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“Denial” movie contra David Irving backfires

By Michael Hoffman – RevisionistHistory – October 24, 2106

This weekend we managed to see Hollywood’s “Denial” movie about David Irving’s libel suit in British court against American Prof. Deborah Lipstadt.

Here is a capsule verdict: the movie is so incompetent (in addition to being snooze-inducing), that it will mainly increase public curiosity about the Leuchter Report’s crucial significance to Auschwitz studies, the Zundel trial, Irving’s work, and his deservedly lofty status as a military historian.

While the film’s production values are high and the cast is A list, the director is no Spielberg and consequently the movie backfires. “Denial” gives new impetus to World War II revisionism, which heretofore was assumed by the public to be a coterie of drooling cranks and crackpots. Even in a movie that detests Mr. Irving, he nonetheless comes off as a formidable advocate. Thank you, Hollywood!

Among the sparse audience at the screening we attended in Spokane, Washington, from snatches of conversation we overheard afterward from those not wearing yarmulkes, in general they were left dissatisfied and confused by the film.

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  1. It’s hardly surprising that a movie, made in Hollywood, about Irving vs Lipstadt was made so badly that it looks like a flop. Just the fact that it opened in Spokane Washington, a town of 200,000 speaks volumes about how it was set up to fail. Casting Timothy Spall(who looks like some creepy butler from a horror movie) to play the role of David Irving(a man with a strong face) indicates just how duplicitous the producers of this movie have been
    Hollywood have traditionally played a huge role in rewriting history. I’m surprised they event made the movie. There’s plenty of David Irvine on You Tube. Just watch him demolish the liars with facts, and don’t waste your money on this “movie”.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | October 24, 2016 | Reply

  2. How dare anyone insult the most Holy of Holy’s, the sacred Holocaust™ blessed be thy name. For this insult, you are ordered to pay six million in gold–none of that funny FED money–to the nearest synagogue, or ADL office or campus Hillel or the MOSSAD case officer, right before he slits your GOY throat!


    Comment by Greg Bacon | October 24, 2016 | Reply

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