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Israel ‘benefiting from re-displacing Palestinians’

Palestine Information Center – September 8, 2015

-238750677ALGERIA – Dr. Abdul Razzaq Muqri, head of the Algerian Movement for a Society of Peace (MSP), said Monday that Israel would benefit from re-settling Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Europe.

He also held western countries responsible for the suffering of Palestinian and Syrian refugees, charging that western countries were the main reason for the instability in the region.

“Today, Europe is in dire need for immigration as new demographic studies confirm that Europe would need to bring one million new immigrants every year, a total of 47 million immigrants until 2050 in order to maintain positive growth rates.”

There is no doubt, Dr. Muqri continued, that Israel was delighted when New Zealand declared intention to receive 500,000 Syrian and Palestinian refugees. Instead of finding a solution for Israeli settlers who came to Palestine from all over the world, the land owners became asylum seekers fleeing from the oppression.

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  1. If the leaders in that region of the earth believe that Israel was created as a homeland for Jews, they are strangers to history. Why is Israel allowed to be a nuclear possessor by its architects. Why did the architects allow the genocide of the Palestinian people. Why are the architects allowing involuntary migration from Syria, Iraq and Iran remains in their crosshairs. Does it gave anything to do with the rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates and Israel’s dream of expansion. Thise nations had better wake before they find themselves living in the barren lands of Europe.


    Comment by ribeekah | September 8, 2015 | Reply

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