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Cop trying to kill the family dog, kills woman instead, in front of her husband and 4-year-old Son

By Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project | January 7, 2015

Burlington, IA — A Burlington Police officer, supervising a domestic dispute, shot and killed a woman in front of her house Tuesday morning.

The victim has been identified as 34-year-old Autumn Steele. The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI), who is leading the investigation, has not released the name of the officer who shot her.

There is no indication that Steele or her husband were armed or that they posed a threat to the officer involved.

According to court records Steele was arrested Monday night on a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse. She was released from the jail and told that she could not return to the home without a police officer escort in order to gather her belongings.

Steele then returned to the home with her police officer escort, the same person that would later kill her.

As her husband, Gabriel Steele, was loading up their 4-year-old son, Steele came out of the house and got into an altercation with him. She was followed by the dog.

When the escort officer saw the disturbance he went to break it up. Witnesses say that at this time the dog was being playful, but apparently still threatened the officer which caused him to draw his pistol and begin shooting.

One of the shots fired struck Steele in the chest.

“The dog startled the officer. The officer began shooting at the dog. The officer was still shooting when he fell down in the snow,” one witness told The Hawk Eye newspaper.

“It appeared he was shooting at the dog when (the officer) fell to the ground. It’s my belief the woman was shot accidentally,” said another witness.

Seconds after the shooting another Burlington officer arrived on the scene and both officers tried to calm Gabriel Steele, who wanted to help his wife.

“I’m a combat veteran,” he screamed. “What are you guys (police) doing? Let me help.”

Steele was eventually taken by ambulance to the Great River Medical Center where she later died of the gunshot wound to the chest.

This is a tragic case of police incompetence. The very government agency who claims the authority to carry deadly weapons into all situations often disregard this heavy responsibility and end up hurting those they ostensibly protect.

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Chile Rejects Bolivia’s Request for Access to Sea, Again

teleSUR | January 7, 2015

Chile rejected Bolivia’s renewed request for sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean off of its coast Tuesday.

“Chile is not going to cede land or maritime sovereignty in any way, and that has to be clear,” Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz told Radio DNA. “Bolivia is wasting its time when it tries to promote an event which aims to force Chile to negotiate a sovereign outlet.”

The foreign minister’s warnings refer specifically to comments by Bolivian President Evo Morales who said Pope Francis had taken an interest in the issue and had requested more information.

“The pope asked me for documents, so I supplied him with documents,” said Morales.

However, Muñoz confirmed that Chile will not accept any kind of external mediation on the matter and emphasized that the country would never give up its territory to another nation.

The matter is currently being reviewed by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague, Netherlands, after Bolivia presented the court with its demand for sovereign access to the coast in 2013.

Last July Chile objected to the ICJ’s involvement, saying the court was incompetent in judging the request.Bolivia responded by making another bid to the international body in November.

Tensions have existed between Bolivia and Chile over access to the Pacific Ocean for decades after Bolivia lost its coast to Chile in the War of the Pacific in 1879, making it a landlocked country.

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The Bob Tuskin Show: Joshua Blakeney on False-Flags, Zionism in Canada & Pan-Asianism

Joshua Blakeney was interviewed on January 5, 2014, by Bob Tuskin for his radio show. They discussed a number of issues including:

– The Ottawa shooting of October 22, 2014

– Zionist hegemony in Canada

– “Hate Speech” legislation and other thought-crime laws

– Election fraud in the 2011 Canadian Federal Election

– Blakeney’s research at the National Diet Library in Tokyo

– The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, Pan-Asianism, Shūmei Ōkawa and Western imperialism in Asia

– The inorganic nature of Communism in Asia

– Press TV, Russia Today and the importance of counter-hegemonic discourses

– Fukushima and the energy crisis in Japan

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Police officers accused of fatally shooting 2 brothers in Suez

Police checkpoint2

Mada Masr | January 6, 2015

Two police officers in Suez face charges of premeditated murder for allegedly shooting two brothers to death on Monday morning. The prosecution has ordered the suspects into custody for four days pending investigations, the privately owned news site Youm7 reported on Tuesday.

