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Peru’s Police Force Harbored a Death Squad, Report Reveals

teleSUR | August 23, 2016

Until as recently as last year, Peru’s national police force harbored a “death squad” that is responsible for the extrajudicial killings of at least 20 people over a four-year period – even at times offering sworn officers bounties to kill criminal suspects, according to an official government investigation of systemic police misconduct.

In an executive summary that reads like the script of a Dirty Harry movie, the Interior Ministry’s report found “serious indications” that both high-ranking and low-level officers of the national police force “falsified intelligence information” to misrepresent at least six cases involving some 20 slayings as the justified result of confrontations with armed suspects, when in fact they were summary executions carried out by police, according to a summary of the report Monday by Vice Minister of Internal Order Ruben Vargas.

The report did not disclose the identities of the officers suspected of participating in the death squad, but Vargas did reveal that the operation was headed by a police colonel who was subsequently promoted to general.

Local media revealed the scandal over three weeks ago after department whistleblowers brought the allegations to light, prompting an investigation. The new report will now be handed over to prosecutors specialized in organized crime to open a case.

Minister of Interior Carlos Basombrio, newly-appointed under President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and inaugurated at the end of July, claimed that the evidence suggests that a group of high-ranking police officials who moved between divisions are responsible for running the death squad, and that no single police force unit itself is compromised.

Authorities also revealed that several of the officers involved in the scandal were decorated for their so-called “distinguished” achievements within the force last year. A months-long internal police investigation already found that at least two officers were promoted during the period in which they are suspected of participating in the death squad. The Investigator General intervened in the internal probe and took over the investigation over three weeks ago.

Local media report that the death squad, allegedly made up of nearly 100 officers across four units of the national police force, is suspected of carrying out the murders of 27 Peruvian civilians between 2011 and 2015 in the cities of LIma, Ica, and Chiclayo.

Media previously suggested that the 27 victims were common criminals, but the new report found that 11 victims “didn’t even have a criminal record or a warrant to justify them being identified as targets of police interventions,” according to the Interior Ministry.

The confirmation of the extrajudicial killings by the police recalls a dark history of death squads run by state security forces in the South American country that were aimed at wiping out armed left-wing guerrilla movements particularly under the reign of jailed former dictator Alberto Fujimori.

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  1. When this all is true, and correct, it means that the National Police Force of Peru is corrupt!

    It also means that high ranking police officers have known, did know, or could have known that this so-called death-squad existed, cooperated with it, condoned it and supported it, and that those being members of this death-squad as well as the police officers knowing, condoning, supporting and cooperating with it are criminals and as such must be treated, accused, prosecuted and sentenced!

    And while this process of cleaning up the criminals from the Peruvian National Police Force is ongoing, no cooperation of any other police force from what country ever should be cooperating with this corrupt criminal police force of Peru!

    The Peruvian National Police Force is connected to the international police force, InterPol, and any national dealings with this matter must be overseen by InterPol, if only to prevent cover up actions, or lack of actions against the members of the death-squad as well as those responsible and accountable!

    It is unacceptable that any police force were ever in the world can be allowed to instigate illegal and unlawful activities, like for instance death squads, and every activity that is regarded and considered to be illegal and or unlawful must be punished by higher institutions, if needed international institutions!

    Comment by masteradrian | August 23, 2016 | Reply

  2. South American countries have a long history of ‘extreme’ action in eliminating “left wing Guerrilla movements”, an operation much favoured by the CIA as well. I wonder if the CIA had a hand in this nasty little piece of history….?

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | August 23, 2016 | Reply

  3. It’s human nature

    Comment by mikem | August 23, 2016 | Reply

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