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Propaganda Can’t Melt Steel Beams

By Kevin Ryan | Dig Within | December 20, 2015

Eleven years ago, I initiated a discussion about the fact that jet fuel fires could not have melted steel at the World Trade Center. The government agency investigating the WTC destruction responded by holding “some of its deliberations in secret.” Although it’s not a secret that jet fuel can’t melt steel, due to propaganda from sources like The Washington Post and The Huffington Post, Americans often get confused about what facts like that mean to any national discussion. In a nutshell, what it means is that the molten metal found at the WTC, for which there is a great deal of evidence, cannot be explained by the official 9/11 myth.

No one thinks that jet fuel fires can melt steel beams—not even The Posts’ new science champion, who doesn’t bother to actually use jet fuel or steel beams to teach us about “retarded metallurgical things,” believes it. Instead, he uses a thin metal rod and a blacksmith forge to imply that, if the WTC buildings were made of thin metal rods and there were lots of blacksmith forges there, the thin metal rods would have lost strength and this would be the result. If you buy that as an explanation for what happened at the WTC, you might agree that all the “truthers” should just stop bothering everyone and go get jobs.

st_spout3sThis absurd demonstration highlights at least two major problems with America’s ongoing struggle to understand 9/11. The first is that there was a great deal of molten metal at the WTC. Those who know that fact sometimes share internet memes that say “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams” when they want to convey that “Thermite Melted Steel at the WTC.” The second major problem is that certain mainstream media sources continue to put a lot of energy into dis-informing the public about 9/11.

Sources like The Posts, The New York Times and some “alternative media” continue to work hard to support the official myth of 9/11. That effort is not easy because they must do so while providing as little actual information about 9/11 as possible. The dumbing down of the average citizen is a full time job for such propagandists. Luckily for them, American students receive almost no historical context that encourages them to think critically or consider ideas that conflict with blind allegiance to their government. When it comes to the WTC, it also helps that almost 80% of Americans are scientifically illiterate.

As media companies attempt to confuse the public about 9/11, they must avoid relating details that might actually get citizens interested in the subject. For example, it’s imperative that they never mention any of these fourteen facts about 9/11. It is also important to never reference certain people, like the ordnance distribution expert (and Iran-Contra suspect) who managed security at the WTC or the tortured top al Qaeda leader who turned out to have nothing to do with al Qaeda. In fact, to support the official myth of 9/11 these days, media must ignore almost every aspect of the crimes while promoting only the most mindless nonsense they can find. That bewildering strategy becomes more obvious every day.

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  1. Anyone who wants an assessment of what happened on 9/11 should simply ask the experts, The “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”.
    They have completely demolished(if I can use that term)the official report by the USA government into what happened that day. There is also a plethora of information on You Tube, that even someone with no education of architecture and engineering can understand, as well as instructions on how to make it look like a plane hit only two of the three buildings,
    using computer ‘wizzkiddery’ 9/11 was an “inside job”, no doubt about it at all, and why the American people aren’t screaming for an independent inquiry is a mystery to me.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | December 20, 2015 | Reply

  2. Ya, but it is not the key element that indicts the US Government. A&E did their duty, thanks; but what about the whereabouts of the US Air Force? Look at the timeline of the WTC demolutions and the launch of Jet fighters and the lack thereof, along with what happened in the Pentagon’s situation room, where everyone fleed and left one junior officer there to “defend America under attack” and where is the science on the fact that high speed planes with large wing services, can NOT get to near ground level at 500 mph! I read all the comments of dozens of European jet pilots who made a muchmore compelling argument than the melting temperature of steel.

    Only one of the one-hundred US Senators spoke truth to treachery concerning lack of US military air power to do their duty on 9/11. Can you remember, Senator Mark Dayton? Have you heard his bold and courageous testimony before the 9/11 Cover-Up Committe? Here is that heroic testimony that runs just 8 minutes:

    And the motive for the 9/11 false-flag psyop was a conspirary to defame and attack the innocent and cover-up their own treahery and their covert partners, the Isrealis. And they have all gotten away with it! What a disgrace, with a country to accept this bullshit as fact; speaks volumes of the level of stupidity and cowardliness before the enemy; thieir Israeli “allies” who are in fact, their covert commanders bogus excuse for imperialist wars of aggression, between the real perpatrators on 9/11; the USA and Israel.

