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Sweden Starts Anti-‘Fake News’ Body for Mental Defense Against ‘Russian Threat’

Sputnik | January 15, 2108

In a build-up prior the forthcoming general election in September 2018, the Swedish government is planning to set up a new authority responsible for psychological defense. The perennial and widely speculated upon “Russian threat” has once again been used as a bogeyman.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who presented the idea of a new authority tasked with the nation’s psychological defense at the national People and Defense security conference, said it would safeguard the people’s will for peace and resilience in times of war, as well as ensure the public’s right to accurate public information, deterring potential disinformation campaigns.

“We will not hesitate to expose those who are still trying to do something like this. We know that operations are underway at the moment,” Löfven said in his speech in Sälen, specifically pointing out Russia, which he also called a “large and important neighbor in the East.” “However, we cannot rule out that there may be others,” he said, adding that Sweden was “well prepared to face the new threats.”

Previously, the Nordic nation’s psychological defense has been safeguarded by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). The new authority will specifically focus on foreign indoctrination operations as part of Sweden’s “total defense.”

“Our election system is robust. Our intelligence services warn of suspicious operations in advance. Several authorities have received increased funding to further hone their ability. But more must be done. So to those considering influencing the election outcome in our country: Stay out!” Löfven thundered.

“Russian hacking” became part of the Swedish narrative about a year ahead of the elections. Already in January 2017, the very same Löfven groundlessly speculated that Russia would try and influence the Swedish parliamentary election.”There is nothing that indicates that future Swedish elections will be peaceful,” Löfven was quoted as saying.

Columnist Patrik Oksanen, who suggested that Sweden was engaged in an information war as early as 2015, argued that Russia’s aim is to have a direct ruling on who is fit to occupy key posts, in attempt to “restore its natural influence.” In late 2017, Oksanen went on so far as to accuse the Swedish establishment of “running Russia’s errands,” suggesting there were “Putin’s lackey’s” both left and right.

“So what can we expect from the 2018 election year? The structure of Russian influence in Sweden is established, the temperature is set to increase, Oksanen wrote in his recent opinion piece in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, titled “We have to protect ourselves mentally against Russia.”

The accusations, however, were brushed aside by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as ludicrous.

“I am sure that those who are aware of the situation understand how laughable this is,” Lavrov said.

At present, no start date for the new authority has been set. In a follow-up to upping the “total defense” strategy, however, leaflets “If the war comes” will be distributed among Swedish households for the first time in 30 years.

​In addition to instructing Swedes on handling war and terror, the new edition of the brochure will have an emphasis on psyops.

The first edition of “If the war comes” was developed by the Swedish Defense and was first distributed among all Swedish households During World War II in 1943. The circulation of the information booklet ceased in the 1980s, only to resume in 2018. By the end of June, 4.7 million Swedish families will have received the pamphlet from the MSB with detailed instructions on how to deal with terrorist attacks, natural disasters, war and, not least, “fake news.”

“Previously, the focus was entirely on war. Today’s society is totally different. There is a more complex threat of climate change, terrorist attacks, pandemics and indoctrination,” Christina Andersson, tasked with the preparation of the brochure, told the Aftonbladet daily.

At the same time, Swedes’ concern about military threats in the country are abating. Today, only 28 percent of Swedes feel worried, which is a marked drop from 34 percent in 2016, national broadcaster SVT reported.


Money Rains Over Swedish Mainstream Media to Stop ‘Fake News,’ ‘Russian Trolls’

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  1. Oh wow. If I’m reading this correctly, they’re going to try to make their citizenry think that black is white, and up is down and then call it anti-fake, and psychological protection. Alrighty then!
    Please let me know if it’s actually the opposite. By that I mean that they will help their citizenry understand that the ‘Russian threat’ is entirely bogus. I suspect it’s the former though. Yikes.

    The article is a little confusing to me. I must admit, I skimmed.
    I wonder if Sweden is woke. lol


    Comment by tsisageya | January 15, 2018 | Reply

  2. What they are trying to do is justify a total war footing for Sweden by implying that massive investments in social wealth, safety nets, economic equality, international diplomacy, public health, education, environmental protection, public institutions and public infrastructure can be identified with pro-Russia oriented values, culture and political parties; while massive investments in armaments, militarization, security, surveillance, censorship and NATO collaboration can be safely identified with the neocon empire, neoliberal policies and the liquidation and privatization of public assets, infrastructure and resources. They are making Sweden a lot like Canada where we now have three neoliberal political parties all with zionist hood ornaments, which are endorsed as “reliable” by the MSM, and then there is the last place Greens who are suspected of being anti-neoliberal and soft on Russia. Sweden’s neutrality, standard of living, and health and social programs offends the neocon / neo-liberal empire and diverts wealth and political power to its citizens and away from oligarchic concentration. A perceived global war footing is a necessary framework for rebalancing political power in favour of elite and corporate globalization interests. Essentially the first rule of neoliberal / neocon strategy is that ordinary people should not have wealth, comfort, power or choices.


    Comment by Michael Major | May 21, 2018 | Reply

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