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Young American Evangelical Christians shift away from support for Israel

MEMO | December 5, 2017

A major new survey of American Evangelical Christians has found stark generational differences over support for Israel, Haaretz reported.

According to the survey, American evangelicals under 35 are “less likely than their older counterparts to offer unquestionable support for Israel, and are more likely to hold positive views of the Palestinians”.

While 76 per cent of evangelicals over the age of 65 have a “positive” view of Israel, among evangelicals under the age of 35, the number was only 58 per cent.

Meanwhile, 66 per cent of evangelicals under 35 believe that “Christians should do more to love and care for the Palestinian people”, compared to 54 per cent of those over 65 who share this view.

Again, 41 per cent of evangelicals under 35 stated that they have “no strong views about the State of Israel”, while only 22 per cent of those over the age of 65 responded the same way.

Some 80 per cent of those over 65 believe “the Jewish people have a right to the Land of Israel”, compared with 61 per cent of those under 35.

Overall, the survey of 2,000 individuals shows that 25 per cent of US evangelicals support Israel “no matter what it does”, while 42 per cent support Israel in general, but not “everything it does”.

Twenty-three per cent back a peace deal that would lead to the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, and 31 per cent say they oppose the idea; 46 per cent are “not sure”.

The sponsors of the poll, Chosen People Ministries, intended the findings to be a warning: “Overall support of evangelicals for Israel will drop significantly in the next decade if the younger generation is not educated now about its biblical importance”, the press release said.

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  1. Evangelical Christians who consider that Israel deserves some special protections should watch this presentation proving, conclusively, that Israel was the central player in the 9-11 attacks.

    “Christian zionist” and “Judeo-Christian” are oxymorons.

    Comment by rediscover911com | December 5, 2017 | Reply

  2. The American Government lied to you about the JFK Assassination.
    ” ” ” Lied to you about The Vietnam War
    ” ” ” Lied to you about the USS Liberty
    ” ” ” Lied to you about Weapons of Mass Destruction(Iraq)
    ” ” ” Lied to you about Syria
    ” ” ” Lied to you about Libya
    Why wouldn’t they lie to you about “9/11”, when their explanation is completely incompatible with what your eyes told you?(and NO ONE was made to face an American court of Law)
    The USA government(and the religious nut-jobs that deflect you from reality with their religious ‘Hocus Pocus’) are lying to you every day of your lives.
    WAKE UP, America !!
    “9/11” was/is a steaming pile of Bullshit………

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | December 5, 2017 | Reply

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