Mohamed and Ahmed Seoudi were driving their motorbike to work around 8 am on Monday morning when they came upon a police patrol force, their uncle Gharib Mehled told Mada Masr. The two men purportedly then swerved onto a small side street “to avoid the usual police harassment” when one officer followed them, then shot them both in the head at close range.

“They were respectable young men, and their motorbike was registered and carried the license plate number 23235 SUEZ, contrary to rumors that it was not licensed,” Mehled argued.

One of the men was 26 and was supposed to get married in two months, while his 22-year-old brother was a wrestling champion who trained in an army establishment, as proven by his identification card, the uncle asserted.

A Facebook user by the name Mahmoud Shawky was allegedly present at the scene of the crime and posted photos of the two men after they were shot.

“One of them was an army soldier on vacation and the other was a roman wrestling champion,” Shawky wrote in mourning.

“By nature, people in Egypt are scared when they see the police instead of feeling safe. The [victims] ran away, so they were shot in the head out of mere suspicion,” he added.

In another post, Shawky claimed that after the victims were shot, the officer kicked their bodies until he was sure they were dead.

“Running away was definitely wrong, but they didn’t deserve to be executed on the spot,” Shawky wrote.

The Suez prosecution office confiscated the bullets that killed the victims and ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Meanwhile, the victims’s family gathered at the Suez morgue to protest the incident, the privately owned newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

On Monday night, funeral proceedings for the two men turned into a demonstration that headed toward the security directorate. … Full article

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Israel’s attorney general to charge Zoabi with incitement

MEMO | January 7, 2015

The legal advisor to the Israeli government declared yesterday his decision to file an indictment against the Member of the Knesset for the National Democratic Alliance Hanin Zoabi on charges of inciting violence and insulting a civil servant.

hanin-zoabiThe public prosecutor had previously called on the government’s legal adviser, Yehuda Weinstein, to submit an indictment against Zoabi, following an altercation between Zoabi and a police officer during the trial of one of the detainees of the Nazareth demonstration following the death of Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

Zoabi will request a hearing session for her statements within 30 days, in accordance with the law, and the Attorney General will then decide if he will file an indictment against her.

The director of the Adala Center for Human Rights and Zoabi’s lawyer, attorney Hassan Jabarin said: “We will request a hearing soon, aiming at convincing the attorney general not to file an indictment against Zoabi. In my opinion, there are no legal grounds for the indictment or its trial, as the investigations with Zoabi focused on an argument between her and a police officer in a Nazareth court because of the way he dealt with minors who protested against the killing of Abu Khdeir.”

“Zoabi said, during the investigation, that her words came as a reaction to what she witnessed and amid a storm of emotions after seeing the police’s brutality in dealing with minors,” he explained.

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Why is Israel funding Jerusalemites’ addiction?

By Maher Abu Tair | Addustour |  January 5, 2015

The Jerusalemite’s human shield around the city of Jerusalem is quite a marvellous human shield indeed. If it were not for the rather substantial presence of the Palestinian Hebronites in the city, it would have been exposed to extreme danger. It is enough that we see hundreds of thousands of worshippers line up daily in prayer in all Al-Aqsa willing to sacrifice their life and their blood to protect the city.

Israel is concentrating all of its efforts on dividing the people of Jerusalem into individual factions and they have a plan to target each of these factions in an individual way. Israel’s plan of attack is being implemented slowly so that it can permanently phase out the Palestinian presence in the city, little by little and gradually in a frantic war over the city.

