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Minister: State saboteurs don’t deserve Egyptian nationality

Mada Masr | January 28, 2015

Endowments Minister Mokhtar Gomaa is reiterating his demand to strip citizens of their Egyptian nationality if they are found to promote acts of violence against national security.

Gomaa made these comments on Tuesday to the “Hunna al-Asema” program on the privately owned CBC channel, and again to the “Ala Masou’ouleyati” show on the privately-owned Sada al-Balad channel.

Terror groups are instigating and promoting violence against Egypt’s security forces from abroad, while funneling funds for terrorist operations across the country, Gomaa insisted while speaking to pro-regime television presenter Ahmed Moussa on Tuesday on his “Ala Masou’ouleyati” program.

The Muslim Brotherhood is at the forefront of these terror groups, Gomaa claimed.

The Cabinet officially classified the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization on December 25, 2013.

“We are calling for, and continue to call for, the stripping of citizenship from such criminals. This is an honor that they do not deserve,” Gomaa said. “Such individuals are traitors and agents, and they do not deserve the honor of belonging to this country.”

Gomaa’s comments may be buttressed by constitutional Article 86, which stipulates: “Maintaining national security is a duty, and citizens’ commitment to it is a national responsibility, guaranteed by the law. Defense of the nation and the homeland are an honor and sacred duty.”

However, Gomaa’s comments also directly contravene the rights of citizenship enshrined in the 2014 Constitution.

Article 6 stipulates that “citizenship is a right to anyone born to an Egyptian father or an Egyptian mother. Citizens have the right to legal recognition and official documentation that proves their personal information, as regulated by the law.”

Furthermore, Article 62 holds that “no citizen may be deported from or prevented from returning to the country.”

Moussa described this year’s commemorations of the January 25 revolution anniversary as an attempt to destabilize the country. Moussa referred to participants in these protest rallies as “members of the terrorist Brotherhood society,” along with “the terrorists of the April 6 Youth Movement” and “the saboteurs of the Revolutionary Socialists Movement.”

“I have no problem with the killing of two, three or four hundred terrorists,” Moussa commented during his January 25 broadcast.

While speaking on the “Hunna al-Asema” show on Tuesday, Gomaa insisted that “the Ministry of Endowments stands beside all the state’s institutions in combating terrorism and in confronting terrorist elements.”

Gomaa added that any individual ministry employee who is found to be involved in promoting or instigating violence against the state would immediately be dismissed from his or her post.

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  1. Hmm! Unpopular, inept and undemocratic governments, thanks to the United States promotion of “War on Terror”, have been given a panacea to deal with social challenges. Most social movements now, no matter how peaceful, can be penetrated by operatives of the class with the means to buy and sell, to instigate violence for mass slaughter of the people by the state. Unchecked inequality that has spawned incompetents rising to leadership in governments is a threat to all peaceful social movements.


    Comment by ribeekah | January 31, 2015 | Reply

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