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VIDEO: The Naylor Report – Tories Plan to Sell the NHS

OffGuardian | June 1, 2017

YouTuber Chris Holden’s video on the Naylor Report and Theresa May’s plans for the NHS has gone viral in the last week. Deservedly so, he’s done the hard yards – reading an interminably dull report – so we don’t have to. His summary is concise, revealing, and very worrying.

“In an interview with Andrew Neil, Theresa May slipped out a single line about the NHS; she’s made the 2017 election all about her, strength and stability and Brexit. In half an hour, this was all she had to say about her plans on the NHS – “we support the Naylor Report”. It sounded so tediously dull, it couldn’t possibly be of any interest.”

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  1. The “Neoliberal” governments around the world MUST be gotten rid of. Whilst they protect the richest tax avoiders on the planet, they are busily blaming the poor, and the unemployed for being a ‘drain on the economy’. Their goal is to enslave the 99%, and they’re almost there.
    Britain MUST vote Labour at the coming election. Voting for Theresa May will be like “Turkeys voting for Christmas”…..

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | June 1, 2017 | Reply

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