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The Stink Without a Secret

By Craig Murray | July 3, 2017

After six solid months of co-ordinated allegation from the mainstream media allied to the leadership of state security institutions, not one single scrap of solid evidence for Trump/Russia election hacking has emerged.

I do not support Donald Trump. I do support truth. There is much about Trump that I dislike intensely. Neither do I support the neo-liberal political establishment in the USA. The latter’s control of the mainstream media, and cunning manipulation of identity politics, seeks to portray the neo-liberal establishment as the heroes of decent values against Trump. Sadly, the idea that the neo-liberal establishment embodies decent values is completely untrue.

Truth disappeared so long ago in this witch-hunt that it is no longer even possible to define what the accusation is. Belief in “Russian hacking” of the US election has been elevated to a generic accusation of undefined wrongdoing, a vague malaise we are told is floating poisonously in the ether, but we are not allowed to analyse. What did the Russians actually do?

The original, base accusation is that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC and Podesta emails and passed them to Wikileaks. (I can assure you that is untrue).

The authenticity of those emails is not in question. What they revealed of cheating by the Democratic establishment in biasing the primaries against Bernie Sanders, led to the forced resignation of Debbie Wasserman Shultz as chair of the Democratic National Committee. They also led to the resignation from CNN of Donna Brazile, who had passed debate questions in advance to Clinton. Those are facts. They actually happened. Let us hold on to those facts, as we surf through lies. There was other nasty Clinton Foundation and cash for access stuff in the emails, but we do not even need to go there for the purpose of this argument.

The original “Russian hacking” allegation was that it was the Russians who nefariously obtained these damning emails and passed them to Wikileaks. The “evidence” for this was twofold. A report from private cyber security firm Crowdstrike claimed that metadata showed that the hackers had left behind clues, including the name of the founder of the Soviet security services. The second piece of evidence was that a blogger named Guccifer2 and a website called DNC Leaks appeared to have access to some of the material around the same time that Wikileaks did, and that Guccifer2 could be Russian.

That is it. To this day, that is the sum total of actual “evidence” of Russian hacking. I won’t say hang on to it as a fact, because it contains no relevant fact. But at least it is some form of definable allegation of something happening, rather than “Russian hacking” being a simple article of faith like the Holy Trinity.

But there are a number of problems that prevent this being fact at all. Nobody has ever been able to refute the evidence of Bill Binney, former Technical Director of the NSA who designed its current surveillance systems. Bill has stated that the capability of the NSA is such, that if the DNC computers had been hacked, the NSA would be able to trace the actual packets of that information as those emails travelled over the internet, and give a precise time, to the second, for the hack. The NSA simply do not have the event – because there wasn’t one. I know Bill personally and am quite certain of his integrity.

As we have been repeatedly told, “17 intelligence agencies” sign up to the “Russian hacking”, yet all these king’s horses and all these king’s men have been unable to produce any evidence whatsoever of the purported “hack”. Largely because they are not in fact trying. Here is another actual fact I wish you to hang on to: The Democrats have refused the intelligence agencies access to their servers to discover what actually happened. I am going to say that again.

The Democrats have refused the intelligence agencies access to their servers to discover what actually happened.

The heads of the intelligence community have said that they regard the report from Crowdstrike – the Clinton aligned private cyber security firm – as adequate. Despite the fact that the Crowdstrike report plainly proves nothing whatsoever and is based entirely on an initial presumption there must have been a hack, as opposed to an internal download.

Not actually examining the obvious evidence has been a key tool in keeping the “Russian hacking” meme going. On 24 May the Guardian reported triumphantly, following the Washington Post, that

“Fox News falsely alleged federal authorities had found thousands of emails between Rich and Wikileaks, when in fact law enforcement officials disputed that Rich’s laptop had even been in possession of, or examined by, the FBI.”

It evidently did not occur to the Guardian as troubling, that those pretending to be investigating the murder of Seth Rich have not looked at his laptop.

There is a very plain pattern here of agencies promoting the notion of a fake “Russian crime”, while failing to take the most basic and obvious initial steps if they were really investigating its existence. I might add to that, there has been no contact with me at all by those supposedly investigating. I could tell them these were leaks not hacks. Wikileaks. The clue is in the name.

So those “17 agencies” are not really investigating but are prepared to endorse weird Crowdstrike claims, like the idea that Russia’s security services are so amateur as to leave fingerprints with the name of their founder. If the Russians fed the material to Wikileaks, why would they also set up a vainglorious persona like Guccifer2 who leaves obvious Russia pointing clues all over the place?

Of course we need to add from the Wikileaks “Vault 7” leak release, information that the CIA specifically deploys technology that leaves behind fake fingerprints of a Russian computer hacking operation.

Crowdstrike have a general anti-Russian attitude. They published a report seeking to allege that the same Russian entities which “had hacked” the DNC were involved in targeting for Russian artillery in the Ukraine. This has been utterly discredited.

Some of the more crazed “Russiagate” allegations have been quietly dropped. The mainstream media are hoping we will all forget their breathless endorsement of the reports of the charlatan Christopher Steele, a former middle ranking MI6 man with very limited contacts that he milked to sell lurid gossip to wealthy and gullible corporations. I confess I rather admire his chutzpah.

Given there is no hacking in the Russian hacking story, the charges have moved wider into a vague miasma of McCarthyite anti-Russian hysteria. Does anyone connected to Trump know any Russians? Do they have business links with Russian finance?

Of course they do. Trump is part of the worldwide oligarch class whose financial interests are woven into a vast worldwide network that enslaves pretty well the rest of us. As are the Clintons and the owners of the mainstream media who are stoking up the anti-Russian hysteria. It is all good for their armaments industry interests, in both Washington and Moscow.

