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The myth of the given

By Vladimir Golstein | OffGuardian | December 16, 2017

One of the problems of dealing with establishment, politicians, mass media and their pundits, is that they start with some phony certainties:

  • Serbs committed genocide;
  • Russians grabbed Crimea
  • Putin interfered in US election;
  • He is a killer, who runs autocratic hell.
  • Russian economy is collapsing.
  • US is the most progressive, democratic and fair country on earth.
  • It always has good intentions.
  • People who support Trump are deplorable racists.

And things of that nature. The list can obviously go on.

Paradoxically, the enemies of the hegemonic discourse, have their own certainties. Well, it is given that the world is controlled by Rothschilds, Zionists, capitalists, bankers, white men, sexy women and so on.

Why? How? Well, it is given.

Well, for anyone who cared to think about matters of this world, nothing is given. Mass media does not always lie. Russians are not angels, nor are they devils. Same about Americans, Israelis or Ukrainians.

One character in Lermontov claims that the only given thing is that one day he’ll have misfortune of dying. To which another replies:

Well, I am more rich than you are in certainties. I know that one day, I had the misfortune of being born. A Hero of Our Time, Mikhail Lermontov

These are the only two given facts. The rest is not given. It is a verbal construction based on approximation or induction.

Consequently, people like Dostoevsky, would proclaim mysteries and enigmas on every corner:

Man is a mystery. I want to solve this mystery, even if I have to spend my whole life doing it. Because I want to become a man.

That’s what nineteen-year old Dostoevsky wrote, and he remained true to this goal. Because he wanted to become human. And we become so when trying to solve mysteries, not when we proclaim banalities.

Indeed, there are so many mysteries paradoxes and uncertainties: capitalism or socialism; globalism or localism; the balance of rights and duties, man’s duty to others and to mother earth. Yet, the fools continue to rush where angels fear to tread.

Because it is given.

Obama has lost all credibility when he declared casually:

Well, Russia does not make anything.

Why? Well, everyone in Washington knows it. It is given!

Honestly, Trump will never say anything even approximately that stupid and that insulting.

And that’s given. At least in my world.

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  1. Propaganda is, and has been so omnipresent in the West, but now, thanks to the Internet, propaganda has become almost instantly recognisable. Remember “Weapons of Mass Destruction”(are they still looking for them?). “9/11”? the lies are now out in the open, but the MSM have shut down any discussion of the Controlled Demolition job.
    The general rule today is, “If you saw it on the MSM”, it’s ‘bovine excretia’…….The sooner the “Murdoch Press”, NYT, WaPo……old media generally, are flushed into history, the better off we will all be.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | December 16, 2017 | Reply

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