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“Why 55 U.S. Senators Voted for Genocide in Yemen”

By Michael S. Rozeff | | March 24, 2108

That’s the headline of a blog. It’s a good question. There are six factors involved: Iran, sales of arms, Israel, the CIA, indifferent cruelty, and the system of empire. These are all bad reasons that shouldn’t persuade right-thinking and honorable U.S. senators, but votes for genocide do not come from right-thinking and honorable senators.

Iran. The idea is that Saudi Arabia is thwarting Iran in Yemen. The evidence for this is very, very thin, but even if the Saudis want to thwart Iran somehow in Yemen, that doesn’t justify either a war initiated by Saudi Arabia, a war of the type and scale being waged by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, and a U.S. presence in that war.

Sales of arms. Huge sales to the Saudis are being made by U.S. companies who influence senators.

Israel. Israel is anti-Iran and in league with Saudi Arabia. Senators are influenced by the Israel lobby.

Notice that in none of these factors or those to follow does the American public play a part. The Senate is only remotely under the control of Americans on this issue, and why would it be? Americans are little affected by what their government does in Yemen, and the U.S. role is kept quite hidden. The visible and well-heeled Israel lobby is more influential than the invisible “pro-American public” lobby.

The CIA. The CIA operates an anti-al Qaeda operation inside Yemen. The war has allowed al-Qaeda to expand. This justifies an expanded CIA presence there. This benefits the CIA.

Indifferent cruelty. The lives of Yemenis count for little to those who vote for genocide. This is a characteristic of fallen man that is sometimes ameliorated by moral teachings and the threat of punishments or worse blowback, but only now and then. The institutional customs and mechanisms to control this trait are not strong enough to stop genocides.

The system of empire. Habitual cruelty is a feature of the U.S. empire. Empires enforce “order”, actually control and dominance, over broad domains that they seek to extend. They use killing to accomplish their expansion in most cases. Their victims are not counted as costs.

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  1. “These are all bad reasons that shouldn’t persuade right-thinking and honorable U.S. senators, but votes for genocide do not come from right-thinking and honorable senators”.

    If these Senators were subjected to a “Performance Appraisal Report”, they would very likely be given “The Boot”. They are NOT serving the USA, they are ‘complying with their Donors wishes’……These people are ‘Prostitutes’, bought and paid for by the “AIPAC GANG”……..Nothing whatsoever to do with serving the people of the USA.
    The U.S. Senate is a “Financial Brothel”, where men(and women’s) souls are sold to the highest bidder…….
    I’m sorry if I offended anyone…..


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | March 25, 2018 | Reply

  2. An excellent rumination. I continue, as I did yesterday at an Aletho post or another, to aver that it is the Zionist entity so-called Israel and the criminally psychotic lusts of colonial Zionist ideology that ultimately benefit from the machinations going on in the “holy” land and the region at large. It’s a slam dunk that I would have put the Zioentity at the top of Rozeff’s list.

    And now the Zionists have uber-Zionist crazed-neocon Bolton, of the “entangled alliance” USrael, to carry the torch and light fires….

    Note to world: Be afraid, be very afraid.


    Comment by roberthstiver | March 25, 2018 | Reply

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