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Why did US Navy pull US Aircraft Carrier out of Persian Gulf?

Greencrow As the Crow Flies | October 10, 2015
The US has had an aircraft carrier stationed in the Persian Gulf ever since 2007.  In the past week, the US Navy pulled the USS Theodore Roosevelt out of the Gulf.  This sudden move, just when the Russian battleships, fitted with their pinpoint accuracy cruise missiles, sailed in to conduct a coordinated assault on the ISIS encampments in Syria.  Now… I ask myself… why would the US do this?  Why wouldn’t the US want to maintain a strong presence in the Gulf…under such unprecedented circumstances?  The only hunch I could come up with was that the US Military realized that the Theodore Roosevelt was woefully inadequate to stand up to the Russian “threat”… by that, I mean the threat of the radar (Khibiny) jamming capacity of the Russian Navy.  We wouldn’t want a repeat of the ignominious “Donald Cook” incident, now would we?
Perhaps the topic will come up when Russian and US military leaders get together this weekend to discuss air security in the Gulf.

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  1. I love this post (and many more like it)! I’m being educated and made more aware….


    Comment by roberthstiver | October 10, 2015 | Reply

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