Among the groups of Jerusalemites created by Israel is the group that fears for the very essence of its existence as they worry that they will lose their Israeli residency permits, which allow them to live in Jerusalem. There are also groups of people who are being targeted with high taxes, a group forced into labour in the construction and expansion of Israeli settlements, a group of people avoiding everyday murder attempts and finally, a group of people that is simply preoccupied with the complexities of everyday life.

In addition to all this, a number of strange reports have been leaked on the reality of the problems that are currently facing Palestinian Jerusalemites and this includes unfortunate stories of the city’s youth who have allowed themselves to become the new recruits of Israeli gangs that specialise in automobile thefts among other crimes. One cannot forget to mention the unusual emergence of drug rings in Jerusalem, which have taken over the city in quite an unusual way.

The facts that have been presented on the ground indicate that the presence of drugs in the Jerusalem area is quite a catastrophic development which will have many dangerous consequences on the city’s inhabitants. Perhaps the most significant consequence of all is the decreasing presence of the city’ inhabitants around the holy sites and the fact that their addiction and dependence on drugs ensures that they remain financially drained and without any definite sense of security.

The spread of drugs within Jerusalem’s Arab circles indicates that the occupation has infiltrated the city on many levels and that the end goal behind these destructive policies is ultimately to destroy the city’s popular infrastructure via many different means such as, drugs, high taxes, increasing debt and the increasing threat of imprisonment etc.

Moreover, there are no Arab institutions present that could counter or balance these racist policies against Jerusalemites. Thus, the challenge of standing up to Israel’s policies remains the sole responsibility of the city’s Palestinians; that it is an individual struggle that each Jerusalemite has to ultimately face on his or her own.

Despite all of these unfortunate circumstances, one cannot generalise or label Palestinian Jerusalemites as one particular type of people. We must remember that they are human beings that are being forced to act and respond to unfortunate circumstances on a superhuman level. One cannot deny that there are thousands of Jerusalemites who are willing to sacrifice their lives and their safety to protect Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock Mosques in the face of its many confrontations.

One must recognise that the occupation aims to turn Jerusalemites into two different types of people, ones that are forced into cheap labour that aids the occupation’s expansion and others who become the victims of drugs, debt and suffocating taxes. The goal of all this is to break the human shield that the Palestinians have created to protect Jerusalem.

Israel has used all of its power to take over Jerusalem and we have aided this process by allowing Israel to do whatever it wants. The biggest proof of how we are all culpable is that none of us have asked Jerusalemites what they truly need. We merely throw them into the jaws of the crocodiles and ask them from afar: why do you not rise up in anger?

Translated by MEMO

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The Fantasy of an Iran-US Partnership

By Seyed Mohammad Marandi | Tehran Times | January 6, 2015

Western pundits who blithely assert that the Islamic Republic of Iran can or will cooperate with the United States in Iraq against ISIL ignore a basic problem; how can the US be a serious partner in fighting a terrorist movement that Washington may have played a critical role in creating?

When US Vice-President Joe Biden told an American university audience in October that Turkey, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are responsible for arming al-Nusra, ISIL, and other al-Qaeda-rooted extremists in Syria and that there is no “moderate middle” in the country, there was (as most non-Americans expected) little coverage of this stunning admission in the US mainstream media.

Indeed, what little coverage there was focused on Biden’s subsequent apologies to Turkish, Emirati, and Saudi leaders for having made such comments in the first place.

Predictably, there was no follow-up reporting in The New York Times reminding Americans that the US is itself complicit in funding and arming extremists in Syria.

CIA producing weapons

In early 2013, the newspaper reported what many in the region already knew; that since the beginning of 2012, the CIA had been deeply involved in procuring weapons for anti-Assad forces, airlifting arms to Jordanian and Turkish airports, and “vetting” rebel commanders – all to help US allies “support the lethal side of the civil war”. Other reports pointed out that these shipments were actually paid for by US allies, at the bidding of the Obama administration.

But, after the Biden revelation, the so-called “newspaper of record” made no reference to how the US, in violation of international law, helped to facilitate the Syrian civil war – and, in the process, to enable the rise of ISIL.

