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Israeli proposal to expel Palestinians from homeland permanently


Eli Ben-Dahan

MEMO | July 3, 2015

Israel’s deputy defence minister has proposed a law that, if passed, will see the expulsion of Palestinian resistance members and their families permanently from Palestine.

According to Hebrew media reports, Eli Ben-Dahan believes that expelling members of the resistance groups and their immediate family members and exiling them abroad permanently will contribute to “rooting out the phenomenon of emerging saboteurs unaffiliated with any terrorist organisation committing attacks against Israeli targets.” The politician confirmed that he has asked Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked to consider the proposal and get official approval for it to become law.

A policy of forced expulsion, if adopted by the Israeli authorities, would be a blatant violation of international humanitarian law, which prohibits the expulsion of any citizen or group of people from their own territory, either within the same territory or abroad. In addition, Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, regarding the protection of civilians during a time of war, makes it a grave breach of the Convention to deport or transfer a protected person.

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  1. Different final solutions to the “demographic problem” appeal to different schools of thought among the Zionists. “Exterminate the goyim,” say some. “Sterilize them,” say others. “Expel them,” say still others, and evidently the deputy defence minister is an adherent of the third of these solutions.


    Comment by traducteur | July 4, 2015 | Reply

    • It’s not genocidal though because they are willing to keep up to one fifth of them as long as they accept Jewish supremacy.


      Comment by aletho | July 4, 2015 | Reply

  2. up to one fifth of them

    As Yousef Munayyer asked recently, “How many Arabs are too many in Israel? What percentage of people like me, Palestinian citizens of Israel, is too many for you? How many can you not handle? Is it 20 percent, 30 percent, 40 percent, 45 percent? Please draw the line and then explain to us, which illiberal policies are you willing to support to prevent the Palestinian citizen population of Israel from growing to that point, or beyond it.”

    It’s a fair question, to which different answers have been given: see my comment above about different schools of thought.


    Comment by traducteur | July 4, 2015 | Reply

  3. In the run-up to the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD, the faithful Jewish believers in Ye’Shua (of the Jewish disciples of Ye’Shua and their families and allies) heeded His prophecy of the “abomination of desolation” re the surrounding of Jerusalem by heathen armies; seeing that the fulfillment of that abomination prophecy was close, they fled to the hills in Judea.

    When the heat, literal and figurative, had died down, these faithful Jews returned, but not as members of the Tribe of Judah — as Palestinians. They’ve remained amongst the Palestinians for almost 2000 years … now in Gaza and the West Bank. Many Palestinians are aware of this longstanding presence of true Jews in their environs and are also aware that extermination of them, a fondly desired hope of the Sephardim, false Jews (i.e., Rev. 3:9, described as Sepharvaim of Babylon in II Kings 17:31), such as Bibi Netanyahu, is a consequence of the need for the Sephardim to solve the True Jewish question by erasing the True Jews from the face of the earth. Within the Israeli community, the advocates for Palestinians are the Ashkenazim, mostly unbeknownst to them, because they are the cousins of the True Jews in Gaza and the West Bank: The returned Lost Tribes of Israel, most particularly, the Samarians of the ancient Northern Kingdom, exiled by the Assyrians (II Kings 17).


    Comment by unpogo | July 4, 2015 | Reply

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