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Obama trying to provoke confrontation with Russia to preempt Trump: Petras


Press TV – November 12, 2016

US President Barack Obama is trying to provoke a confrontation with Russia before President-elect Donald Trump takes charge of the White House, says Professor James Petras, an American writer and political analyst.

Professor Petras, who has written several books on international political issues, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday, after the US military dispatched 620 shipping containers packed with ammunition to Europe, the largest single shipment in last two decades.

According to reports, the heavily loaded containers arrived at the northern German port of Nordenham by the end of October. The containers will be transported to a depot for storage and distribution to other locations across Europe, according to a US Army statement.

Last week, the Pentagon announced to deploy at least 6,000 American soldiers and heavy armor to Eastern Europe next year to counter an “assertive” Russia.

Professor Petras said America’s “policy of rearming Europe especially focusing on Germany is an attempt by Obama to preempt any moves by newly elected President Trump, who’s committed to negotiating with Russia, ending sanctions, and lessening the military tensions.”

He stated that “this is an aggressive move by Obama, a provocative move, a kind of re-initiation of the Cold War, and I think that it will be reversed or limited once Obama is out of office.”

“I think this is a tension-creating move by Obama, part of his history of demonizing Russia and provoking a possible confrontation, which has nuclear consequences,” the analyst added.

“I think the suddenness of this buildup has a direct response to Trump’s closer working relationships with President Putin,” Petras said.

“I think this is a desperate move by Obama and is certainly in line with what Hillary Clinton would have done, but certainly not in line with Trump’s policy of reconciliation with Russia, and pressuring Europe to pay for its own arms and its own program,” the scholar concluded.

Relations between Washington and Moscow were already at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War in 1991, largely due to the Ukraine crisis. The US and its allies accuse Moscow of sending troops into eastern Ukraine in support of the pro-Russian forces. Moscow has long denied involvement in Ukraine’s crisis.

Ties between the US and Russia further deteriorated when Moscow last year launched an air offensive against Daesh terrorists, many of whom were initially trained by the CIA to fight against the Syrian government.

Last month, Russia moved a battery of nuclear-capable missile launchers within range of three Baltic states, in what US officials said was a gesture to express displeasure with the Western military alliance of NATO.

In late October, Russia unveiled images of a new intercontinental ballistic missile dubbed the Satan 2, which, it says, can carry up to 15 separate warheads powerful enough to destroy an area the size of Texas.

The US, in September, flew three long-range nuclear bombers over Eastern Europe to participate in NATO military exercises. These developments, some observers say, can cause a nuclear confrontation between the two countries.

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  1. The only ‘reconciliation’ necessary for Russian/US relations is the removal of Obama and Hillary – and their puppeteers.


    Comment by Occams | November 12, 2016 | Reply

    • it’s a bigger problem than that. did you notice that the Trumpster fellated Guiliani (911 perp) and sucked off Jeff Sessions (neocon destroyer of civil liberties under the Bush bastard) on the stage the night of the fake election? do you really think that Trump would merely garner only a couple points over Shillary? By all rights, he should have landslided her out of existence by a 20 point spread in most if not all states if the whole thing weren’t so artificial.

      by the way, the litmus test here will be when Trump does absolutely nothing about:






      it’ll be ‘crickets’ when the time comes after inauguration to repeal the new replacement for the goddamned PATRIOT ACT aka as the FREE DUMB act.



      Comment by NOT JUST YOUR AVERAGE SKEPTIC | November 12, 2016 | Reply

      • Not Just Your Average Skeptic… got it going on ! A possible addition add the Trump bellicose statements concerning “Iran”


        Comment by Centurion Antonius | November 13, 2016 | Reply

  2. It’s blatantly obvious that this has all been an attempt by Soros, as the designated agent, to overthrow us and instigate another “color revolution”. Those in power don’t even have the decency to ask for calm after the election. No, they are trying to bring sufficient chaos to assist them in their objectives. War with Russia exactly suits the Soros (e.g. Rothschild) plan.


    Comment by lophatt | November 12, 2016 | Reply

    • It’s kind of like how the western powers got their war going against Germany in the late thirties. The National Socialists kick out the Rothschild bankers and institute their own State bank. The Western powers respond by interfering with German peace proposals to Poland that were very generous towards Poland. Meanwhile Poland brutalizes ethnic Germans and fires three times at Lufthansa passenger planes. Both Britain and France ignore Hitler’s peace proposals to avoid another world war. Britain concludes a military alliance with Poland that is sure to halt any chance of Warsaw talking to Berlin. It’s the same strategy today, create chaos and lie, lie, lie.


      Comment by Stan | November 12, 2016 | Reply

  3. “Last week, the Pentagon announced to deploy at least 6,000 American soldiers and heavy armor to Eastern Europe next year to counter an “assertive” Russia.”

    But it’s OK for the USA to go all over the world and preemptively overthrow governments? This will go as good if not worse than Hillary’s campaign! I must say the Nobel Peace Prize winner in the White House seems to be doing all he can to have that award revoked.


    Comment by Hank Jones | November 12, 2016 | Reply

  4. A lot of yard sticks of opinion out here about what a successful Trump presidency should be. Be a little Zen folks and let it unfold with your blessing not contempt.


    Comment by Joe | November 12, 2016 | Reply

  5. Butt Hurt Leftists Are Trying to Cancel the Election Result


    Comment by TimeToWakeUPLibTARDS! | November 12, 2016 | Reply

  6. These weapons/ ammunition will be used to arm the future muslim/rebels (isis-style), once the European civil war is on its way. Trump can play the innocent president since it all happened under his predecessor…


    Comment by rob | November 13, 2016 | Reply

  7. Why did America suddenly “switch” to aggression and provoking war with Russia? Because Russia issued ARREST WARRANTS for two pieces of scum — Rothschild & Soros.
    Hillary is the LAP DOG of Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild…… who keeps her , like a PET (do a search on “Mrs Rothschild hillary”)
    NAZI = National SOCIALIST Workers Party
    Sanders/Clinton/DEMOCRATS = SOCIALIST
    NAZIS broke up opposition political party rallies to SUPPRESS FREE SPEECH
    DEMOCRATS break up TRUMP political rallies to SUPPRESS FREE SPEECH
    George Soros WWII NAZI
    #BLM, #Democracyspring and #moveon are funded by SOROS

    SOROS is a Clinton supporting DEMOCRAT —- “George Soros to co-chair Hillary Clinton super PAC”


    Comment by Eddie Herbert | November 13, 2016 | Reply

  8. I suspect the grossly overt and clumsy attempt by Obama and company to goad Russia into first strike before January’s says more about the globalist’s fear of a Trump presidency overturning their apple cart than anything else. Without the cheat factor, Trump’s popular vote would have shown a massive landslide. The single biggest threat to the NWO is an informed and alert citizenry.


    Comment by h5mind | November 13, 2016 | Reply

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