Western-backed extremism is neither a new nor regionally-bound concept. Whether it is the “Contra” rebels in Nicaragua or al-Qaeda-like groups in Afghanistan, the objective has always been to achieve strategic objectives through the infliction of mass suffering – for, in the “free and civilised world” of the US and its allies, the utopian end too often justifies the Mephistophelean means.

More recently, an important footnote to the Libyan civil war was the involvement of Abdul Hakim Belhaj, previously the leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group as well as an al-Qaeda member.

He was one of many Libyan militants influenced by a takfiri (apostate) ideology; the groups with which he was affiliated were designated as terrorist organisations by the US State Department.

Nevertheless, he, along with other like-minded militants, became central components in the efforts of western and Arab-backed anti-Gaddafi forces to capture Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

Western willingness to cooperate with al-Qaeda (or “former” al-Qaeda) militants in Libya was a major turning point. Even the subsequent death of the US ambassador to Libya did not change US policy in this regard. Belhaj became the representative of Libya’s interim president after Gaddafi’s overthrow (before the complete ruin of the country).

More importantly, the willingness of the US and European and “Middle Eastern” allies to embrace al-Qaeda-like militants took US and western foreign policy in the region back to what it had been before the September 11, 2001 attacks – a policy of cooperation with violent extremists to undermine regional actors the West considers problematic.

Monster they created

This policy quickly expanded from Libya to Syria and the repercussions are being felt today in countries like Pakistan, Nigeria, Australia, and China.

After Gaddafi’s overthrow, Turkey – a NATO member – allegedly helped Belhaj to meet with leaders of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” in Istanbul and along the Syrian-Turkish border. In the meetings the former al-Qaeda leader discussed supporting the FSA with money, weapons, and fighters, at a time when the CIA was a major conduit for the transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria.

While Belhaj was just one of many al-Qaeda affiliates involved in violent anti-government campaigns in both Libya and Syria, his openly acknowledged role underscores how the supposedly “moderate” FSA was, from early on in the Syrian civil war, as Iran repeatedly warned, deeply associated with and infiltrated by extremists.

US arms sales hit record levels

Over time, the problem grew so large with ISIL’s rise that it became impossible to hide the monster that the US and its allies had created. And so, Washington launched yet another chapter in its never-ending post-9/11 “war on terror”.

Notwithstanding Washington’s professed determination to degrade and, ultimately, to destroy ISIL, Iran remains profoundly skeptical of US intentions.

Even after dramatic gains by ISIL in Iraq and the formation of a US-led coalition of the guilty to fight it, this coalition has, on average, carried out just nine airstrikes per day in both Iraq and Syria.

In comparison, western reports indicate that, in the same period, the Syrian air force alone has at times carried out up to 200 strikes in 36 hours. Even as these largely inconsequential US-led airstrikes are carried out in Iraq and Syria, some regional players continue to provide extensive logistical support to ISIL; along Syria’s borders with Jordan and the Israeli regime, the Nusra Front continues to collaborate with other extremist militias backed by foreign (including western) powers.

In light of these realities, Iranians – who have been indispensable in preventing the fall of Damascus, Baghdad, Aleppo, and Erbil – simply do not buy the argument that a repentant US is now waging a real war against ISIL, the Nusra Front, and other extremist organisations in Iraq and Syria.

Rather, Iranians see the evidence as pointing to a complex (yet foolish) policy undertaken by Washington and its allies for the purpose of “containing” the Islamic Republic.

What, then, would be the justification – under such circumstances and as Iranian allies are successfully pushing back extremists in Iraq and Syria – for the Islamic Republic to cooperate with the US in Iraq?

No matter how much some may try to tempt it, Iran will not play Faust to America’s Mephistopheles.

Seyed Mohammad Marandi is professor of North American Studies and dean of the Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran. He can be reached at

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