Trump’s judgement is appalling. His sackings or inappropriate directions to people over this subject may damage him.

The old Watergate related wisdom is that it is not the crime that gets you, it is the cover-up. But there is a fundamental difference here. At the centre of Watergate there was an actual burglary. At the centre of Russian hacking there is a void, a hollow, and emptiness, an abyss, a yawning chasm. There is nothing there.

Those who believe that opposition to Trump justifies whipping up anti-Russian hysteria on a massive scale, on the basis of lies, are wrong. I remain positive that the movement Bernie Sanders started will bring a new dawn to America in the next few years. That depends on political campaigning by people on the ground and on social media. Leveraging falsehoods and cold war hysteria through mainstream media in an effort to somehow get Clinton back to power is not a viable alternative. It is a fantasy and even were it practical, I would not want it to succeed.

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  1. I most certainly am not in any way shape or form buying into the media orchestrated BS about collusion which is solely designed to heighten tensions with Russia. That said, there is something to the “Russian” connection, particularly Trump’s close allies in the “Russian” business and mob communities, people like Felix Sater who conducted his business from inside Trump’s Soho Manhattan property. Obviously when I use “Russia” in quotations I am referring to Israel. A closer look at the “Russian” business associates closely tied to Trump and people in his administration shows that most if not all have significant ties to Israel as well as Chabad Lubavitch, which just might be the most hardcore religious Zionist group in the world. All of these people are also connected to Vladimir Putin, as much as people may not be willing to believe or admit that. As absurd as the media narrative is, I do not believe it is wise to automatically dismiss any talk of “Russian” collusion as fake news absurdity. I think a real hard look at all of the information that is out will prove that there just might have been “Russian” collusion in order to get Trump elected, just not how it is being presented to us.

    Comment by gsm1988 | July 4, 2017 | Reply

    • … and a larger assessment of the point; A closer look at most any business associates closely tied to Trump and people in his administration and really all well-connected Westerners shows that most if not all have significant ties to Israel as well as even Chabad Lubavitch if more than a step removed.

      Comment by aletho | July 4, 2017 | Reply

      • Yes but with Trump it is more blatant than most. Also, the media outlets such as Breitbart need to be take into consideration. I think that a very strong case can be made that the current Israeli government wanted Trump to win and helped make it happen.

        Comment by gsm1988 | July 7, 2017 | Reply

      • So do you not believe Trump is a Zionist puppet, that Trump is independent minded and not beholden to anyone? Do you believe that he really wants to try and do the right things but that his main problem is that people are trying to manipulate him? I think that is an extremely naïve view to have, with all due respect.

        How come everyone in alternative media is willing to document everything about the Clintons, yet there is so much silence regarding Trump’s real background?

        Comment by gsm1988 | July 7, 2017 | Reply

        • I don’t mean to sound judgmental, my apologies if that is how I sounded on that last post. I just want Trump to get the same amount of scrutiny that everyone else seems to get. I know that the idea of Trump being the one to establish peace with Russia and of getting the US out of all of these foreign entanglements is a desirable one, and I understand preferring Trump over Clinton, but there are some serious issues with Trump and those closest to him, and they really need to be addressed and properly analyzed rather than swept under the rug.

          Comment by gsm1988 | July 7, 2017 | Reply

          • We need to stay focused on reality, not entirely made up narratives.

            Yes, lesser evil politics is a losing game. But here we have a difference that is more than just a lesser evil. We have an actual different agenda, so different that the deep state is trying to subvert the choice of the electorate.

            Will we get anything more than the abandonment of TPP and the Paris Accord? Time will tell.

            Comment by aletho | July 7, 2017 | Reply

            • So is Breitbart not part of the deep state? The entire deep state doesn’t hate Trump, that is obvious by how Fox treats him as well as people like Gingrich and John Bolton and all of the other hardcore Islamophobes pushing for a literal clash of civilizations.
              I am staying focused in reality. The fact is that people got so wrapped up in the evil of the Clintons that they took their eyes off of Trump and anything negative that he may represent.

              Comment by gsm1988 | July 8, 2017 | Reply

              • Well, is it not about time for a schism in the ruling class?

                Interest rates have been ultra low since 9/11.

                Oil has gone from $10/barrel to many multiples of that.

                Consumer spending in the developed economies has hit a wall.

                Why shouldn’t segments of the national ruling class have doubts?

                Comment by aletho | July 8, 2017 | Reply

            • The Paris Accord honestly means nothing to me.

              Comment by gsm1988 | July 8, 2017 | Reply

              • The most consequential of all issues in terms of deprivation, immiseration, and probable human casualties from fuel poverty exposure, starvation and disease.

                Comment by aletho | July 8, 2017 | Reply

            • And TPP was dead on arrival regardless.

              Comment by gsm1988 | July 8, 2017 | Reply

              • and that’s what they said about NAFTA in 1992.

                Comment by aletho | July 8, 2017 | Reply

            • Have you looked into any of Brendon O Connell’s work?

              Comment by gsm1988 | July 8, 2017 | Reply

        • “you not believe Trump is a Zionist puppet, that Trump is independent minded and not beholden to anyone? Do you believe that he really wants to try and do the right things but that his main problem is that people are trying to manipulate him?”

          All straw men argumentation.

          Comment by aletho | July 7, 2017 | Reply

          • You would answer affirmatively about Clinton, when Trump is more beholden to Zionism than the Clintons are. People need to take the blinders off when it comes to Trump.

            Comment by gsm1988 | July 8, 2017 | Reply

            • Is anyone presenting Trump as a hero of Palestine?

              Comment by aletho | July 8, 2017 | Reply

              • I don’t know but there are people who believe Trump is somehow hostile to Israel’s interests who would never think that way about Clinton.

                Comment by gsm1988 | August 18, 2017 | Reply

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