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‘West must be held accountable for Libya, apologize & leave it alone’ – Gaddafi’s cousin

RT | February 21, 2017

The Libyan people are still suffering because Western powers continue to fuel the ongoing conflict there, the cousin of slain leader Muammar Gaddafi has said on the sixth anniversary of the Arab Spring, adding that the West should apologize and leave Libya alone.

“It is clear to everyone what is now happening in Libya: total destruction, people fleeing their homes, mass hunger. Our country has descended into total darkness, and our people are enduring suffering,” Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, the cousin of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, told RT in an exclusive interview.

“On this anniversary of the Arab Spring, we must demand an apology to all Libyans – those whose homes were destroyed, those who were humiliated. On their behalf, I demand that the UN Security Council and the leading world powers apologize for what happened in 2011.”

Friday marked six years since the start of the Arab Spring, a wave of violent and non-violent protests that engulfed the Middle East and North Africa.

The civil unrest that broke out in Libya on this revolutionary tide came after the US-backed bombing campaign of the country toppled its long-time leader Gaddafi.

The nation has since been torn apart by fighting between different armed gangs and factions seeking control, including terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), as well as two rival governments – the internationally-recognized government in Tobruk (GNA) and the Tripoli-based General National Congress (GNC) formed by Islamists. The two bodies agreed to form a unity government under an agreement proposed by the UN in December 2015, yet there still are numerous stumbling blocks which the sides have so far failed to overcome.

Gaddaf al-Dam stresses that the conflict was stirred up by the West, and that it should be held accountable.

“The war, the destruction of Libya, all that, in their own words, was a mistake. [The West] recognized that they caused the overthrow of a revolutionary regime in Libya. All of them, first of all, should apologize and correct all that they’d done. But the suffering Libyan people, living in basements, forced to flee their homes, see nothing of the sort six years on. No one even talks about it today. What is happening in Libya is a crime from all points of view,” Gaddaf al-Dam said.

He believes the international community was not only wrong to interfere in Libya in the first place, but must now stop its meddling to let Libya deal with the crisis itself.

“Unfortunately, the international community is still trying to manage the conflict in Libya – and doesn’t want to step aside. We are caught in a swamp. Every day there are meetings, in Tunisia, in Geneva… How much more of this? We are not children,” he stated, noting that the conflict in his view can only be solved through negotiations between representatives of all rival factions in Libya – including those who are now in prison, like Gaddafi’s son and former prominent political figure Saif al-Islam – and without foreign intervention.

Despite his calls to the West to let Libya manage the conflict on its own, Gaddaf al-Dam says the international community does not really want the crisis to end, seeing the war in Libya as only a part of the West’s bigger plot to destabilize all the Muslim states of the Middle East and North Africa.

“Ever since the 1980s Muammar Gaddafi warned of an existing conspiracy of Western countries against Libya. In fact, the plot was directed not only against Libya, but against all Muslim states. The implementation of this plan began with Afghanistan. Then came the destruction of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya […]

“This hell, which was organized by Western countries in the region, aims to split the countries, and it is not only about Libya. […] Gaddafi in this regard was not an astrologist – he had the information and facts on his desk. He knew the history and was a revolutionary figure who tried to carry the values and principles of the 1969 revolution through the years. The aim of the revolution was to unite the Muslim Ummah [religious community] and the entire African continent, but as Gaddafi knew about [the West’s] plot and fought with it, he was killed,” Gaddaf al-Dam said.

The Libyan revolution of 1969, known as the al-Fateh Revolution or the 1st September Revolution, was a military coup that led to the overthrow of King Idris. It was carried out by the Free Officers Movement, a group of rebel military officers led by Colonel Gaddafi.

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  1. Why do “they” hate “us”? No doubt for our freedoms… “our” freedom to bomb, murder, loot, lie and never feel the need to apologize. May God bless the people of Libya and may justice roll down like mighty waters on the creators of this hell on earth.

    May those of us who recognize the sacredness of every person manage to overtake these bloodthirsty thieves. Let us grow the awareness and love that will make their divide and rule schemes fail. And thanks to Aletho for tirelessly doing your part. I really appreciate this site


    Comment by 4justice | February 21, 2017 | Reply

  2. The USA’s Military Industrial Complex is by far the World’s greatest terrorist organisation………..But I don’t know how long it is going to take the American people to work it out?
    Total destruction of Libya
    “Seven countries in five years”(Gen Wesley Clark)
    Depleted Uranium left randomly in countries in the Middle East
    Birth deformities in Vietnam(to this day) as a result of “Agent Orange”
    ‘Coup d etat’ in Ukraine with American stooge now in charge.
    Destabilisation in Central and South America
    etc etc……..


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | February 21, 2017 | Reply

  3. Dear Mr. Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam,
    I am an American sending an apology for the lawless US Government not voted for, upheld nor extorted by taxes by me. I am truly ashamed to be called American from the horrible state in which your eyes behold. I am not a killer nor do I hate your way of life. If only most Americans knew how wonderful Libya used to be and how they would desire the same. I can only pray for you Sir and all Libyans as I have no power. Only shame can fall on the heads of the US and their reaping will come full circle, their blood guilt will come full circle, and their greed will leave them groping in ashes. May God have Mercy on Libya, bring Justice to your land and Peace to your people. Amen


    Comment by Wallflower | February 21, 2017 | Reply

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