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Zionists, Traitors and Congressmen

Mantiq al-Tayer | February 23, 2018

As mindless zionist-bullshit-fed Americans worry about Russiagate, an unspeakable evil is about to descend upon the once great capital city of what is left of the United States. This evil is so thoroughly ingrained in the consciousness – for lack of a better term – of the inside-the-beltway crowd that it can come like a thief in the night and be mistaken for a guest, a friend, an ally. But it is none of those.

Yes, we are talking about this year’s AIPAC policy conference which will officially begin shitting on Washington on March 4th. Among the chief shitters and shit eaters are 18 members of the allegedly US Congress. To see if any of your representatives are speaking at this treason fest, go here.

And what gathering of bigoted warmongering motherfuckers would be complete without the presence as a keynote speaker of the puke-generating Nikki Haley who has got to be the worst woman on the planet? […]

Anyway, this post is actually about the video below. It’s a sort of a modern-day example of billboard correction. Video correction in honor of AIPAC’s upcoming treason fest. To see the original video you can go to AIPAC’s site and find it. I won’t even link to it here, but I digress. … Full post

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  1. 1. Washington was never a great city any more than America was a country, built as it was on the worst genocide in history

    2. al-Tayer write a post without spewing profanities?

    3. Clinton, not Haley, is the worst woman on the planet.

    4. I agree that Aipac sucks ass.


    Comment by WeatherEye | February 24, 2018 | Reply

  2. Clinton, Haley…let’s not neglect to call out the ilk of Samantha Power or (my ultimate bi*ch) Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. There are other such female Zionist subhumans, of course…too many others who support the Zionist entity so-called Israel over the vital national interests of the
    America that might have been great but that has devolved into a miasma of (now failing) empire, active engagement in the ZioIsrael “entangling alliance” with history’s most sadistically vindictive enterprise, and utter debasement of morality and the rule of law. When they and their male co-genocidal vermin are finally held to account, it truly won’t be pretty–and so be it: they had their chance to be functional human beings.

    It’s difficult to contemplate that the annual ZioAIPAC paean to genocide will be upon us so soon, with ZioOccupied WashDC uniting in full-throated abject genuflection. Damn every attendee, every fawning reporter, editor, anchor and pundit, every congresstitute and other government official sucking the taxpayer’s teat who doesn’t denounce this exercise in ultimately psychotic and criminal evil.

    March 16th will be the 15th anniversary of the Zionist murder in Gaza of Rachel Corrie. R.I.P., Rachel: you are the hero.

    Palestine Is Still THE Issue! Compassion, full justice, dignity, liberation and peace for all Palestinians, there and in the far-flung diaspora! (I, too, am a Palestinian!)

    Thanks for the absolutely justified outrage and undisguised hatred of Mantiq al-Tayer…I share. And thanks to Aletho News.


    Comment by roberthstiver | February 24, 2018 | Reply

  3. The USA is COMPLETELY owned…….


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | February 24, 2018 | Reply

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