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Hebron Occupation Captured – October 2016

CPT | October 21, 2016
Prayer Ban

Pictured here: Israeli Border Police prevented Palestinian men from 15-35 years old from passing  through the checkpoint to the Ibrahimi Mosque. Friday is the Muslim holiday and the noon prayer is the most important prayer time of the week (analogous to Sunday morning worship for Christians.)
(October 14, 2016)
We Still Pray

Pictured here: Personnel from the Ibrahimi Mosque brought prayer rugs through the turnstile. After soldiers turned them away from the checkpoint, the group of men prepared their prayer space to exercise their right to practice their religion.
(October 14, 2016)
“Military Work”—said the solider

Pictured here: CPT received a call at 1:30 a.m. to about an ongoing night raid by the Israeli military in a printing shop. The soldiers stole six computers and more than ten hard drives. The military also threw printed material ready ready for delivery on the ground and stepped on it, leaving the imprints of their boots on the paper, ruining the shopowner’s means of livelihood.
(October 16, 2016)
Witness to Oppression

Pictured here: Two boys see the beginning of the settler tour, a weekly propaganda parade through Hebron’s old city where heavily armed soldiers, local settlers and empathetic visitors disrupt Palestinian lives. Group size vary every week, but there will be about two soldiers for every settler.
(October 15, 2016)
Legal Presence

Pictured here:  During the weekly settler tour, an Israeli settler told a Palestinian resident “my presence here is as legal as yours.”

(October 15, 2016)

All my life

Pictured here: These children have passed through this checkpoint all their lives. Now, they also have to face it every day on their way to and from school and experience the always increasing restrictions. How much longer will the checkpoint restrict their lives?
(October 12, 2016)
“We Teach Life, Sir”

October 21, 2016 - Posted by | Aletho News


  1. Given that the Palestinians are (apparently) Semites, does this mean that the Israeli Border Police are “Anti-Semites”?
    And, does that make me an anti Semite for simply asking the question?
    And, given that Beni Netanyahu is the driving force behind the oppression of the Palestinians, does that make him a ‘Rabid Anti-Semite”?
    And, given that just about everyone on the planet has, at some stage, been accused of being ‘Anti-Semitic’, why isn’t there a World Anti-Semitic day, to celebrate?


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | October 21, 2016 | Reply

  2. Let the true Semites who are occupied by this abomination be set free to destroy their yoke of oppression and lies. FREE PALESTINE.


    Comment by Wallflower | October 22, 2016 | Reply

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