    ‘“We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..Video Interview with General Wesley Clark:

    War of aggression murdering hundreds of thosands, totally millions of people, overwhelming civilians and children; but nonetheless the primary targets in this genocidal imperialism, which is an old American tridation, and business as usual for the Isrealis.

    I think the A&E was a comfort zone for the perpetrators, for they were not the subject, it was three ungly buildings, killing 3,000 people, a small fraction by comparison with those murdered in Afghanistan, Lybia, and Iraq.

    Where are the anti-war activist? Why didn’t those campers pretending to activist in their camping tents, did not make issue of it in NYC or elsewhere.

    The US owes reparations to all those attacked countries, not only to the governments, but the families who lost parents and syblings, as well as their homes. We know that will never happen, but Isreal is getting everything it demands from the US which is a form of blackmail you can be sure. It is a matter of a few phone calls by Netanyahu and a minute of naming-names released to the pubic that will not be tricked again!

    It is time to wake the fuck up! And that means raise you voice, stand your ground in the only true court we have; that is the court of public opinion. It does not matter who wins what ballgame, or election, for that matter. America wake-up and sound-off! Who did 9/11…answer, the US and Israel. The neocons in the Pentagon in brief. But, it took about a year for planning to perpatrate, which takes it back to the Clinton gang working with them. Hillery is their cold-blooded assassin, her laughter about the assassination of Gaddafi is ample proof. And why was Obama reportedly silent at a closed meeting in Chicago on 9/11.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | December 22, 2015 | Reply

    • Well said, much more eloquently said than my brief summation. I have seen the Interviews with Gen Wesley Clark before, but I notice the You Tube video of Senator Mark Dayton has only had 3,224 views, when it should have been compulsory viewing by every American.
      Your comment about “Blackmail” being used to get everything Israel wants is absolutely right. How else can everyone from the President down be brought so comprehensively to heel, by what a French diplomat once referred to as “a shitty little country in the Middle East”.
      You can bet that Israel’s “dirt file” on everyone in the USA government, military, Dept of Justice etc is Full and Comprehensive(like J Edgar Hoover had over about 6 successive US Presidents, and it is some much more easily compiled these days with NSA technology).
      The subjugation of Germany in the ’30’s by very rich powerful Oligarchs, is the same as what is happening to the USA today.


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | December 22, 2015 | Reply

      • I have just located a longer(39.25 minutes) You Tube of Senator Dayton’s testimony, and it has only had 1,354 views, which is way too long for the average American attention span, apparently.


        Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | December 22, 2015 | Reply

  3. Yes, I was miffed with the brevity of the video, it seemed cut-back from a few years ago.

    Please post the URL for the full testimony by terrorized Senator Mark Dayton. He had to close his senate office in Washington, D.C., under threat of death to his staff, and perhaps himself. Perhaps being married to a Rockefeller family member, saved his life.

    Therefore it is an open question on how many Members of Congress, have been told after being threatened, that they can not be protected by CIA and FBI agents. That is what happened to Senator Mark Dayton.

    So it is not mere apathy that constrains the 100 Senator and 438 Member of the House of Representatives; it is fear of assassination that represses them into what is complicity under threat of death.

    We should ask Members of Congress in this election cycle if they have been threaten, or are repressed by fear of being assassinated as was Senator Paul Wellstone who was assassinated with his family flying with him. And of course we have to look at the plane crash that assassinated JFK Jr, along with his wife and baby. And he had to know the truth of his father assassination, as well as his uncle, perhaps two of them dating back to 1945 killing Joseph P. Kennedy Jr in an airplane packed with explosives near the end of WW2.

    There is suspecious Israeli involvement, with having had the means, motive, and getting away with it. How many have been assassinated is a great question. Heuy P. Long is very likely one, and the assassination who include, if not controlled by, FDR. and Rep Mickey Leland. not enough has been said about his assassination, he was truely great like Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who is still alive, so it is not all negative. She was great in exposing the Crimes of this our Nation.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | December 22, 2015 | Reply

    • My apologies, I’m no good with computers. I tried to find the “URL” but couldn’t locate the video using it.
      Try Googling “Senator Mark Drayton Confronts Multiple People about FAA & Norad’s 9/11 Lies”
      I was able to find the video by that method…………………Good luck.


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | December 23, 2015 | Reply

      • Sorry……Try “You Tube” search…………good luck.


        Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | December 23, 2015 | Reply

    • Trying again. I hope that works for you, cheers.


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | December 25, 2015 | Reply

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