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N. Korea says it has no need for nuclear weapons if it has security guarantee

RT | March 6, 2018

North Korea said it has no reason to possess nuclear weapons if it has a security guarantee, Seoul has confirmed, according to AP and Yonhap news agencies.

North Korea also pledged to freeze its nuclear-missile activities if it holds talks with the US. North Korea also pledged to freeze its nuclear-missile activities if it holds talks with the US.

Pyongyang and Seoul agreed to bilateral negotiations scheduled for next month, South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s top security adviser said, as quoted by Yonhap news agency. The leaders of both countries are expected to attend.

The gathering will be held at Panmunjom in the demilitarized zone, 53km north of Seoul, Chung said.

“The South and the North have agreed to set up a hotline between their leaders to allow close consultations and a reduction of military tension, while also agreeing to hold the first phone conversation before the third South-North summit,” he added.

The summit will be the third in the history of the split nation. Earlier on Tuesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hosted a dinner with the delegation from Seoul which, according to state media, proceeded in a “sincere atmosphere.”

“Hearing the intention of President Moon Jae-in for a summit from the special envoy of the south side, [Kim Jong-un] exchanged views and made a satisfactory agreement,” North Korea’s official KCNA news agency reported.

While both Koreas are showing signs of coming closer, Washington keeps sending mixed messages over the deadlock. In a recent interview, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he is open for talks with Pyongyang, yet issued a reminder that Washington will not deviate from the policy of using “a big stick.”

“We’re not using a carrot to convince them to talk, we’re using large sticks, and that is what they need to understand. This pressure campaign is having its bite on North Korea,” he said.

In February, Washington announced its largest package of sanctions in an effort to pressure North Korea into giving up its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. In a terser statement, US President Donald Trump warned of a possible “phase two” if sanctions imposed on Pyongyang do not have the desired effects.

Washington has been long rejecting a roadmap presented by Moscow and Beijing to bring some kind of solution to the Korean crisis. Dubbed a “double freeze plan,” the proposal envisioned US and its regional allies halting its drills in exchange for North Korea, stopping development of missiles and missile tests.

North Korea has been stressing that its strive for nukes is purely defensive, saying it feels provoked by the repeated war games Washington conducts on its doorstep.

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  1. Colonel Gadhafi had a guarantee with the USA……..and he was Bayoneted in the ASS, and recorded on video for the World to see……….


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | March 6, 2018 | Reply

  2. The international EU banksters and their city of London/ USA cohorts have many enemies however two dunderheads really stand out. Libya’s Qaddafi and North Korea’s Un. Un could conceivably detonate a small atomic devise high over Tokyo, with an EMP effect that would collapse an already weakened Japanese economy (Fukushima disaster) and consequently, their federal reserve bank. This in turn would have reverberated throughout the financial systems of the west and their federal reserves, would fall, in quick succession, like dominoes. The colonel planned to distribute a Gold Rial currency system, to compete with the fiat system. The west may have tolerated this maneuver, in small quantity distribution but not a Gold Rial coupled with a gold backed Yuan for doing Chinese business in Africa. That potential geopolitical and financial rearrangement had to be nipped at the bud. Qaddafis’ assassination was done to ensure that African nations would not polarize their long term economic growth and investments solely with China and thus jeopardize western banking cartels and their international corporate clients. Further, this currency war would negatively effect the overall military posture of the U.S. AFRICOM forces. I might add that the colonel was a small t- tyrant however he did bring forth a precious water resource for agriculture to flourish in the south of his country and he strongly believed in promoting free education for all his citizenry. I’m very surprised that these men made the miscalculation of directly confronting the same power elites who killed the great world leaders of our collective past, there’s a laundry list of them: JFK, RFK, MLK, Aldo Moro, Alfred Herrhausen, Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Nhu, Anwar Sadat, Yasser Arafat and many, many others. Speaking of ass(es), common sense tells us that you just don’t go around and kick a donkey in the ass, the responding kick could kill you! and usually does…


    Comment by elmerfudzie | March 7, 2018 | Reply

    • Your comment is lacking in logic.

      The fact that “Un could conceivably detonate a small atomic devise high over Tokyo” is neither here nor there.

      China, India, Israel, even Japan could also “conceivably detonate a small atomic devise high over Tokyo”.

      The currency nonsense is equally baseless.


      Comment by aletho | March 7, 2018 | Reply

  3. Sorry aletho, but it is your argument that is lacking logic. China, India, Japan et cetera would NEVER launch an IRBM or any other missile test without ample pre notification to their neighbors, that the trajectory will enter that country’s air space! – as Un failed to do, that is -notify. My statements relating to the Libyan Gold Dinar were merely reiterations of many news web sites that show a gold currency plan was behind the attack against Qaddafi. I have a question, are you affiliated in any way with Alethonews or just a commentator with a similar name? Here are a few suggested websites for your perusal regarding the Dinar issue: or and or…]3-tons-of-gold-from-the-libyan-people/


    Comment by elmerfudzie | March 7, 2018 | Reply

    • In my opinion the likelihood of China going to war with Japan is higher than for North Korea going to war with Japan.

      Yes, there is a lot of disinformation about “wars for the dollar” just as there was about “wars for oil”. How did that prove out?


      Comment by aletho | March 7, 2018 | Reply

      • Both China AND Korea have very good reason for wanting to bomb Tokyo, if only based on what Japan did to those countries in the 1930’s. When the Chinese leader met the Japanese PM at the last G20 meeting, he left no doubt about how much the Chinese still hate the Japanese. If looks could kill, the Japanese PM would have died on the spot.
        But, the Chinese and Koreans haven’t sought revenge on Japan in the last 80 years, so it’s unlikely to happen in the future……We hope.


        Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | March 7, 2018 | Reply

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