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The Reality Behind “Iranian Drone”

Al-Manar | February 10, 2018

Shortly before Syria downed an Israeli F16 fighter jet on Saturday, the occupation army claimed that an “Iranian drone” had violated the so-called “Israeli airspace”.

Tel Aviv aimed from this move to say that its strikes on military posts in Syria were just “defensive” or that they come in the context of “retaliation.”

However, the Command of Syria’s Allies dismissed such claims, stressing that the drone which the Zionist regime was talking about was operating over the Syrian airspace.

“Our drone took off from Tifur airport and was carrying out a normal anti-ISIL mission over Syrian Badiyah,” Syria’s Allies Command said in a statement.

“We hail the brave retaliation of Damascus,” the statement said referring to the downing of the Israeli F16.

It also vowed that any new Israeli aggression on Syria “won’t go unanswered.”

The Zionist entity tried since the first moment to justify its aggression on Syria. However, such claims were immediately refuted, in a clear message to the Zionist entity that says: “The era when you can strike Syria without any retaliation has gone!”

And this conclusion falls in line with Israeli daily Haaretz comments soon after the attack.

“Syrian President Bashar Assad has shifted from stage of threats to stage of action after his army regained control of 80% of Syria’s territory,” Haaretz said.

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  1. I’m sure that Syria will be quite happy to shoot down any Israeli war planes that fly into Syria. It is their right to defend their own air space.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | February 10, 2018 | Reply

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