

The Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb in 1949, much to the surprise to the United States, which was apparently unaware that the Soviet Union possessed nuclear weapons.

Britain’s wartime leader allegedly pledged that if an atomic bomb could be dropped on the Kremlin, “wiping it out,” it would be “a very easy problem to handle the balance of Russia, which would be without direction.”

Churchill, who served as British PM twice, from 1940-45 and 1951-55, warned that if this was not done, Russia would attack America within “the next two or three years, when she gets the atomic bomb and civilization will be wiped out or set back many years.”

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  1. Today, we are hearing the same rhetoric coming American politicians concerning Iran. We all have to be weary of the political financiers who have expressed a desire to nuke Iran. It’s truly amazing how the history of the US has remained suspended in the post world war days.


    Comment by Ribeekah | November 9, 2014 | Reply

  2. Reblogged this on ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK.


    Comment by lehrerdan | November 9, 2014 | Reply

  3. I think this idea of Churchill, suggesting wiping out the Kremlin, as doubtful, the British supplied enormous support of Russia, if this were true, Britain, would have let Germany WW2,wipe out Russia, also Churchill, has Jewish blood, the overthrow of Russia, by the Bolshevics, its my view, Russia, and Britain have a deep unspoken bond, this is in part Britain, and America, distrust each other, although, they have a front of bondship, the Jewish connection is well embedded, in Russia, Britain, and America.
    Where is the documentation, of this claim?
    Israel, will make any claim to divert attention of its criminal connections, and cover up its violence in the Middle East, and elsewhere.


    Comment by donwreford | November 10, 2014 | Reply

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