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Jeremy Corbyn Calls on British PM to Tackle Tax Avoidance

teleSUR – April 5, 2016

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn slammed David Cameron on the tax avoidance scandal saying the “unfairness and abuse must stop.”

The leader of Britain’s main opposition party called on the government Tuesday to tackle tax havens, saying it was high time British Prime Minister David Cameron stopped allowing “the super rich elite [to] dodge their taxes.”

“There cannot be one set of tax rules for the wealthy elite and another for the rest of us,” Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said at the launch of the party’s campaign for local elections next month.

“The unfairness and abuse must stop… I say this to the government and to the chancellor, no more lip service, the richest must pay their way.”

After leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm revealed how the world’s powerful use secretive offshore company structures to stash their wealth, Cameron has come under pressure to clamp down on tax evasion in British-linked territories after the “Panama Papers” implicated his father, Ian Cameron, in running an offshore tax-evasion fund.

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  1. The people who own the system, and run the system, don’t give a Tinkers Cuss what the Leader of the Opposition, or indeed, The Prime Minister, think about anything…………….Politicians are just there to make the system look legitimate…….Money is the International language…………the rest is just presentation………


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | April 6, 2016 | Reply

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