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Syria: West Obstructing Objective Chemical Probe Because It Reveals Collusion with Terrorists

Al-Manar | January 24, 2018

Damascus condemned as lies on Wednesday allegations made by US State Secretary and French Foreign Minister about the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

In remarks carried by Syria’s State news agency, SANA, an official source at the Syrian foreign ministry said the US-French allegations are part of a policy adopted by Washington and Paris which has been aimed at systematically targeting Damascus.

The source asserted that Syria has always been fully cooperative and provided all that is necessary to conduct an unbiased, objective, and professional investigation into the use of chemical weapons.

The Syrian cooperation was met on the other side by Western obstruction of the probe, the source said, adding that the West has exercised various types of pressure on investigation teams to politicize it.

“A transparent and objective investigation would not serve the West’s agenda in Syria; rather it will reveal its confirmed collusion with terrorist groups by covering up those groups’ use of chemical weapons in order to accuse the Syrian government of their use,” SANA quoted the Syrian official as saying.

“The history of the US and its Western cohorts is rife with such lies and fabrications, and what happened in Iraq hasn’t been forgotten.”

Meanwhile, the source stressed that “those who fabricate such lies and overstep the jurisdiction of the relevant international organizations and pressure them to serve their own agenda have no credibility or any moral and legal criteria to appoint themselves judges.”

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  1. Even IF the Syrians had used chemical weapons to DEFEND themselves(and it’s a safe bet that they didn’t) who would blame them for defending their country from “Terrorists” by any means? I mean, the USA/Israel have used phosphorus bombs, Agent Orange, Napalm, and God only knows what else, in ATTACKING other countries………
    Israel’s and the USA’s credibility in these matters….is in tatters(Hey, that rhymes)

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | January 24, 2018 | Reply

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